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 February 19, 2023

By Pro Longboarders

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

Our Verdict:

VOLADOR 42inch cruiser complete Longboard

The Freeride is the best-selling longboard from Volador! It comes with a stylish design, highlighted by exquisite deck art. Its overall high-quality specs and smooth performance on the trail make this board a perfect choice for beginners looking to get more familiar with the sport.

Longboarding has skyrocketed in popularity as a hobby and form of personal transportation among teens and young adults. offering a unique way to have fun while traveling.

To ensure that you get the most out of your time on board, it's important to choose wisely when selecting your first set-up – something cheap yet practical can help you learn the fundamentals without breaking the bank.

Though there are many inexpensive longboards in circulation, be wary; unless you know what features to look for while shopping around, settling for a substandard product could put serious constraints on developing this thrilling new hobby. 

In this article, we will help to avoid these pitfalls by considering the best cheap longboards available in the market.

Best Cheap Longboards Comparison Table


Best cheap longboard – Good cheap longboards under $100 1

  • Length: 42 inches
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Deck: 8 ply Hardrock maple
  • Trucks: 7-inch Reverse kingpin
  • 10 Design options
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Quest QT-NSC44C Longboard

  • Length: 44 inches
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Deck: 7 ply bamboo & hardwood maple
  • Trucks: 7-inch aluminum

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Atom Drop-Through cruiser Longboard (41-Inch)

Atom Drop Deck
  • Length: 41 inches
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Deck: Full maple laminate
  • Trucks: Reverse king pin
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MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard
  • Length: 40 inches
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Deck:  Maple
  • Trucks: 7″ Aluminum reverse kingpin
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Cheap Longboard Buying Guide

Finding a good longboard can be a painstaking process, especially if you’re still new to the sport. You'll come across numerous models in the market which you will have to scrutinize before you will find one that offers the kind of performance you desire. Luckily, these boards have several features which will provide you with some idea of how they will perform. But before we go there, if your are shopping for a longboard you should consider the following:

Skill Level

Your level of skill as a rider should always inform your choice of the longboard. You must consider a board that won’t be to difficult to ride for the first time. If you are a novice, then you should choose a cheap longboard with beginner-friendly features. These may include things such as a long and wide deck or drop-down deck design. 

These features will assist you to remain upright on the board as you work on your balance. On the other hand, an experienced skater might require something that offers a faster ride. You would then prefer a board with smooth, fast-rolling wheels and one that is agile on carves and turns. In short, you want features that enable you to push the longboard to the limit.

Longboard Dance

 Riding Style

There are different kinds of riding styles when it comes to longboarding. Usually, longboards are designed to fit these various riding styles. So, before you decide to buy, be sure to consider where and how you plan to ride your longboard. For instance, some longboards are best suited for cruising and carving while others will perform better on freerides or downhill. 

Longboards meant for freestyle riding come with features that allow you to perform tricks easily. They typically have a kicktail and a relatively smaller deck for increased maneuverability on the tarmac.


Your budget should always be a factor when you want to buy a new longboard. If you’re a beginner looking to buy your first longboard, it is okay to first buy a cheap longboard and then upgrade later on when you have learned all the basics of the sport. 

Experienced riders may opt for a board with high-performance features to get the most out of the ride. Remember that the higher the quality of the board, the higher the price. So, if you have a flexible budget then you shouldn’t compromise on any of the great specs you require on a longboard.

Deck Style

The style of a longboard influences its overall stability when you take it for a ride. This is one of the major aspects to consider when shopping for a longboard. A good deck design will enable you to push or brake the board without struggling. For beginners, it’s recommended that you choose a deck closer to the ground as this allows you to maintain stability and break easily.

However, if you want an agile board that can make quick turns and carves effortlessly in a crowded street, then choose a deck that is higher off the ground.


Materials determine the durability and performance you get from the board. It is important to assess the quality of materials used to make the various components of the board. This will include the deck, truck, wheels, bearings, etc. 

Good quality materials ensures that the board remains in one piece even when used in rough and obstacle-ridden trails, which saves you the cost of repairs and maintenance later on. On the other hand, low-quality materials shorten the life of your board and will force you to invest in another board.


Bearings refer to the metal parts that allow the wheels to spin on the axle. Low-grade bearings tend to prevent the wheels from spinning freely and their performance diminishes over time. Meanwhile, good quality bearings will typically get better after a short break-in period. To find high-quality bearings, look at the bearing precision, measured by the ABEC rating. Cheap longboards usually come with ABEC-5 bearings while premium longboards will feature ABEC-7 and ABEC-9 bearings. 

best longboard trucks

Truck Width and Height

The truck dimensions are very crucial since they may cause wheel bite during rides. Wheel bite occurs when the wheels rub against the deck, which brings the longboard to a sudden stop. Wheel bite can be a serious problem for riders, especially on fast rides, causing a rider to loose balance and/or fall off the board.

Generally, the trucks of a longboard should be about the width of the deck. This reduces the possibility of wheel bite during fast turns. Another aspect to consider is the ability of the longboard to turn effortlessly. This will usually be determined by aspects such as the deck stiffness, truck height, and tightness. 

Best Cheap Longboards- Top 5 List

1. Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard (Top Pick)

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard review

The Freeride is the best-selling longboard from Volador! It comes with a stylish design, highlighted by exquisite deck art. Its overall high-quality specs and smooth performance on the trail make this board a perfect choice for beginners looking to get more familiar with the sport.

The Volador Freeride longboard features a large 42” x 9” platform, which offers the rider plenty of real estate to stand on comfortably during a ride. This will prove especially convenient for beginners that are still working on their balance.

Tipping the scales at 8.4lbs, this is a lightweight longboard that you can cruise around and carry when you grow tired of riding. But thanks to its sturdy construction, it can support a maximum of 250 pounds. Meaning it can accommodate kids and adults alike.

For those who are passionate about the wellbeing of the environment, you will appreciate the high-grade 8-ply natural hard rock maple and epoxy glue deck material. This not only offers long-lasting performance down the line but is also safe for the environment.

The symmetrical shape of the decks helps with traction while riding and also prevents wheel bite. Your stability on the board is assisted by the inclusion of grip tape. This allows you to stay on your twos on those high-speed turns and corners. 

VOLADOR 42inch cruiser complete Longboard

The material is also highly flexible to enable improved maneuverability and help to reduce the shock when the ride gets bumpy. Another exciting aspect of the deck is its striking graphics. It comes with intricate and colorful avant-garde art that allows the Freeride to stand out from the crowd. 

Beneath the deck is a 34” wheel base that makes for a stable yet smooth riding experience. The board rides on 70mm wheels that are decently large to keep you comfortable when rolling over bumps and curbs on the road. The 78A PU wheels work with the ABEC-9 precision bearings to provide relaxed riding.

Made out of durable steel, the wheels will take on all kinds of surfaces without showing signs of wear, making for durable construction. The precision bearings prove handy when it comes to handling heavy riders. 

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard wheel

As impressive as the above specs may sound, the most exciting part about the volador 42inch freeride is the 7” reverse-kingpin aluminum trucks. These boast an aluminum construction and can be adjusted (50 or 45 degrees), allowing for unmatched agility on turns and curved sections of the road.

On the downside, one of the major complaints from users is that the board requires high level maintenance. Some people claim that the board will snap under too much weight after a while, as a result of rust as one of the causal factors.

Other than that, this is a practical unit for those who have never stepped on a longboard before. You’d be hard-pressed finding better longboards at this price range, and that’s why it takes the top spot on our list!


  • Cute and attractive graphics
  • Adequate room to stand on
  • Smooth riding experience
  • High weight capacity
  • Great value for the money
  • Agile on turns and carves
  • Outstanding durability


  • Needs quite a bit of maintenance
  • Not good for high speed rides

2. Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser Longboard

Quest QT-NSC44C Longboard

The Quest QT-NSC44C Super Cruiser offers a combination of stylish design and quality components at a pretty cheap price range. This is what makes it such a nice choice for those who are still getting acclimated to longboard skating. 

This longboard comes with stylish graphics, featuring an effortless blend of black and brown with the logo nicely incorporated. Its 44” deck hits the sweet spot as far as longboard size is concerned while its 9” width makes it an ideal size for riders below the height of 5’6”.

The deck is made out of a mixture of artisan bamboo and hardwood maple, which stands out in the design of the board. Bamboo results in a slightly stiff board that does not crack easily to offer long-lasting performance. On the flip side, the stiffness may cause the rider not to get a complete feel of the longboard.

The Quest super cruiser longboard is slightly heavy at 10 pounds, so you’d rather ride on it than carry it. It is equipped with standard 7” aluminum trucks that, although cheap, still deliver smooth turning with a low turning radius. 

Large 70mm polyurethane wheels help this longboard to roll easily with no vibrations even in slightly rough conditions. Overall, any beginner will enjoy the super-friendly and smooth riding experience offered by this bamboo longboard. 

The mounted trucks help to keep the deck higher off the ground compared to many cheap longboards in the market, and this offers deeper turning. You might notice that turning with this board feels like the turn you execute on a surfboard or snowboard, but you’ll get the hang of it over time.  

The Quest super cruiser is best suited for cruising; its 44-inch length doesn’t offer the ideal frame to pull off tricks. However, it does come with a kicktail, so any experienced rider might feel inclined to try an ollie or any other trick that comes to mind. 

If you are simply looking for a cheap board to get you from point A to B, very few longboards in the market can rival the performance of the Quest super cruiser. The large wheels enable you to enjoy some decent acceleration while the trucks ensure your ride remains smooth. 

Overall, I wouldn’t refer to the components on this board as top-notch, but the performance they manage to provide, offers a great bang for the buck. Considering that you can get a new unit for less than $100, this good cheap longboard will be the perfect choice to introduce you to the sport!


  • Intuitive turning system great for beginners
  • Nice blend of maple and artisan bamboo deck
  • A nice choice for learners
  • Large and grip taped deck for stability
  • No wheel biting
  • Featured kicktail
  • Elegant design


  • Full radius turn not possible

3. Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Atom Drop-Through cruiser Longboard (41-Inch)

The Atom Drop Deck is a board that pretty much anyone can have fun with! It is a practical piece of gear with a mix of various features that will prove essential for riders at the start of their longboarding endeavors. Whether you want to cruise around town or go on a long-distance ride, this board has all it takes to offer you an awesome experience. 

As the name suggests, the Atom longboard features a slightly deep concave shape, which helps to keep the rider’s feet in place while riding. This enhances your stability on the board and ensures that you won’t be flying in all directions when the ride gets bumpy. 

The overall design gives off a classic vibe with its clean shape, as well as back-to-basics coloring. It is not like other flashy longboards and it won’t leave an impression out of the box, but its clean and straightforward look will do for riders who are simply focused on the riding experience. 

The Atom drop comes with a 41” maple deck, which is large enough to comfortably accommodate all kinds of shoe sizes. It also means that heavier individuals won’t have a problem getting onto the board and taking it for a ride in the city. The size, mixed with the maple deck construction, delivers impressive stability during rides. 

Generally, maple wood is a go-to material when it comes to the production of longboards. This is because it is strong and stable to provide users with durable performance. This sturdy build enables the board to cope with bumpy and obstacle-ridden courses without exhibiting signs of wear. 

Aside from being strong, the deck design also puts the board closer to the ground to lower your center of gravity. This keeps you stable at top speeds and ensures there is no wobble when downhill longboarding. You’ll also be shielded against flying off the longboard on a bumpy trail. 

These features do a great job of keeping you safe during the ride, which should give you the confidence to test the limits of the Atom drop as far as speed and agility is concerned. On the downside, the low deck exposes the longboard to scratches at the bottom, which will start to show sooner compared to longboards with higher decks. 

The wide-lip 70mm rebound urethane wheels are paired with Reverse Kingpin trucks to compliment the stability of the board quite nicely. These add amazing maneuverability and the high mounting of the trucks will prove crucial when you get to sharp corners. Furthermore, you’ll be able to react faster when moving at a high speed. 

Having a high level of maneuverability that the Atom drop deck offers means you’ll be safer when longboarding on the road. In case of an obstacle on the road or a child running into your path, you can easily react and avoid an unfortunate situation.

Overall, the Atom drop through longboard will serve you diligently for the long haul. Its low deck design is perfect for amateur riders looking for a stable and comfortable ride. But it's not just one of the best longboards under 100 for beginners, even experienced boarders will have a great time taking this longboard for a ride!


  • Great for both new and experienced riders
  • Low deck for maximum stability
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Reverse Kingpin trucks
  • Accommodates both short and tall riders
  • Good price for the performance
  • Smooth ride


  • Basic graphics
  • Average wheels and bushings

4. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

If you are in the market for a cheap longboard that lets you ride downhill without worrying about your safety, the Minority Downhill Maple longboard will be a worthy candidate. It comes with a deck designed for downhill longboarding, which ensures you retain the needed balance of your body.

This beginner longboard are made from 100% Canadian maple wood for the deck material to provide a balance between durability and flex. The deck measures 40-inch long, which is a nice size for riders looking for the best experience when cruising and carving down the streets or speeding down a slope.

The Minority Downhill board features a low gravity drop deck that makes for the efficiency of each paddle whereas the super rebound wheels deliver a smooth ride. You’ll enjoy the services of this longboard for many years, and this is thanks to the durable 8-ply hardwood Canadian maple construction.

The sturdy construction also enables the board to accommodate a rider weight of up to 220 pounds. This means even heavier riders will feel right at home on the Minority Downhill. With its lightweight design, you’ll also have an easy time carrying it around when you’re not riding.

Even at high speeds, you still retain stability with the deck closer to the ground while the symmetrical shape of the board helps to prevent wheel bite. The 7” Kingpin Reverse aluminum trucks are a great addition at this price level. These can be adjusted through 45 and 50 degrees to provide you with flexibility while riding.

The round-edged 70mm PU wheels, as well as the ABEC-9 rated precision bearings, enable the longboard to carve like a beast. Another aspect you’ll appreciate about this board is that it comes with a nature-friendly touch. The materials are sourced from sustainable wood and methanal-free epoxy glue to limit the side effects of wood boards.

Meanwhile, each deck design uses a unique and gorgeous wood grain to offer the Minority Downhill a charming look.

Remember to tighten up the bushings to keep the board from getting wobbly as you take on the slope. The board is equipped with a cone bushing on one side and a normal bushing on the other side for downhill riding.

On the downside, the longboard tends to scrape the earth when you ride too fast and hard.

Overall, the Minority Downhill Longboard will be a fantastic option to welcome you to the sport. The size, as well as the construction, make it easy for beginners to control the ride. Additionally, the maple deck is a sign of the high quality you get from a longboard skateboard that will cost you less than $100.


  • Steady and tough construction
  • Low deck build for stability
  • Ideal for new riders
  • Visually appealing design
  • 8-ply maple wood deck
  • Nature-friendly make
  • ABEC-9 precision bearings


  • Not for advanced boarders
  • Scrapes the ground when going fast

5. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

The Playshion Drop Through longboard boasts a versatile design that makes it suitable for various kinds of rides. It is one of the best cheap longboards you can get at this price level, thanks to a nice blend of high-performance features.

The deck of the Playshion measures 39” x 9.1”, which is enough space for most feet sizes to fit comfortably. Its 8-ply hardwood maple deck construction offers a nice balance between flex and sturdiness.

It can support a maximum rider weight of 250 pounds, which makes it suitable for kids, as well as adults.

The drop through longboard is symmetrically shaped and features a slight concave in the middle to help secure your feet and help during turning. This drop-through design serves to lower your center of gravity, which, in turn, keeps you on your twos while carving sharp corners and turns.

Given the close distance of the deck to the ground, the longboard is both easy to push and break. Another great thing about this board is the 4” ground clearance enabled by the drop-through mounting technology.

The Pashion rolls on soft 70mm polyurethane wheels. These 78A rated wheels are large and wide enough to cope with different kinds of road surfaces and to give the rider more control. The ride is smooth and stable while the wheels can pick up good speed as you roll down the street.

The trucks of the Playshion longboard are made out of solid aluminum to offer a lightweight yet stable performance. The 7” Reverse Kingpin trucks are paired with soft bushings to deliver a comfortable riding experience.

The nice combination of powder-coated aluminum trucks and large polyurethane wheels allows you to enjoy riding on this board. This is further enhanced by the high-quality bushings, which are also cast from polyurethane.

Finally, the ABEC-9 bearings are made from “steel bearing” to provide a harder build than other models in the market. Despite that, the board rolls stealthily while riding it. You can also credit this to the nylon ball cages that serve to reduce friction as the bearings rotate.


  • Multifunctional performance
  • Quite and tough ABEC-9 bearings
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy Reverse Kingpin aluminum trucks
  • Agile on turns and carves
  • Drop-through design for stability
  • 250-pound rider weight capacity
  • Big and soft wheels


  • Can’t be used for tricks


What Skill Should I Learn First when Starting to Longboard?

The first thing to prioritize when getting into longboarding is proper foot positioning. Unlike bicycles, longboards don’t come with a specific area to place your feet. As such, it is pretty difficult to figure out where and how to plant your feet for maximum stability and comfort. Your typical riding position should involve your feet neatly balanced on the board’s centerline while your toes and heels touch each rail. Generally, your feet should be pointed slightly forward as you ride to ensure you’re steering the board from the front. 

How Do I Prevent Injury While Riding a Longboard?

Longboarding can be a risky sport, especially when riding fast such as in downhill riding. For a beginner, you don’t want to leave anything to chance as far as your safety is concerned. Try to wear as much safety gear as possible. This will include everything from knee pads and a helmet to slide gloves and elbow pads. Don’t worry about being overdressed for the occasion; the goal is to leave the skating park with no injury!

What Shae & Size Longboard Should I Get?

The best longboard size should typically reflect the kind of riding you plan to do. Shorter longboards make for quicker and shorter turns whereas longer longboards are more suited for carving and high speeds. For younger or shorter riders, it’s recommended that you go for a 28” to 32” longboard as the ideal choice. These prove to be great for various riding styles and, therefore, offer you versatile performance. Any size above that will be perfect for long and relaxed rides!

Longboard Shapes


Aside from being extremely fun, longboarding offers a list of other benefits. It is a convenient way to move around in the city and can work wonders for your mental health. It is also an inclusive sport that pretty much anyone can join; whether you’re a child or grown-up.

So, if you’ve ever entertained the thought of becoming a longboarder, this article provides some of the best cheap longboards to get you started!

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