Best Electric Skateboard for Kids in 2024 [Child-Friendly Fun] 

 January 24, 2020

By James Mason


If Hollywood has taught us anything that would be that the key to a successful product lies in appealing to all demographics. The product that can't be enjoyed by the entire family has only a limited commercial value.

Electric skateboard manufacturers have learned this lesson pretty fast and diversified their lineups to sooth different customer types. So, we’ve got an entire range of products aimed at youngsters who have yet to cut their riding skills.

The interesting about it is that, besides the fact they are usually scaled down to fit the children, these skateboards are not cornered with any other limitations, so this should be a pretty interesting roundup.

So let’s take a dive in this vivid market segment and try to find out which is the best electric skateboard for kids.

Best Child-Friendly Electric Skateboards 

If you’re in a rush, this table will sum up our experience and the models we went through.   



Electric Skateboard

Material: 7 Layers Maple

Top Speed: 20 KM/H
Motor: 350W
Range: 8 Mile

BLITZART Huracane 38

Max speed: 23 MPH Range: 12 miles

Lithium-Ion battery: 36V and 5.4Ah

Fully charged: 2.5 h.

Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard & Scooter for Kids

Max Load: 132 lb.

Max Speed: 7 MPH
Motor Power: 90W

IPX4 water resistance.

Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard

Swagtron Swagskate NG3

Net Weight: 7.7 lb. (3.5 kg)

Max. Load: 150 lb. (68 kg)

Motor: 100W

Charging Time: ~1.5 hours

VIRO Rides Turn Style

VIRO Rides Turn Style

Good fot tricks.

Battery life: 40 minutes

These three are the models we’d recommend to our friends & family, hands off.

baby board

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Important considerations 

But, before we proceed to our top contenders, let’s see what truly makes youth oriented electric skateboards unique, and try to single out some of the important considerations you should keep in mind when making a purchase.

Kids are not as skilled as adults, and the features that may sell some of the professional boards can be looked at as ballast in the child-friendly market segment.


Given the fact they are often used for commuting, electric skateboards should be able to achieve high speeds. But, if you take a second to think through it, you have to ask yourself just how much commuting your kids are actually going to do?

The answer is, very little.

On the other hand, allowing your children access high-speed units can potentially expose them to danger if they are not yet skilled riders.

So, this time, more is not necessarily better. If you want to keep your kid safe, the speed limit of 20km/h should be just about right.


When it comes to size, discussion about electric skateboards for kids becomes somewhat moot. A lot of manufacturers do push the products that are scaled down to better suit the children’s bodies.

The problem is, regular electric skateboards (and regular boards for that matter) are not that unapproachable to begin with. Even the legends like Tony Hawk sharpen their riding teeth with adult-sized skateboards.

The moral of this short discussion should be that there is truly no bad way to go. Smaller skateboards will set straight the learning curve (not that much, though), while the regular sized boards can have a broader family appeal. It really boils down to you.

You should not however go past the length of 78cm.


Discussing the weight in these terms is much simpler – the lighter the board the better. Your kids will have a much easier time handling the unit, and if the battery runs dry (a very likely outcome) they won't have any problem carrying them around.

Still, light weight should not come at the expense of structural integrity. The skateboard needs to be well put together and use standard materials (more below).

Poor quality can compromise the safety of the rider.


Battery life/Charging time/Range

Once again, battery lie is a fairly easy topic to discuss. The more juice you manage to squeeze into the board, the better. Still, since children use electric skateboards only in short bursts don’t let the unit’s battery life be too big of a limiting factor.

Fast charging time can remedy most of the problem caused by poor capacity.

Also, when checking the battery capacity, you can give yourself a break and skip the number of ampere hours and proceed to the range that describes how many kilometers a skateboard can pass in one charge on average.

This number can be affected by the weight of the rider and the riding speed, but in the case of the children, range does a great job describing the unit's capability.


Entry level and the youth-oriented market is filled with cheap knock-offs that use poor materials in order to cut their price and appear affordable to price-conscious buyers

The combination of maple wood deck and polyurethane wheels has become a gold standard for entry level and mid-range skateboards. Don’t accept anything else.

Bamboo and carbon inclusions are more than welcome.



Features don’t necessarily make or break the quality of an electric board, but they can do wonders at improving their safety and riding experience. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular picks you can expect in this niche market range.

  • Grip tape – Essentially, grip tape is used to increase the roughness of the deck and ensure the rides’ feet will stay in place during riding. An essential upgrade when it comes to child safety.
  • Remote safety settings – The skateboards needs to have different safety settings that limit the speed of the unit. This way your children can enjoy even some of the more nimble boards without ever getting into real danger.
  • Accessories – Although they are not necessary, various accessories that improve the value of the package are certainly more than welcome. Some of the most common inclusions are backpacks, carrying cases, remote straps, and others.

Top 6 Electric Skateboards for Kids

1. Wookrays E-Cruiser Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

Hanico E-Cruiser Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

Features At A Glance

  • Size: 65 x 17.5 x 14cm / 25.4 x 6.8 x 5.5inch 
  • Material type: Maple 
  • Batteries: Lithium ion battery
  • Speed: 3 Speed Levels
  • Motor: 350W

Wookrays is a manufacturer known for the series of affordable, yet very solid products aimed at different customer groups. Their foray into the youth-oriented segment falls perfectly into this description.

Let's be methodical and go one step at a time. The strength of this board definitely doesn't lay in its design. It's bland and uninspired, so get over it. The choice of the materials keeps the high standards of the niche but doesn't do anything exciting to exceed it either.

What you’re left with is a pretty strong 7 layers rock hard maple deck, that’s put together sufficiently well to sustain some beating and provide solid riding experience.

The main star of the show here are the components that can be found under the deck. The 350W motor and 3 speed modes setup is incredibly powerful, and the speeds you’ll be able to achieve as a result are, as a matter of fact, pretty awesome.

Of course, all these power can be easily tamed through speed settings you get with the remote controller.

As for the performance, we are happy to report that everything works just fine. The skateboard is nimble, responsive and handles extraordinarily well when cutting the curves (this can be attributed to the slightly curved deck design that compensates for the maple’s natural stiffness).

Bottom line, if you don’t mind allowing your children access to the board that packs a lot of power under the deck and have enough confidence they won't misuse the speed limits you agree upon, you'll hardly find a better unit than this.


Getting the real value for the money you are asked to pay feels oddly satisfying. Well, this is the time to enjoy because Wookrays somehow managed to check the marks in all important departments. For a start, the skateboard is a demon – it can fly at the speeds that go all the way up to 12 mph or 20km/h. The range doesn't fall too much behind. You can pass pretty sweet 5 miles in a single charge.

All these wonders are provided by the powerful 350W motor charged by quality 29.4V 2200mah Lithium Battery that take three long hours to charge.


Unfortunately, Wookrays missed the opportunity to hit the home run with this board by including some exciting special features, but the core specs are so good we’ll give it a pass. 


  • Easy to use
  • Battery is easy enter the self-protection state
  • Wireless remote
  • Pretty fast


  • Just 5 miles on one charge

2. BLITZART Huracane 38" Electric Skateboard

BLITZART Huracane 38
BLITZART Huracane 382

Features At A Glance

  • Size: 38 x 9 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 14 Pounds
  • Speed: 23 MPH and range up
  • Range: 12 miles on one charge
  • Motor: 36V and 5.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack

Blitzard contender in this roundup comes in at a steep price compared to the other boards in this review. But it is leaps and bounds ahead in terms of the overall quality. Hat’s off to the engineers for making the most of the money they got to make the unit.

As you can see from the title the board’s deck is 38 inches, which means its suitable not only for kids, but adults as well. There are smaller, 28 inch models, specifically designed for kids.

The most important thing to note is that the deck is made out of very durable materials, maple wood and bamboo.

The deck provides optimal balance between control and flexibility. A true sight to be seen in this price range.

The 90mm wheels are not that bad either, and powerful 350W brushless hub motor works like a charm – it’s quiet and snappy.

As for the drawbacks, we could say that the board features a pretty underwhelming range, but that's not the biggest problem.

Although the components used to build the skateboard are pretty solid, craftsmanship is all but. This comes off as the biggest problem when it comes to battery – you may lose power after a couple of slight bumps.


The Huracane is a unit that sits perfectly in its niche with the only exception of the pretty stunning max load of 250lbs. This entails a lot of fun for the entire family, especially considering that the deck size supports adults.

The Range of the board is decent at 15 miles. The rest of the specs are relatively balanced out. The Top Speed is a decent 23 mp/h and weighs around 13lbs.

A compact unit if there ever was one.


Much like the previous product we reviewed The Huracane is devoid of any advanced features. Fortunately, you have the two speed settings that will allow you to lock the speed and battery capacity to suit the need of your children. For what it’s worth, the remote is ergonomic and works pretty well.

With the things as they are, you will have to be contempt with high-quality grip tape and solid remote that allows you to choose between speed and energy settings.


  • Max load
  • The motor is very powerful
  • The skateboard feels very responsive
  • Solid remote
  • Excellent load


  • The craftsmanship could be far better
  • Too few features

3. Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard

Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard & Scooter for Kids

Features At A Glance

  • Size: 27. 2 x 9 x 6. 3 in
  • Weight: 17.6 Pounds / 8 kg 
  • Top speed: 7 MPH/ 11 KPH
  • Range: 6 miles/ 9 km
  • Motor: 90W
  • Max Load: 132 lb/ 60 kg

This Skateboard is practical and cool thing to have for every kid. We are talking about a well-made, affordable electric skateboard that’s even capable of turning into a scooter.

Even though Hover-1 is far from perfect, when you take into consideration its price/value ratio you may end up with one of the best units to introduce your youngsters to riding.

But, let's start from the beginning – the Hover-1 has deck, covered with fine grip tape that is capable of enabling solid riding stability.

Throw into equation 5-inch tire wheels is a convenient and stable form of transportation.

What’s even better, M3’s specs are more than suited for the market range we are covering, and its performance is smooth and snappy.
While your children are riding, they won’t experience any twitching or jerking. Also, there is an option to connect the skateboard to a smartphone and use it for navigation instead of the remote and pretty good range that exceeds most of the entries in this price segment.

However, you have to remember that this unit is built primarily for rough off-road tracks, which implies several things. One of them is the sheer power you don't necessarily want your kids being exposed to and the increased weight that are characteristic of this type of boards.

These two things may end up being one of M3’s biggest drawbacks.


As we already mentioned above, M3 is a pretty snappy skateboard – especially taking into consideration its above the average weight of 11.55kg. This number is largely the product of a pretty powerful motor which allows the board to carry the weight of 100kg, so take the fact that the board won’t be exclusively used by your children as a silver lining.

The rest of the specs is pretty flawless. M3 is capable of breezing at the speed of 13 mph or 20km/h covering the range of 12 miles in a single run and charging the battery from 0 to 100% in two hours which is more than manageable.


Unfortunately, as good as its specs may be, M3 is seriously lacking in advanced features. Still, you have the option to choose between different speed settings, some of which suited for the young riders. That should be more than enough at this price range.


  • Speed of up to 7 MPH/ 11 KPH
  • Folding 2 in 1 Scooter/Skateboard
  • Water resistance rating
  • Dual LED Headlights


  • No design variety
  • Not stable for little kid under 6 y.o
  • Small range
  • Weight limit, some buyers reported breaking of wheels

4. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S11

Features At A Glance

  • Size: 30 x 8.3 x 4.4 in
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs
  • Top speed: 12.4 mph
  • Range: 6.2 miles
  • Motor: Single
  • Riding modes: 4

Hiboy S11 is an excellent piece of engineering that has already found its way on several of our lists.

The Hiboy Electric Skateboard is a product that is similar to the previous mention on this list, but uses its building blocks in such a different manner it’s hard not to give the praise to the engineers on how well they used the budget they had on disposal. This unit is still very affordable, but makes the upgrades in virtually all relevant departments.

For a start The Hiboy looks good – the deck is a simple and slick black design with the HiBoy logo on it. The Frame is a very light and sturdy frame, weighing it at around 8lbs.

As for the performance, the Hiboy does its job pretty well. Although there could be some general improvements, the unit performs very stable and accelerates at forgiving rates.

So, we have a scaled down version of a city cruiser that’s fast, has an alright range,high quality deck and surprisingly good remote which gives the rider 4 different speed settings to choose from. The performance is stable and snappy, motors quiet and design excellent.


The Hiboy S-11 could be the best described as an electric skateboard with perfectly balanced specs. Nothing strays too far out of average, and everything works to improve the value of the unit while staying under $300.

So, The S-11 is capable of covering a range of 16.2 miles in a single charge and has a max speed of around 13 mph. It is also worth mentioning that S-11 feels pretty light so you won’t have any problem carrying it around if the battery runs dry.


Although not revolutionary, S-11 brings some welcome changes to the table. First, you get four speed settings which give riders more freedom to choose from. Second, there's the regenerative braking that has a very positive impact on battery life.

Finally, the package includes a well-made remote and a couple of useful assembly tools.


  • Slim design
  • Quality deck
  • Powerful motor
  • Solid specs


  • The setup under the deck feels bulky

5. BIN Novice Electric Skateboard

BIN Novice
BIN Novice1

Features At A Glance

  • Material: thick wood plate, aluminum bracket, PU high elastic wheel
  • Size:  70*19*11cm 
  • Material:  thick wood plate, aluminum bracket, PU high elastic wheel
  • Power: 400w
  • Battery capacity: 2.2AH
  • Motor: 150w hub
  • Maximum speed: 15km/h

When making this board, BIN hasn’t made any effort to conceal the fact the unit is aimed at the beginners. So, some concessions in the design department and premium features are to be expected. And truly, the design of the unit is as uninspired and by-the-numbers as it gets.

But, the good news is that, the rest of the board holds on much better. The deck is made of maple, and you do get the inclusion of a raised kick-tail. The wheels are pretty solid and they offer better durability than the one we’ve seen on Vokul’s V1. They are also very elastic, and you won’t feel drastic bumps even if you stumble upon rougher city terrains.

Non-slip grip overlay does a good job at keeping the rider’s feet firmly on the board, so we can say the build quality and craftsmanship are more than satisfying.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about core specs. Compared to some other entries we’ve seen on the list, BIN’s product feels noticeably underpowered. And we are not talking about specific specs – you get a downgrade in virtually all departments.

So, the question needs to be asked where the money that’s been put into manufacturing went. This issue could be mitigated if BIN’s Novice Electric Skateboard offered some interesting features or put more value into the package.

Unfortunately, what we are left with is the unit that’s built well, handless very good, but falls short in all other departments.


So, we mentioned that BIN Novice Electric Skateboard feels underpowered. What this statement translates to in cold numbers is the above the average speed of 15 kilometers per hour and crippling range of only 10 kilometers. Curiously enough, the 150W motor is capable of carrying the weight of 120 kilograms, but this fact does very little to elevate the rest of the specs.

A little disclaimer here – when we talked about purchase considerations we mentioned that child-friendly units don’t need to be too fast or feature extensive range. But, if competition offers a better deal, there is no reason to opt for the worse option.


If we need to point out one of the saving graces of BIN’s product we will say that remote is designed and works pretty well. The plastic used for build feels solid and you get a nice strap to keep the unit in the hand. We wish, tough, we could get more than two speed settings.


  • The deck is very well made
  • Solid wheels
  • A kick-tail is something that’s always good to see
  • Skateboard handles pretty solid


  • Underwhelming specs
  • Lackluster package

6. Swagtron Swagskate NG3

Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard

The Swagstake NG3 is the latest light electric vehicle (LEV) from Swagtron specifically designed for kids! It comes with all the makings of the best electric skateboard for children, thanks to a compact and lightweight design, easy-to-use functionality, as well as smart sensors that will make a rookie boarder feel right at home. With its cool overall design, this electric skateboard may just be the gift that will get your child off the couch!

The Swagtron Swagstake NG3 looks like something out of a cool music video! It screams SWAGG! Any child will be impressed by the black and yellow colors on the board, mixed with some intricate angular patterns. The NG3 is small enough to fit inside a backpack, which means your children can carry it wherever they need to go.

At only 7.7 pounds, it is pretty lightweight and its 8.9” deck allows the rider to swerve in and out of crowds with impressive agility. The manufacturer used super-dense polypropylene as the deck material, which delivers a durable yet stable build for simplified handling and enhanced shock absorption on bumpy rides.

Its large 72mm polyurethane wheels are not only hard-wearing but also allow for stability on rough roads. Included are LED indicators mounted on the back of the board that light up during braking, as well as indicate the connection status of the electric skateboard.

Overall, the Swagskate NG3 offers decent performance for a kid’s electric board, thanks to a fair share of respectable features on its frame. It features a single hub motor, which delivers a top speed that will get your child’s adrenaline pumping. The bust of speed will also drive you up less steep slopes on the trail.

The range offered by the battery is not the highest for a child’s e-skate but you’ll take consolation in how fast it recharges when it runs out of power. Thanks to smart sensors spread across the deck, riding this board is relatively easy but feels amazing, especially for  beginners.

The sensors allow for automatic speed adjustment and braking so that your ride is not interrupted. The LED lights also make it possible to ride the board in dark environments, although this is not recommended for your child’s safety.


This board is propelled by a single hub motor rated at 100W. This is powerful enough to see your kid achieve a top speed of 9.3mph. The motor will allow him to clear 5% uphill climbs without trouble. Meanwhile, the battery allows for playtime lasting around 6 miles on a single charge, which might feel limited for a determined enthusiast.

Luckily, it only takes 1.5 hours to charge, which significantly reduces the wait to get back on the board. Despite the lightweight design of the NG3, it can carry a maximum load of 132 pounds, allowing it to accommodate even heavier and larger kids.


It is the various additional features on the Swagtron Swagskate NG3 that propel it to the top of the best kid’s electric skateboards. The most famous among them is the unique “kick to cruise” technology used on the board. Thanks to this feature, the board is able to maintain its current speed as long as the rider pushes the board along.

Smart sensors on the board also detect whether you want to accelerate, brake, or dismount from the board and act accordingly. This eliminates the need for remote control, which makes the NG3 even more practical for beginners.

Furthermore, LED lighting at the back of the board makes it more visible in dark conditions for enhanced safety. Lastly, the lights will turn on when you are braking, as well as indicate the connection status of the NG3.


  • A great option for beginners
  • Kick and ride technology
  • Smart sensors
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cool design
  • Short charging time


  • No manual speed controls
  • Short riding range

7. VIRO Rides Turn Style

VIRO Rides Turn Style

Your kid won’t get a better introduction into the world of electric skateboarding than with the VIRO rides turn-style e-skate. This unique offering stands out from the crowd thanks to its patented Drift Plate technology. It is the perfect option if you’re looking for a child-friendly e-board for your little champion to cruise around town. 

The VIRO rides turn-style motorized board comes with a unique design, featuring intricate patterns on a black deck that blends easily with the green tires. It’s compact and lightweight build makes for a suitable commuter e-board for young riders. The 32.5” by 7.5” inch deck provides enough room to remain comfortable during the ride.

Included is a non-slip grip tape deck that functions to keep your child upright even when the ride gets tricky. The wheels are manufactured using polyurethane to make for a sturdy performance to last you for the long haul. The special drift plate design on this board allows riders to drift up to 36 degrees in either direction, which will be a whole new experience for any young rider. 

Overall, the technology makes this board pretty agile on challenging routes. You’ll be able to switch between wide arcs and tight turns, thanks to four different drift plate settings. This is unlike other powered skateboards, which are usually slow on turns. 

A powerful brushless motor will see you achieve respectable top speeds on the VIRO rides turn style and the battery will offer enough juice for a learner to enjoy the experience. Also, you have full control of the ride with the thumb-activated wireless speed controller. This further offers electronic braking for responsive performance when you want to slow down or stop the board.

Overall, this electric skateboard for kids comes with a practical and durable design that delivers on various riding conditions. It is a great option for budding e-skate riders and the manufacturer recommends it to kids between the ages of 8 and 13 years. 


The VIRO rides turn style is fitted with a powerful brushless motor that allows your kid to cruise to a maximum speed of 10mph. Its 22V lithium-ion battery offers a modest riding range of only 6 miles but it charges relatively fast. You only need one hour to get the battery back to full capacity. 

Some customers have complained that their units won’t charge, which could point to possible quality control issues. Nevertheless, the polypropylene deck gives this board a hardy construction so that it can accommodate a maximum rider weight of 220 pounds despite only weighing around 20 pounds. 


The most noteworthy feature on this board has to be the patented drift plate design. This allows the board to be more practical for nimble riders who want to thrive on tight turns and tricky carves. 

Also, the grip-tape on the deck makes for a stable ride so that you don’t lose your footing at high speeds. Finally, we can’t leave out the wireless thumb-activated speed controller, which adds to the user-friendliness of this e-board.


  • Unique drift plate design
  • Powerful motor for a kid’s electric skateboard
  • Grip tape deck design
  • Fast charging time
  • Four different drift plate settings


  • Limited range
  • Problems with charging
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