Yocaher Drop Down Longboard Review 2024 

 September 23, 2020

By James Mason

Yocaher Drop Down Longboard Review 2020

Our Verdict:

Yocaher Drop Down Longb
Both skilled and newbie riders are in search of versatile, well-constructed longboards. The Yocaher professional speed drop-down stained complete longboard has several great features that ensure this. Be with me, and let’s have a look at each element separately. I want you to have an in-depth report of what the product has to offer.


  • Made from sturdy material to support high load capacity (270lbs)
  • Designed for downhill cruising
  • Perfect for beginners and experts alike
  • Offers enhanced stability


  • High concave makes paddling uncomfortable for first-timers
  • Bearings need frequent replacement if you ride frequently

Yocaher Drop Down Longboard Review

Yocaher professional speed Drop Down stained complete Longboard Review! Skateboards and surfboards have their space in the markets, although it’s hard to ignore the ever-increasing popularity of longboards. Longboarding is a whole sport by itself, mainly enjoyed by the younger generations who bring with them unmatched levels of energy and ingenuity. So, you are eager to get into the longboarding sport. But which board offers wicked speed and has reliable performance, smart design, and rider-friendly features at the same time? Well, let’s do this Yocaher drop down longboard review. We will study its features, pros, and cons and you can decide whether it has what it takes to give you an electrifying adrenaline rush while making craving, turning, sliding, and downhill rides safer and more relaxed.

Yocaher Longboard Trucks

For adrenaline junkies, you must pay close attention to the trucks for a longboard. After all, you intend to ride at high speeds and any concerns with that T-shaped metal attached to the wheels can cause friction, wheel bites and possibly, unwarranted accidents. Yocaher drop through longboard truck is top-mounted to ensure smooth turning. They are made using heavy-duty aluminum 9.675 HD7 and have a 180mm hanger on the board.

Longboard Deck

It’s the deck of a longboard that dictates essential aspects such as user comfort, stability, and balance. Did the Yocaher longboards manufacturer disappoint us when designing their deck? Heck no! With 9 layers of top quality Canadian Maple stretching out 40-inches long and 10 inches wide, you get reliable stability and plenty of room for your feet. Let’s talk about the low flex and curvature design of the deck. This is an intelligent feature that gnts you better control when sliding or carving at high speed. 

Yocaher Drop Down Longb

The whole board is designed to pick up pace quickly, and then drop through truck design is deliberate. It is meant to reduce deck to ground distance, and this makes you steadier when riding at high speeds. The yocaher stained longboard deck has a premium grade 80A grip paper covering it. It provides that extra hold that plays a crucial role in enhancing your steadiness, riding comfort and safety.Yocaher Drop Down Longboard Review 2020 7

Longboard Wheel

Let’s have a look around the wheels and see what’s unique about them. If you are not new to skate or longboarding, perhaps you understand that you have nothing more than a wooden plank if the wheels are compromised. 

Yocaher Longboard Trucksss

The Yocaher longboard has wheels that measure 70 mm by 52 mm. This not only makes the board look proportional on a 40-inch deck but also supports safe cruising downhill. With a hardness of about 78A, you can do those smart flip tricks without a worry.


Unless you genuinely ride for professional reasons, or you are a self-made speed freak, the bearings of this product are perfect. The 9.7-inch, ABEC 7 chrome bearings made from an aluminum alloy are reasonably decent. In fact, they often attract a steep price tag because of their smooth performance and speed.

Style It Follows

Here is the deal; the Yocaher longboard has a length of 40 inches and a drop-through truck’s design. These are features that enhance riding safety, stability, and balance. There is also this fact that it is neither too heavy nor too lightweight. This allows the board to ride on higher speeds without compromising your stability or control. Well, this is downhill longboard, and you can tell by not just its design, but also the high quality of materials used in its crafting. You can use the board on tough as well as smooth terrain.

Yocaher Drop Down Longb

Riding Level It Supports

The question everyone is asking is whether this longboard is ideal for professionals or beginners. What I can tell you for free is that it offers incredible enjoyment, irrespective of the skill levels of a rider. Experienced riders get the thrills of riding on higher speeds while the newbies enjoy enhanced stability and safety as they learn new longboarding tricks. Depends on your riding style. The length of the deck ensures you can place your feet accurately and perform all sorts of tricks. On the other hand, the bearings and wheels do an excellent job of absorbing shock and allowing you to pick up speed with ease. Here is a takeout tip for beginners; this longboard is mainly designed for speed freaks. Do not be surprised should you pick up more speed, quicker than you anticipated. Fortunately, some practice will help you master how to control your speed while maintaining balance. The dropdown design allows you to ride closer to the ground, and this automatically boosts your safety and riding confidence. With the large cutouts, wheel bite risks are eliminated, and this means riders enjoy a smooth transition when turning. 

An Overall Rating

So now you have the comprehensive yocaher longboard reviews. We have done a step by step study of each feature and the pros and cons of the board. What is beyond debate is that the product is made from sturdy materials and offers reliable riding stability, comfort, and efficiency. It is creatively designed to match both professional and beginner riders.

Final Words

It’s time to wrap up the yocaher drop down longboard review. When in search of a longboard that offers wicked speed, safety, precision, and smooth gliding, this is one of the best products you can purchase. It has a remarkably sturdy construction and a long list of superb features that deliver excellent performance.


Q: What is the weight limit of Yocaher longboards?

A: Longboards have 220 lbs. – 300 lbs. weight limit. If you happen to be a heavier rider, the yocaher drop down longboard is an excellent option to consider. It has 270 lbs. load capacity.

Q: Are Yocaher longboards harder to ride?

A: When compared to skateboards, longboards are more natural to ride. After all, they offer additional length and extra wheelbase. This provides better balance, allowing a beginner to turn into a longboarding master quickly.

Q: Can I use my Yocaher drop down longboard for everyday commuting?

A: The Yocaher longboard has a drop-down design, making it ideal for downhill rides. This design also makes it pick up speed with ease. You will even notice that carving, turning, and sliding is remarkably easy. So yes, the board is perfect for everyday commuting and long rides.

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