Volador Freeride Longboard Review 2023 : Should You Buy? 

 September 24, 2020

By James Mason

VOLADOR 42inch

Our Verdict:

Volador Freeride Longboard

Volador Freeride is a very popular and best seller model from the brand Volador.

Right when you look at it, you’ll know that this is a classy longboard. With its naturalistic design and exquisite construction, this is a piece that takes smoothness when riding to another level.

From sustainable materials to a long-lasting build, Volador freeride manages to provide superior results with the Freeride.


  • The wheels and bearings give a very smooth ride
  • Turns easily
  • The deck is strong and stylish
    Trucks are durable
  • Spacious and comfy experience
  • Up to 250 pounds of weight


  • The bearings may need an extra push

Features at a Glance

  • Symmetrical deck shape for a stylish design and ease of use
  • Quality art in the deck for a beautiful appearance
  • Exceptional wheel and truck quality for a smooth ride
  • Superb construction that delivers outstanding durability
  • 10 Different deck design options
Volador Freeride Longboard jjj

Which Style It Allows

If you are a commuter who needs a decent entry-level longboard, this one will be a fantastic choice. In this Volador Freeride longboard reviewswe used this board for commuting, and it performed really well.

You won’t find it too useful for freestyling, speed or downhill – but it can still offer a decent experience.

Volador 42-inch Freeride Longboard Features Review

When you’re excited about a longboard, you’ll surely want to learn as much about it as possible. And for that, there’s nothing better than getting an in-depth look into its features. Here’s what you should know;

Volador Freeride Longboard kk


This is an artisan longboard. It is a decently large 42-inches drop piece that offers enough space for any person to ride it freely.

From women to men, kids, and even toddlers can have a pleasant experience with this piece. It is large enough to host any kind of person easily.

Weight Capacity

While it isn’t the sturdiest board in the market, you can still expect it to support 250 pounds of weight without problems.

If you are a tall person who’s a little overweight and want something that won’t break when using – then the Freeride complete cruiser longboard from Volador is an ideal choice.


The Volador 42inch Freeride longboard offers a unique symmetrical form in the deck that improves overall grip. It prevents wheel-bite at any angle and feels as smooth as a surfboard on water. The grip tape is very sturdy.

The deck is 9-inch wide, which offers enough space for even the largest feet. This pairs up well with the 34-inches wheelbase for a sturdy yet smooth experience.

In terms of build, it comes with a high-quality 8-ply hard-rock maple with epoxy glue, offering a durable and reliable experience throughout the years.

The cambered deck is super-flex, which allows more maneuverability, and it goes well with the shock absorber design.

Let’s not forget that every deck looks fantastic with unique avant-garde graphics that stand out among the best.


The 70x51mm 78A polyurethane wheels from this longboard amass tons of smoothness and ease of use. Even if you an inexperienced rider, you can get a lot from this piece without having to make much of an effort.

Volador Freeride Long

Of course, they are magnificently durable steel. You can expect these wheels to last several years before showing any sign of wear.


But the wheels are not alone, as they come with superb ABEC-9 Precision bearings, among the smoothest you can find.

The huge advantage of these bearings is the ability to work well under heavyweights. So, even big people who use the longboard will get the most out of this piece.


The trucks are probably the most exciting part of our Volador longboards review. They come with an aluminum construction at 7-inches. The design is reverse-kingpin, and you can adjust them to 50 or 45 degrees according to your needs.

These longboard trucks offer outstanding maneuverability, making it effortless to make turns and ride freely in steep or curved roads.

At 50-degrees, it will perform amazingly well as a corner-taker. But at 45-degrees, it will promote a better shock-absorbent performance so you can ride for several hours on a cruising path.

When it comes to quality, these aluminum alloy trucks, carbon steel bolts leave nothing to be desired

Verdict: Should You Buy Volador Longboard?

In our Volador 42inch Freeride longboard review, we went over every critical feature it offers so you could learn more about it. If you are looking for a new longboard – this one won’t disappoint for sure. A good option for beginners as well as pros.

In short, this is a Freeride longboard that you can use for almost any kind of style. It doesn’t leave maneuverability behind and still feels pretty sturdy. And of course, it looks terrific.


Now that you’ve learned almost everything about the Volador 42 inch complete cruiser longboard from this “Volador longboards review” article, it is time to go over some specific questions about it. Here’s what you should know;

Q: Is this an ideal longboard for beginners?

A: Yes, it works really well for beginners due to its smooth and well-made design. It makes riding pretty easy and minimizes discomfort. The riding experience will be awesome for sure.

Q: Can I use this Freeride longboard for freestyling?

A: It won’t be the ideal use of this board, but it will perform decently enough. You won’t have the big wheels which can be an issue.

Q: Will it work for carving?

A: Yes, the Freeride from Volador does an excellent job when it comes to carving; thanks to its turning capacity.

Q: I am a slider and downhill rider, will this board work for me?

A: Yes, it is a pretty decent downhill board if you like the adrenaline. However, its Freeride design is not the best for this kind of use and may break easily. So, it is not the recommended use for this board.

Q: Does it offer the chance to tighten up the trucks?

A: Yes, you can tighten the trucks from 45 to 50 degrees so you can use it either for stability or a more curve-oriented piece.

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