Best Cheap Electric Skateboards (incl. affordable picks under $200) 

 February 14, 2020

By James Mason

Best Cheap electric skateboards

Our Verdict:

Meepo Mini 2

If you're looking for a cheap electric skateboard but don't have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, well you have come to the right place. After all the research I recommend the  Meepo Mini 2 as my top pick due to its overall quality and performance.

Whenever some new and exciting gadget finds its way to the market, the price tag that hangs on its package is usually too high for average consumers to bother. But as time goes by and the technology becomes widely available, aspiring manufacturers always find a way to fill in the lower price segments with their offerings.

Fortunately for us, electric skateboards have been with us long enough and budget-friendly manufactures have answered the call.

On the downside, entry-level segments can often be described as “dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.” Electric skateboards are no different. Robbing you of your hard earned money just looks like a too good of an opportunity to be missed.

That is why we are going to give a shout out to top 6 cheap electric skateboards that deserve your attention and break this notorious reputation.


Meepo Mini 2

Meepo Mini 2

  • Length: 30 inches
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Deck: 30-inch
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Backfire G2 Black

Backfire G2 Black

  • Length: 37 inches
  • Width: 11 inches
  • Deck:  Carbon Fiber
  • Trucks: New Back Rear
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Voyager Neutrino Compact Cruiser Electric Skateboard

 Voyager Neutrino

  • Length: 30.2 inches
  • Width: 12 inches
  • Deck:  fiberglass
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Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

  • Length: 30 inches
  • Width: 8.3 inches
  • Deck: composite maple
  • Trucks: 7.8-inch
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BIN Novice Electric Skateboard

BIN Novice Electric Skateboard

  • Length: 27.5 inches
  • Width: 7.5 inches
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How to choose between affordable electric skateboards

When buying a cheaper unit, you have to be aware that you will inevitably have to make some tradeoffs. The key to making a good purchase lies in giving the advantage to the features that are truly relevant to the overall quality of your skateboard.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most important features that make a good entry-level electric skateboard.


Comprehensive product warranty

Over the course of their lives, electric skateboards are exposed to a lot of abuse. They move at high speeds, need to traverse rough terrains and a couple of crashes are as good as guaranteed.

Cheap electric skateboards are often more prone to these strains than others. Furthermore, the skateboard market, in general, is no stranger to built-in factory errors and design flaws.

That is why it is in your best interest to find a unit that has a comprehensive warranty and actually read the fine print to see which types of damage are actually covered.

You also need to learn are you allowed to do your own repairs, will the manufacturer send spare parts and who’s going to pay the shipping.

Battery capacity and range

fThe battery capacity of an electric skateboard is not always indicative of its range. For instance, heavier the load you put on the drive train, the battery will discharge faster. But, on average, a regular skateboard uses approximately 10-15 watt-hours per kilometer so you can get an idea of how far your unit will be able to take you in a single charge.

Speaking in terms of affordable electric skateboards, you shouldn’t expect the distances longer than 10-15 kilometers, which is still good for a couple of joy-rides and casual commuting.

Skateboard build quality

As we already mentioned cheap electric skateboards are often not the best-built products in the world. One unintentional crash and they are wasted. But, there are exceptions.

Dig a little deeper and you can find some rock-solid units with high-quality maple decks and polyurethane wheels that can carry the loads that go all the way up to 100 kilograms. If you find a board that has these qualities and it’s still light enough to be carried around, you are in for a treat.

cheap skateboarding

Product maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to prolonging the life-span of all mechanical devices and this holds true for electric skateboards as well – even more so for cheaper options.

Because of that, your job will be to check the quality of the screws and bearings, see if the replacement parts are available in local shops and finally and find out can the electronic parts be dismounted for the purposes of repair.

In ideal conditions, your unit should allow you to replace all of its mechanical and electronic components for the replacements that are floating the market. Pre-molded decks and mechanical parts should be strongly avoided.

Good board performance

Last but not least you have to make sure that your unit actually performs well. Even the cheaper electric skateboards are flying at speeds that go all the way up to 20km/h. Twitchy performance can cause you some nasty injuries.

So, some of the most important things you should cover are the responsiveness of the controller, the way in which the board handles changes of speed (you don't want your board set you flying forward when you simply want to go slightly faster) and the quality of the brakes.

Looking for ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) in this price range may be a tall order but it’s damn worth the try.

Best Cheap Electric Skateboards

1. Meepo Mini 2- Best Overall

Meepo Mini 2

When it comes to quality entry-level electric skateboards , it doesn’t get better than the Meepo boards. Their rise in popularity in the market is just as exciting as the story behind how they came to be.

The Meepo Mini is arguably the best longboard for kids out there, and a good example that not all cheap boards compromise on quality. This board will entice you with its charming looks. The black Canadian maple wood deck matches naturally with the shiny black tires, and the Meepo logo in the middle completes the spectacular look.

It is designed with a short 30-inch deck that allows for quick turning and comes with a newly introduced nose protection technology. At 16lbs, the Mini 2 is a lightweight board but it is strong enough to support up to 300 pounds of weight.

This makes it a nice choice  for kids between 10 and 15 years. The maple wood construction delivers a stable ride on turns and this is reinforced by the Shredder trucks, which absorb shocks on bumpy off-road surfaces.   

The Mini 2 features a deck that is bent upwards to result in a kicktail design for easy picking. It also uses a Hobbywing ESC that delivers strong braking and accelerating performance. This comes in handy when you want to maintain control of the board at the high speeds it can achieve.

Overall, the Mini 2 is a powerful board that can reach great speeds, which slightly reduces the range but you can still make the most of your ride. Luckily, its short and stable build ensures that you will remain on your twos even at top speeds.

Whether you’re an experienced boarder or newbie, the Mini 2 offers a great opportunity for you to enjoy the electric boarding experience.

Meepo Mini 2- Best Overall


For a cheap electric board, the Mini 2 impresses with its array of high-performance specifications. Firstly, it is powered by dual hub motors (2 x 540 watts) that can propel you to a top speed of 25mph. Your range is a little bit limited; the 11 miles you’ll be able to squeeze may seem inadequate if you’re enjoying the ride.

It is also equipped with a 4Ah battery pack that requires just about 2 hours to fully recharge.  


One significant extra feature on the Mini 2 is the integration of regenerative braking. This enables you to recover some battery energy as you ride, helping to extend your range. The Hobbywing ESC remote is quite ergonomic and features LED lights on its side to indicate the speed mode and battery level.

Not to mention that there are dedicated buttons that allow you to switch between speed modes as necessary, as well as a light torch for night riding!


  • Regenerative braking
  • Short charging time
  • Budget-friendly
  • Smooth Hobbywing ESC
  • Quite fast
  • Good value for money


  • Short battery range

2. Backfire G2 Black - Higher End Option

Backfire G2 Black

When it comes to beginner-level electric skateboards, Backfire has usually bailed out of the race for affordable boards. Rather than try to produce the cheapest board in the market, the manufacturer has always chosen to prioritize quality, as well as maintaining high standards on its offerings.

But with the release of the G2 Black, the company went against the grain by tapping into the affordable board range of products. As the demand for cheap skateboards continues to rise, Backfire managed to produce one of the best cheap electric longboards  in the market.

The G2 Black shines brightest when it comes to build quality, speed, and overall riding experience. You can tell this from its flashy design, which features an all-black aesthetic deck that is both gender and age-neutral. A few stickers have been thrown in to give you a customized touch on a board that is relatively lighter than other offerings in the market.

The Backfire G2 only weighs 14.5lbs, which makes it a portable option for kids or those looking for portability. Its 37-inch 8 ply maple deck comes with a symmetrical design with just the perfect amount of flex for a comfortable ride. This also enhances your agility when carving and turning, although the flex might be too much for heavier riders.

The board rides on large 96mm wheels that help to absorb shock and dampen vibrations for a relaxed ride. Its overall lighter components allow it to afford larger than usual wheels without adding to the weight. Overall, this is a swift board with impressive power output.

Its highly efficient motors are fully sealed and water-resistant, enabling you to achieve high speeds in all kinds of weather. You’ll appreciate G2’s super quiet and ultra-smooth performance, with the capability of clearing steep inclines at a 20% grade.

The range offer is pretty decent and the Hobbywing brakes are smooth and gentle to provide beginners with a hassle-free ride. Any small-bodied teen around 15 years will have a ball taking this machine out for a ride!

 Backfire G2 Black - Higher End Option


Although the manufacturer positions it as an entry-level board, the G2 black is no slouch! It offers a punchier performance than you’ll find on your standard $400 offering. For starters, it is equipped with two high-capacity 350-watt brushless motors that allow you to hit a top speed of 24mph.

A 5Ah 180h Samsung battery ensures that you can ride for at least 12miles on a single charge, although the 3.5 hours it needs to fully recharge might seem like a long wait for a driven enthusiast. It also offers two modes, economic and standard, that are both relatively smooth with the Hobbywing remote.


There isn’t much to talk about as far as extra features are concerned, but the regenerative braking system is a nice touch that serves to recoup some energy and prolong your range, especially when riding downhill.


  • Impressive speed
  • IP55 waterproof rating
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Quality construction
  • Smooth ride


  • Limited features
  • Not suitable for heavy riders

3. Voyager Neutrino Compact Cruiser

 Voyager Neutrino Compact Cruiser Electric Skateboard

It doesn’t take more than a passing look on Voyager Neutrino Compact to see the skateboard means business. Its design is sleek, mean and on-point.

Who can say no to a black-clad peace of menace? It is also good to see a raised tail which makes manual braking extremely easy – well at least if you don’t want to damage the board.

Throw into equation slim battery/motor combo, and you’ll get a unit that scores one of the best looks on the list.

The build quality is not that bad either. The carbon body may leave some purists wishing for hardwood but it manages to score a pretty good balance between light weight and durability, and shock-absorbing wheels can survive even the rougher terrains.

You could even try throwing off-road skateboard wheels on it, and use its decent ground clearance to your advantage.

One of the benefits of this molded construction is the IP55 certification which ensures the skateboard will be able to deal with light rain and occasional splashes.

As for the performance, we are glad to say that, considering its price and position on the market, the skateboard feels pretty snappy and responsive.

However, it should be mentioned that the board's motor is powering only one wheel so you might need some time getting used to the handling. The bigger problem, though, is the poor battery life that won't allow you ventures far from home.

Still, a rock-solid entry that has excellent value and sells at a bargain price.

Voyager Neutrino Compact Cruiser


We already mentioned that Voyager Neutrino Compact has a pretty poor battery life, so let’s move this issue off the table first. When fully charged, the skateboard will be able to traverse only 11km in one go, which is way below the average, even in this price range.

From this point on, things only get better, though. The unit weighs only 4k so you won't have any problem carrying it around or driving it manually, and the skateboard is capable of flying at pretty solid 20km/h. So, even though you are not going to ride far, you will at least travel fast.

Oh yeah, the board can also carry loads of solid 90kg.


When it comes to advanced features (take advanced with a grain of salt), it should be pointed out that the unit’s remote is extremely well-built and pleasant the use. You also get the option to choose between two driving modes (beginner and expert) and check the remaining battery life both for skateboard and remote as well.


  • Strong build
  • Fast and nimble
  • Extended range
  • Good top speed
  • Multiple speed settings


  • Expensive
  • A little bit stiff

4. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

The Hiboy Electric Skateboard is a product that is  similar to the previous mention on this list, but uses its building blocks in such a different manner it’s hard not to give the praise to the engineers on how well they used the budget they had on disposal. This unit is still very affordable, but makes the upgrades in virtually all relevant departments.

For a start The Hiboy looks good – the deck is a simple and slick black design with the HiBoy logo on it. The Frame is a very light and sturdy frame, weighing it at around 8lbs.

As for the performance, the Hiboy does its job pretty well. Although there could be some general improvements, the unit performs very stable and accelerates at forgiving rates. 

So, we have a scaled down version of a city cruiser that’s fast, has an alright range,high quality deck and surprisingly good remote which gives the rider 4 different speed settings to choose from. The performance is stable and snappy, motors quiet and design excellent.

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard


The Hiboy S-11 could be the best described as an electric skateboard with perfectly balanced specs. Nothing strays too far out of average, and everything works to improve the value of the unit while staying under $300.

So, The S-11 is capable of covering a range of 16.2 miles in a single charge and has a max speed of around 13 mph. It is also worth mentioning that S-11 feels pretty light so you won’t have any problem carrying it around if the battery runs dry.


Although not revolutionary, S-11 brings some welcome changes to the table. First, you get four speed settings which give riders more freedom to choose from. Second, there's the regenerative braking that has a very positive impact on battery life.

Finally, the package includes a well-made remote and a couple of useful assembly tools.


  • Quality deck
  • Powerful motor
  • Slim design
  • Stable performance
  • Solid specs


  • The setup under the deck feels bulky

5. BIN Novice Electric Skateboard

BIN Novice Electric Skateboard

When making this board, BIN hasn’t made any effort to conceal the fact the unit is aimed at the beginners. So, some concessions in the design department and premium features are to be expected. And truly, the design of the unit is as uninspired and by-the-numbers as it gets.

But, the good news is that, the rest of the board holds on much better. The deck is made of maple, and you do get the inclusion of a raised kick-tail. The wheels are pretty solid and they offer better durability than the one we’ve seen on Vokul’s V1. They are also very elastic, and you won’t feel drastic bumps even if you stumble upon rougher city terrains.

Non-slip grip overlay does a good job at keeping the rider’s feet firmly on the board, so we can say the build quality and craftsmanship are more than satisfying.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about core specs. Compared to some other entries we’ve seen on the list, BIN’s product feels noticeably underpowered. And we are not talking about specific specs – you get a downgrade in virtually all departments.

So, the question needs to be asked where the money that’s been put into manufacturing went. This issue could be mitigated if BIN’s Novice Electric Skateboard offered some interesting features or put more value into the package.

Unfortunately, what we are left with is the unit that’s built well, handless very good, but falls short in all other departments.

BIN Novice Electric Skateboard


So, we mentioned that BIN Novice Electric Skateboard feels underpowered. What this statement translates to in cold numbers is the above the average speed of 15 kilometers per hour and crippling range of only 10 kilometers. Curiously enough, the 150W motor is capable of carrying the weight of 120 kilograms, but this fact does very little to elevate the rest of the specs.

A little disclaimer here – when we talked about purchase considerations we mentioned that child-friendly units don’t need to be too fast or feature extensive range. But, if competition offers a better deal, there is no reason to opt for the worse option.


If we need to point out one of the saving graces of BIN’s product we will say that remote is designed and works pretty well. The plastic used for build feels solid and you get a nice strap to keep the unit in the hand. We wish, tough, we could get more than two speed settings.


  • Quality deck
  • Powerful motor
  • Slim design
  • Stable performance
  • Solid specs



  • Underwhelming specs
  • Lackluster package

6. WOWGO 2S (38") Electric Skateboard

WOWGO 2S (38") Electric Skateboard

You remember when we called the design of BIN’s skateboard uninspired? We take it back. If you want to go unnoticed, you would be hard-pressed to find the board that looks as bland and generic as then GYFY’s product. Seriously, this entry feels like it was designed by someone who has only a passing knowledge of how electric skateboard should look like.

So, the points are taken from the looks department. What about the rest of the specs?

Well, they are somewhat bittersweet. The motor feels reasonably powerful and results in rock-solid carrying capacity. If you can adjust to the smaller deck (the total length of the unit is 710 millimeters), you won’t have any problem riding the unit while your children are talking the break.

The speed and the range are well-suited to the market segment, but, as we already mentioned, that is not something to brag about. At this price point, these specs feel horribly underwhelming. Furthermore, speed issues could be much better solved with comprehensive settings and a good remote.

Moving on to the performance and we can see that GYFY’s product handles more than solid. There are some small things we’d like to point out, though. Acceleration feels abrupt. If you are running a higher speed setting, you might fell losing your ground. Second, making a turn takes some clearance.

Finally, we come to the materials and craftsmanship. Surprise, surprise, they are also pretty standard. You get your maple deck, polyurethane wheels and standard grip tape, but nothing here screams extraordinary or pushes the board above the average.

WOWGO 2S (38") Electric Skateboard


When it comes to the cold numbers, GYFY Electric Skateboard falls awfully close to the BIN's product that already took a lot of beating for its specs. The unit is capable of running at the speed of 15 kilometers per hour and passes the ranges of 10 kilometers in one charge.

The good news is that, if the motor fails to move the unit fast, it allows for a certain degree of climbing – the unit can successfully manage the slopes that go up to 17 degrees.
Once the battery runs dry, you will be able to recharge it in two hours.


It is hard to escape the feeling that GYFY lost the opportunity to score some big points by stacking their entry with interesting features. This way, though, you only get a by-the-numbers grip tape and two-speed remote which is, to be quite honest, well put together.


  • The unit handles well
  • Solid deck
  • Good build quality



  • Lackluster package
  • Underwhelming specs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get a driver’s license to ride an electric skateboard?

No. Regarding the legal regulations, electric skateboards are no different than rollerblades or, for that matter, regular skateboards.

Read more: Electric skateboard under $500

However, if you want to take active participation in the traffic (to drive your electric skateboard on the road) you will probably need to abide by speed limitations that vary from region to region and from country to country.

If you buy a cheaper model, though, you will hardly ever come into position to break those limitations.

Can I bring my electric skateboard on the plane with me?

Unfortunately, although they sound like perfect vacation companions, most of the airline companies don’t allow the presence of batteries bigger than 100 Watt-hours.

That pretty much rules out electric skateboards altogether.

Can electronic skateboards be used as normal skateboards?

Yes. Once the battery runs out, you can use your feet to push the skateboard forward. But, there could be some obstacles. Some units are simply too heavy. Others use conveyor belts to run the wheels so they might offer additional resistance while you're driving.

How do LED lights benefit electric skateboards?

First and foremost, integrated LED lights are keeping the rider safe by making the rider visible to the traffic in the dark.

Second, LED lights can give the rider quick info on the battery's status, which also plays into the safety conversation. The less you need to keep your eyes off the road, the better.

Can kids use electric skateboards?

Yes. Most of the skateboards can be used by children of the age of nine and older, however, if you are considering to buy the electric skateboard to your kids, you should take some precautionary measures.

If you want to record yourself on your new e-skateboard, remember that one hand is reserved for using the throttle remote, so taking selfies might be a challenge.

First, give your children a couple of training sessions on the regular board so they can master some basic skills like keeping the balance.

Second, don’t allow them to ride the units that can pick too much speed and produce too big of a momentum. The slower they ride the better.

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