Paris V2 180mm Longboard Truck Review 2023 

 September 24, 2020

By James Mason

Slendor Longboard Skateboard-Recovered

Our Verdict:

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2) Roll over image to zoom in Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)

When buying a skateboard, look always matter to the kids, and quality matters to the parents. Well, Merkapa 22’’ complete skateboard is the combo of both look and quality. It is a good beginners board with some really cool features.

It is a great gift option for your kids. The users love it and you will too.


  • Made of very durable materials
  • Sturdy and durable
  • They offer a significant tilt angle to turns
  • The base plate can work with any sort of mounting
  • Made with a double-heated treatment


  • Only compatible for boards that are wider than 9 inches
  • The bushings maybe a little too soft

This little t-shaped piece of metal is the most crucial component of your longboard skateboard, right?

These attach the wheels to the longboard and make you the skater that you aspire to be tomorrow. So, of course, you have to know in-depth about them.

In this “Paris V2 180mm Longboard Truck Review”, we are going to talk in detail about the popular Paris V2 longboard truck.

This t-shaped metal part is mounted on the underside of the board to support the wheels and protect the bearings. In longboard trucks, the kingpin is attached at a very steep angle to the deck.

As a result, you will get a much greater turn with only a slight angle tilt of the deck. And as you can imagine, this will make riding your skateboard much more fun.

You have to get top longboard trucks that are a value for your money, and one such pair is the Paris V2 180mm truck. This is top-rated trucks among skateboarders.
Let’s get down to see why.

Key Features of Paris V2 180mm Longboard Truck

Here are some of the features that make these trucks stand out from the competition.


Paris V2 trucks are appropriate for a variety of different settings and styles. They have a great build, which allows them to take very flexible turns, and curve all around the neighborhood.

The virgin aluminum that their body is made of gives them long-standing durability. They are made with the T6 heat treatment, which is a double heating technique that makes the construction of the trucks stronger.

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2) Roll over image to zoom in Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)


Bushings are the bond between the rider and the skateboard. The bushings work as the pivot to move the board in synchronization to the movements of the rider.

In other words, you need to have precise bushings to maintain your balance and control your pace on the board.
These trucks we have here are endowed with urethane bushing. This is a very high-quality feature that allows the board to respond to the rider with almost no delay.

There is a cone bushing on top and a barrel bushing on the bottom. These two work in harmony to provide stability and agility to the rider.

Base Plates

Pressure distribution is one of the first criteria that a skateboard must be able to handle. And base plates are the main components that are responsible for this. A base plate is the flat surface of the truck that attaches directly to the deck.

The Paris V2 trucks have a base plate that has 6 holes. This gives the tool universal mounting, as it can work with both traditional and modern mounting methods.


This is the bolt that holds everything together. So there is a lot of pressure on it. These are the first parts to get damaged if anything happens to your skateboard. And so, of course, they are replaceable.


The Paris V2 truck comes with two hangers so that they offer a broad tilt angle to the rider. This hanger is the metal T that is the most noticeable aspect of the trucks. They are usually made of some alloy or another of aluminum. Now aluminum alloys are very durable, which is why they are used to make this part of the truck.

The hanger is always in direct contact with the rails and the curbs, and so they have to be very sturdy and robust to perform their task precisely.

Final Word: Should You Buy?

This Paris V2 180mm truck is very durable. This is made from high-quality materials which will last you a long time without any hassle.

Right trucks are vital if you want to improve your skating skills. And this Paris v2 180mm 50° longboard truck well worth your money.

This is the end of Paris V2 Longboard Truck Review. Comment below if you have any questions about this product.


If you still have some confusion, take a look at these questions we have answered, and see if they help.

1. Is paris v2 truck heavy?
Not at all. This v2 longboard truck only 2 pounds in weight.

2. What kind of kingpin does this truck have?
Paris v2 truck has the usual reverse kingpin used for longboard trucks.

3. Does the product come with a warranty?
Depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers give a lifetime warranty with these trucks. But some may not. Check before you finalize the purchase.

4. Is this sold in pairs?
Yes, skateboard trucks are usually sold in pairs.

5. Does it come with the mounting hardware?
Nope. You’ll have to get them separately.

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