Best (and WORST) Electric Skateboards under $300 [Top Picks for 2022] 

 April 9, 2020

By James Mason

Best (and WORST) Electric Skateboards under $300 [Top Picks for 2020]

When we talked about the best cheap electric skateboards we pointed out that the bottom of the barrel of the entry-level market segment feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. The chances of finding something good are extremely slim.

But...moving up to the $300 price range, gives us a little more wiggle room.

The next step on the price ladder presents a completely different story, though. With more room to play with and without pressure to make compromises in virtually all engineering departments, the manufacturers are capable of pushing more versatile products that sometimes even include a couple of premium features.

So, let’s delve deeper in this pool of creativity and take a look at some of the best electric skateboards under $300.

Since we already covered the cheapest models on the market, we’ll keep the bottom limit at $199 for the sake of the variety

Meepo V3

Meepo V3
  • Length: 38 inches
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
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VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser

VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser
    • Length: 31 inches
    • Width: 11 inches
    • Load Capacity: 200 lbs
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Backfire G2 Black

Backfire G2 Black
  • Length: 38 inches
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Load Capacity: 165 lbs
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Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard
  • Length: 31.5 inches
  • Width: 7.75 inches
  • Load Capacity: 200 lbs
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BLITZART Tornado 38" Electric Longboard

BLITZART Tornado 38″ Electric Longboard
  • Length: 38 inches
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
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In-depth reviews of each product

1. Meepo V3- Best Overall

Meepo V3


  • Smooth braking and acceleration
  • Flexible deck
  • Good top speed
  • Stable performance
  • Good value for money 


  • Slightly noisy
  • Limited additional features

Meepo is a brand that needs no introduction in the world of electric skateboards! The company has really carved out a niche in the affordable board segment, with its products proving to be a crowd favorite for beginner, as well as experienced skateboard enthusiasts. The Meepo V3 is the most popular offering yet from the manufacturer thanks to a mix of top-performance specs.

At a glance, the V3 looks as aesthetic as any other board in the market. Its black deck matches with the black shiny wheels underneath, while a “MEEPO” logo in the middle completes a laid-back yet attractive design. 

The board maker chose to use Canadian maple on the 96-cm long by 22-cm wide deck, which leaves a smooth feel to the touch.

This material also provides a nice balance between stiffness and flex to keep you stable when riding. An ESC electronics sealer on the board allows it to be water and dust resistant, keeping it practical in all kinds of weather. 

Furthermore, there is a nice cutout handle on the deck that simplifies carrying the 16lbs board when you’re not using it.

For an entry-level e-skateboard, the Meepo V3 offers more than you’d expect! It is built to reach top speed quickly which can be credited to the powerful hub-driven motors propelling the board. 


The V3is a swift piece of machine with a punchy acceleration and hair-raising top speed, but you’ll appreciate how smoothly the LingYi ESC it employs delivers. The braking is gradual yet stable enough to ensure you don’t lose control of the ride.

Overall, the short and flexible deck makes riding the board a pleasant experience, especially for those who like to ride in crowded places. The Meepo V3 remains stable even at high speeds and will make a great choice for those still learning their way around skateboarding. 

With four different speed modes, you get convenient flexibility on this board, with an opportunity to customize the ride to your skill level.

The battery is not the most powerful out there, but it delivers a decent range and can recharge relatively fast. It is also shock-resistant to offer durable performance down the line. As far as extra features go, there is nothing to go on about on the Meepo V3. 

Besides, the board can be a little bit squeaky, which might irritate some but you can fix this by waxing the pivot cups.


The Meepo V3 comes with a range of improved specs that make it outshine its predecessors. For example, it is equipped with two 540-watt hub motors, which is a 30% increase compared to the Meepo V2. 

This is what enables you to achieve a top speed of 28mph on pro mode. Its powerful acceleration will take you from 0 to 18mph in just 4.5 seconds with an uphill ability of 9mph on a 15% gradient.

The board can comfortably support up to 330lbs of weight while its battery will only deliver a range of 11 miles, which is not for an under $400 price range. On the bright side, it only takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge.


As mentioned earlier,, the Meepo V3 has nothing to show when it comes to extra features. It uses an MR remote control that is at best basic, although the soft-touch plastic finish makes for an ergonomic feel. 

The LingYi ESC driving it uses allows it to be pretty responsive during braking and acceleration.

2. VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser

VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser


  • Great 7 ply maple deck
  • Very Light board
  • Cheap, with good range
  • Powerful 350W motor


  • Pretty limited features
  • Slow top speed (but good acceleration)

With its solid building blocks and lucrative price, the VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser, sits at the very top of the dirt-cheap electric skateboard market segment. Don’t take this as an insult, though - its specs and overall performance lend this unit enough power to easily race with more expensive contenders.

It is also mentioning that the VOKUL V1 is quite pleasing on the eye. If you’d ever wanted to leave an impression while roaming the street, the skateboard’s sleek, black body will certainly catch a couple of curious looks. Slim design coupled with a light carbon deck also makes the product surprisingly nimble.

This agility comes at the price, though. A lot of people will long for a quality maple or hardwood deck that would lend the board stronger durability and better momentum, but even with the things as they are, this product performs way out of its league.

When it comes to the actual riding, the Vokul V1 feels very snappy and responsive even though the hub drive pushes only one wheel. After you spend some time adjusting, you won’t be able to notice the difference.

Unfortunately, quite limited range (10 miles or 16 km) rules out this board as a serious commuting unit. 

Still, we are talking about a very strong effort coming at a price very hard to say no to.


We are happy to report that the Vokul V1 electric cruiser manages to check all the boxes for a budget e-skateboard. Net weight is a mere 4.7 kg, and the range is rated at 10 miles or 16 km. Not bad for an e-board costing a tad over $200.

On the other hand, the top speed of 13 mph and the max weight load of 200 lb is where we see the board taking a backseat to pricier models like the AC 350 or the Huracane which we reviewed. 

VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser


The board comes a 7 ply deck and an ergonomic wireless remote. In addition you get a 6 month warranty. Other than the mandatory toolkit and charger, that pretty much covers the core features, but we weren't expecting anything more from a budget board like this.

3. Backfire G2 Black-Upgrade Pick

Meepo V3


  • Decent speed
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Smooth performance
  • High-quality build


  • Few extra features
  • Too much flex for heavy riders

Now, let me start by stating that the G2 Black is a little bit pricier than the range we are talking about in this review! However, I decided to include it because it makes for a great e-skateboard upgrade if you have some extra change to spare. With that being said, let us look at what earns the Backfire G2 a place on our list.

Historically speaking, Backfire has always taken a backseat when it comes to the race as far as affordable electronic skateboards are concerned. 

However, we saw a break from tradition with the launch of the G2 Black; only their second offering in their affordable range of boards.

Thanks to the company’s reputation for superior workmanship, the designers managed to produce one of the best cheap electric skateboards in the market. 

The quality of Backfire G2 Black is evident right from the construction! Just like its name suggests, the board sports a cute all-black deck that should appeal to all ages and genders. 

The design is customized with a few animated stickers, which makes the board endearing to teens and older kids. Weighing just under 15lbs, the G2 Black is a portable board with a 37-inch long deck made out of high-quality 8 ply maple. 

The material offers just the right amount of flex to enhance your agility on turns, although heavier riders generally complain that the flex is just too much.

Backfire G2 Black - Higher End Option

The 96mm wheels used on the board deliver a nice shock-absorbing performance, which ensures that bumps and vibrations are significantly dampened when riding on rugged surfaces. 

The G2 is ultra-smooth yet can deliver top speeds to impress any experienced boarder. Although not the most powerful, the motors do well with the ability to help riders flatten steep inclines at a 20% gradient. 

The efficient motors are also fully sealed and waterproof to let the board run in all kinds of weather. Overall, the ride performance is gentle and smooth, and this is what makes the Backfire G2 a great pick for beginners who are still learning the ropes. 

The battery range won’t over excite you, but you can still do great things with it. Backfire decided to compromise on extra features when designing the G2 Black, but it shouldn’t take away from the overall experience this board offers!


A closer look at the specifications on the Backfire G2 Black and you’ll get a feeling that it is truly an upgraded entry-level electric skateboard. The board is propelled by two high-grade 350-watt brushless motors that deliver a punchy performance to get you to a maximum speed of 24mph. 

It is also fitted with a 42V 5.2Ah Samsung battery cell that delivers a range of just about 12 miles; a respectable distance for an entry-level product. However, you will not be impressed that you will have to wait 3.5 hours for it to recharge when it runs out of juice. 

You can also choose between two riding modes, economic and standard, depending on your riding skills. Overall, the performance is seamless in both modes thanks to the Hobbywing remote!


Don’t expect to find any additional features of the G2 Blac.  However, I should mention that the integration of regenerative braking is a plus on the design of the board. This feature recoups some energy during braking, helping to extend the duration of your ride.

4. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard


  • Killer price/value ratio
  • Regenerative braking system
  • UL 2271 certification
  • Solid build quality
  • Charging the battery is not intuitive


  • As solid as they are, the core specs are still pretty limiting
  • Divisive design

Hiboy is a skateboard that should've been worse – way worse. It's one of those products that pop up in the market, have a lucrative price tag, and aim for the wallets of parents and inexperienced riders. The manufacturer even advertises the product as "suitable for kids and youths riding around town and school.”

However, putting Hiboy S11 amongst the dirt cheap bunch for children would do the product a huge disservice. With its solid core specs and stable overall performance, this neat entry feels much more at home on this list.

Even more so, when we take into account that some of the other contenders are seriously under-performing in important departments.

So what we have here?

An energetic and youthful, if a bit divisive design (the skateboard was made to appeal to kids, get over the neon details), dual hub motors capable of pushing heavier weights and climbing smaller inclines, solid speed, stable performance, rock-solid build quality and even a couple of interesting features that spice this package up way beyond its selling price.

The product does have some drawbacks, however. You don’t get any indication when charging the battery and the remote is… Well, let’s call it underwhelming.

But still… The things Hiboy S11 does well coupled with very appealing price make us more than willing to overlook some of it's flaws. Just remember we are talking about an entry-level product.


Much like the rest of the skateboards that are aimed at children Hiboy S11 is not particularly fast. However, the speed of 20km/h is not that bad, either – just on par with some of the lower-ranked entries on the list.

The range and the weight fall in the same basket, they score 10km and 4kg respectively (the latter number is actually pretty good). The unit is also capable of climbing the 8% inclines which is not much, but hey, at least you get to go uphill.


When it comes to the features, Hiboy offers a couple of pretty neat surprises. First, you get a regenerative braking system – a true rarity in this price range. Second, there’s the UL 2271 (safety standard for batteries used in electric vehicles).

Finally, unlike most of the products in the entry-level segment, Hiboy S11 actually allows you to choose between four different speed settings which translates to better control over the board.

5. BLITZART Tornado 38" Electric Longboard

blitzart tornado


  • Solid maple deck
  • Quick-charge battery
  • The skateboard feels very nimble
  • Stable performance
  • Very light unit


  • The design could be way more inspired
  • Poor load capacity renders the board useless

With its solid building blocks and lucrative price the BLITZART Tornado 38" Electric Skateboard, qualifies for the top segment in the dirt-cheap electric skateboard market segment. Don’t take this as an insult, though - its specs and overall performance lend this unit enough power to compete with more expensive contenders.

It is also mentioning that BLITZART Tornado is quite stylish, but could be considered "boring" by some.

Speaking of looks, there are two versions made by Blitzart, the Tornado, and the Huracane, which sports that standard longboard look. There are three versions available, all black but the wheels color change - black, light orange, or neon green.  


Looking at the specs, it’s not very hard to conclude that Tornado was designed as a compact product aimed at casual users. It weighs around 13 pounds and breezes with pretty stunning 23 mph (of course keeping in mind the product’s price). The load the skateboard can carry is pretty solid as well. You can mount up to 250lbs of load and still be able to run at a reasonable speed.

BLITZART Tornado 38" Electric Longboard

However, we have to talk about the elephant in the room – the Tornado can travel 12.5 miles before running dry. This is the best range on any E-Skateboard in the under $300 price range.


As you would expect from a product of this price, the special features are pretty scarce. The included wireless controller offers basic functions - forward/brake, shift which will allow  you to go reverse. Furthermore, there’s a light indicator of the battery life, and a On/Off button below near the charging port. You do get to choose between two speed settings (beginner, expert).

A nice touch that you will not find on other boards in this review is the set of shock absorbers, if you throw on some all-terrain wheels, you may have a assembled a decent off-road electric skateboard for less than $300!

For the price, the Tornado represents the best you can get when it comes to range. However we do like its bigger brother, the Tornado a lot more, and the user reviews on Amazon seem to agree. 

You can check out our detailed review on the Tornado, and other boards in the under $500 price range here.

6. ACTON Blink Lite Go

ACTON Blink Lite Go


  • As advertised, the skateboard is very light
  • A couple of navigation options
  • Regenerative braking
  • Solid handling


  • Sub-par specs
  • Only 60 kg max weight
  • The price is too high
  • Divisive design

Action Blink Lite is a product that tries too hard and somehow fails in the most important areas. It tries too hard to look youthful and edgy and ends up looking ridiculous instead. It tries too hard to find some kind of gimmick that will help it find a place in the crowded market and ends up putting the spotlight on the weight.

Ok, 3.5kg are indeed pretty impressive, but does anybody really care about this feature when much better units are only 200-500 grams heavier. The difference is barely noticeable. And still, the unit has enough audacity to sell at the highest price on the list.

Don’t get us wrong, the Action Blink Lite doesn’t only fail in comparison to the other products we covered on the list, but fails even in its own right. The speed is far from great, the supported weight firmly below the average, and the range is horrible.

The frustrating fact is that most of these problems could be remedied if the manufacturer hadn't made the decision to pursue the title of the lightest electric skateboard on the market and equipped the product with more powerful battery and stronger motor.

Of course, not everything is all that bad. The skateboard handles reasonably well (once you manage to finally sync the board with the remote) and acceleration feels surprisingly smooth. Build quality is not that bad either.

Still, all these positives don’t change the fact that Action Blink Lite is rotten from the inside. What we’re left with at the end is the overly expensive skateboard that can be used only for neighborhood stunts and short rides across the campus. Of course, only if you don’t have more than 60kg.


So, yeah, we have the weight limit of 60kg – the same limitation we can see on Maxfind Electric Skateboard. However, Maxfind’s product performs much better in other departments.

Action Blink Lite, does nothing substantial to warrant its price. For instance, you’ll be able to pass only 8 kilometers at the maximum speed of 16km/h in one charge.

ACTON Blink Lite Go

But, for what it’s worth, the unit is very light and ergonomic, so once the battery’s gone, you won’t have to carry too much dead weight.


When it comes to the features, it’s good to hear that Action Blink Lite bodes slightly better. This time you get the regenerative braking (a weird card to play given the specs, though), an option to use Android or iOS app for navigation and very forgiving 45 minutes of charge time.

How to choose between affordable electric skateboards

Since the models that feature a price that approximates $300 offer much more variety than their cheaper siblings, the list of considerations you have to make while buying goes beyond the basic quality-driven decisions that are crucial for cheaper models.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that should pop up on your radar if you want to make the most for your 300 bucks.

Good build quality and warranty

Obviously, we are still very far from the point where the price we are asked to pay would grant the quality of the board. So, keep the quality of the deck and the wheels as your top priority if you don’t want to put your skating dreams to rest after a couple of crashes.

A solid $300 electric skateboard usually features a maple deck, and polyurethane wheels so there’s no reason to go below this golden standard.

Well, unless you are pursuing a lighter unit in which case you can get away with carbon decks that still offer a very reasonable sturdiness.

As for the warranty, 6 months to test out the performance and discover potential workmanship flaws should be more than enough to ensure you peace of mind. Just make sure to read the fine print and check what's covered.

Battery capacity and range

In the broadest of terms, the battery capacity has the biggest impact on how far your off-road electric skateboard will be able to roam in one charge. But, only in the broadest in terms.  If we take a look at the bigger picture we can see that the board’s range is drastically impacted by the motor’s power and type, as well as the unit’s power management.

That is why, when you inspect the number of ampere-hours the battery packs, take a look at how these numbers translate to much more tangible and easy to grasp kilometers of range.

Motor type and quality

Finally, we have a third member of the holy trinity we like to call “electric skateboard’s core specs.” Let’s start with the type:

  • Hub motors – A cheaper of the two predominant varieties, hub motors are very light, compact and they are built directly into the wheels. They are also very light and have a fewer number of moving parts which makes them less prone to mechanical damage. The major downside, since they’re built into the wheels their torque is not all that great.
  • Belt motors – A true rarity in this price range (which doesn't mean they cannot be found) belt drives are more powerful and produce great torque which means they can easily accelerate or climb up the hills. More torque also implies better power management. However, belt drives are also much louder and harder to maintain.

When it comes to power, this price range offers a lot of versatility. You can expect the units that go all the way up to 400W which is pretty solid.

skatepark tricks

The deck

A skateboard deck has a lot more going on, even if we completely take the material out of the equation. Since we are going out of the beginner’s league, let’s breeze through some of the deck features that should provide you with the optimal, personalized performance.

  • Stiffness – A flexible deck is capable of absorbing some of the riding induced shock. A stiffer deck will produce a bumpier ride but allows for better control over the wheels. An ideal option sits right in the middle.
  • Length – The longer the deck, the more stable the board is, making for a more comfortable ride. However, the bigger dimensions also entail heavier weight and bigger power draw.
  • Wheelbase – Wheelbase is the distance between a pair of wheels. The longer wheelbase provides better stability at high speeds.

Additional skateboard features

These would be all the small details that have an influence on the overall performance of a board, but not to the same degree as the core features.

  • Remote – One of the most popular ways manufacturers use to cut the costs. No wonder the remotes in this category are usually trash. Still, good response time, LED screen and solid grip can drastically improve the things.
  • Grip tape – A deck overlay that keeps the rider’s feet tightly on the board. A comfortable addition to the deck that's always nice to have.
  • Carrying handles – Some of the boards have a pair of carrying handles built into the deck. They are incredibly convenient when the batteries run dry.


Are below $300 skateboards good for first-timers? 

Well, if you need to sharpen your skating teeth, choosing a more affordable product definitely makes more sense than pulling out a big grand out of blue. Even more so if you take into consideration that some of the cheaper electric skateboards feature rock-solid and very forgiving specs.

However, if you've never set your foot on the skateboard before, talking a couple of rides with the classic unit should be a much better testing ground.

If you want to record yourself on your new e-skateboard, remember that one hand is reserved for using the throttle remote, so taking selfies might be a challenge.

We would recommend you get a go-pro, or a drone that can follow you around! Check out our sister site, Buy Best Quadcopter for some decent options.

Can I use my electric skateboard when the battery runs dry? 

Yes. Even the skateboards that are powered by belt drives can be used if the battery’s dead. You’ll just need to put more effort into it.

Be aware, however, that electric skateboards pack dozens of electronic components that can explode when damaged, so save the stunts for your regular board.

Do electric skateboard last longer than regular skateboards? 

It really depends on how well you take care of them. Electric skateboards that are frequently crashed or exposed to rain, don’t have too big of a life expectancy.

On the other hand, normal skateboards that feature only mechanical parts don’t have this problem, so it’s safe to say they have a bit sunnier future. Still, it all boils down to maintenance.

Is it legal to ride an electric skateboard on the road?

Yes, but you need to abide by certain limitations. In most of the areas, the speed limit for electric skateboards is 32km/h (20mph).

How do the speed setting on electric skateboards work? 

Usually, electric skateboards offer some of these four common speed settings:

  • Slow – Limited speed and only 20% of battery available. Great for beginners.
  • Eco – Even stronger speed limitations, but 40% of the battery on disposal. Good for long rides.
  • Fast – Full speed and 60% of battery.
  • GT – All bets are off. You get full power and full battery capacity to play with.
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