Caliber II Longboard Trucks Review : Worth The Money? 

 September 25, 2020

By James Mason

Caliber Cal II Trucks

Our Verdict:

Caliber II Longboard Trucks

The base plates on the Caliber II have been reinforced to support all sorts of mounting methods to give you more flexibility in customizing your longboard.

The base plates on the Caliber II have been reinforced to support all sorts of mounting methods to give you more flexibility in customizing your longboard.


  • Sold as in pairs
  • Made particularly for longboards
  • Caliber truck is a skinny coat of paint
  • This truck is exceptionally stable and curvy
  • As well as it has very reliable bushing seats


  • The aluminum alloy bends with long-term use

It’s exciting to talk about longboarding, isn’t it?

They are very comfortable vehicles for transport indeed. But don’t you just hate it when the longboard gets on a bumpy road and the trucks get all messed up?

It’s no fun riding with damaged trucks. But it happens very often, doesn’t it? To avoid these setbacks to the joy of riding, you need to get decent trucks.

We have one for you right here. Today we are talking about one of the excellent trucks in the market – Caliber call II longboard truck. This is one of the hottest longboard trucks on the road right now. Read this Caliber II Longboard Trucks review to know if you should buy it or not.

Caliber Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks Review

Key Features of Caliber 2 trucks

Find out from the Caliber ii longboard trucks review that what these trucks can do and get ready to get impressed.


Caliber 44 longboard truck has everything you need in order to take your skills to the next level.

First off, this precision truck looks superior with its Blood Orange stock bushings. On top of that, it is made of aluminum, which is a soft, good-looking metal that can endure sharp blows and make the trucks more durable.

The essential step of the truck has been made so that they have the right amount of contact with the bushing.
On the outer step, there is a perfect circle to give your trucks an excellent look and secure fit with the bushings. As a result, you will be able to make quick turns and fast slides with your longboard. The truck strength is really good.

Caliber II Longbo


Bushings determine how compatible the board and the rider will be. Hard bushings are more accessible for the rider to control.

Caliber 2 truck comes with blood-orange Ultra HR cone bushings. The curves of the cone make them very agile and lean. Thus, they allow the truck to move more quickly and gives the rider more control.

Base Plates

The base plate is the part that attaches the trucks to the board. You have to mount them to the deck and screw them into place through the mounting holes. This is very crucial because this is what will keep you stable on the board.

The base plates on the Caliber II have been reinforced to support all sorts of mounting methods to give you more flexibility in customizing your longboard.


Hangers are made of aluminum alloy, and they are shaped like the letter “T.”
These are always in direct contact with the rails of the board. Therefore, they have to be very sturdy and flexible to turns and fast runs.


This is the big bolt that holds everything together. All the components depend on the kingpin. And so, they are also the first ones to get damaged. But fortunately, they are replaceable.

The diameter of the kingpin on the Caliber II has been perfectly adjusted to the nut so that everything is firmly held into place for increased longevity and performance.

Caliber II Longboard Tr


We have answers to the questions you haven’t thought about asking yet. Take a look.

How wide are the trucks?
They are 184 mm. Perfect for the standard longboard.

The wheels leave scratches on my board. What do I do?
Buy riser pads and attach them to the board.

How do I remove the squeaky sound that comes when I ride my board?
The squeaking is probably coming from the pivot cup. You need some wood shavings, soap or wax to fix this.
Remove the hanger from the base plate, take some of the soap/shavings/wax and rub it into the cup.

This will reduce the friction between the cup and the hanger. Now reassemble the skateboard, and you’re good to go.

Are unpainted trucks better than painted ones?
Yes. If the paint is too thick, it will make the bearings very tight. This will restrict movement and give you less control over your board. For more flexibility in movement, opt for unpainted trucks.

My longboard wobble too much. What’s the fix?
Apart from the rider’s level of expertise, there might be two other reasons for this. Your bushings might not be hard enough. Hard bushing seats give you more control. Tighten them up if you don’t want to wobble.

Or, the back truck needs tightening. Inspect them with your hands to see how synchronized they are with force you’re applying on them.

Are caliber ii trucks 9inch or 10inch?
These trucks are 10 inches.

What will happen if I add this truck on a drop-through longboard?
If you add this board on drop through longboard, they will do excellent work, and my suggestion is to go with the Arbor axis drop-through board.

What’s the width of this truck?
188mm is the width of Caliber call trucks.

What kind of bearing will fit properly on this board?
This board will fit with any standard size longboard bearing such as super Swiss 6 longboard bearings.

Are they will good work on a pintail longboard?
This awesome Caliber call ii longboard truck will continue great work with pintail longboard. Go with that board which has 50-degree baseplate and 10-inch width for doing excellent carve or cruise.

If I take 59mm or 78a wheel, then they will work properly or not?
A fantastic thing about Caliber 2 longboard trucks that it’s become fit with any skateboard wheel properly.

What type of aluminum has used on this truck?
This Caliber truck is a mix of steel and aluminum.

Which size of hardware can I use?
My one friend is using one and quarter inch use.

Will bones bearing reds bearing fit with these trucks?
Definitely, they will fit perfectly with that. They accept 608 bones reds bearings.

Tell me the best bushings for these trucks
I forgot to tell you about it at the beginning of the article Caliber ii longboard trucks review, I’m sorry, I should mention this. The best bushing for this Caliber truck is orangutang nipples and Riptide as well as Venom also good. But actually, it depends on your weight and your riding style.

Final Words: Caliber Trucks Review

One of the biggest problems with trucks is that they are not flexible to changes in the weather. But the Caliber II has been tested out in the rain, mud, and dirt, and the results have been favorable to them.

So, your worst fears removed, go out and get the Caliber 2 longboard truck. It will make you a cool rider among all your friends. Best of luck!

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