Different Types of Longboards 

 May 23, 2020

By James Mason

types of longboards

Who doesn't want to be satisfied with his longboarding? I hope you are not out of them. Successful and satisfied longboarding depends on some basic factors like the types of longboards. Because individual longboards have their own specialty.

That's why it is better to have a look at the types of longboards. This will help you to choose the best longboard for you.

In this guide, I will be talking about different types of longboards. Let's start!

Types of Longboards Explained

Downhill/Bombing Longboards

downhill longboard

As you can guess from the name that this board is specially designed for downhill riding. Bombing or Downhill longboards are made with high-quality material as this longboard need to go through under hazardous situations. The problems that exist on a Downhill longboard while moving downhill is eliminated completely.

The advantage of the Downhill longboard is the speed controlling system and turning easily according to the need. However, Downhill longboards are designed with perfect front and rear that assure the stability of the rider. Without it, the wheels of this longboard are durable and designed especially for moving down in an effective and smooth direction.

types of skateboards

Picture credit: stixrideshop.com

Cruising Longboards

Cruising longboard is the longboard that is designed for ensuring the most comfortable ride through your neighborhood without having difficulties. Cruising longboard will be the best option for you, especially if you stay in a crowded area. The decks and the trucks of this board are wider to make sure a stable and comfortable riding. Choose the big wheels with this longboard for a balanced suspension feel.

Cruising Longboards minority
Cruising Longboards minority

Drop Through Longboards

Drop Through is the second one on my list. This longboard is for those who want to ride with relaxation. If you are looking for a longboard with whom you can relax and cruise. Then, you may go for this one. Drop through longboard is designed perfectly with a stylish look. That's why it is one of the most picked longboards.

Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Credit to atomlongboards.com

Drop through is renowned for providing a shallow platform for enhancing stability while cruising at high speeds. The speeds can be controlled and adjusted. That's why it is compatible with low-speed carving.

However, the major drawbacks of this longboard are low strength in case of heavy-weight, poor gripping power, imperfect one for skating, prone to drifting and inability to have sharp turns.

Carving Longboards

Carving longboard is the longboard with what many newbies start their carving and training. Like the downhill and the drop through longboard, this one is also designed and used as a fun feature in many places. The specialty of this longboard that it can be used by all the people with high-performance.

loaded carving Vanguard


Without it, the Carving longboard is designed with a speed control feature. While curving, the speed control function of the longboards can be analyzed easily by the beginners. Then, after practicing a bit with this longboard, anyone can move on to the other models of longboarding.

Besides, the Carving longboard and its wheels are specially designed for a higher level of performance and comfort.

Bamboo Longboards

Bamboo Longboard is famous for its light-weight feature and flexibility. Bamboo longboards are widely accepted one to the next generation of longboarders for easy carrying features. Without it, the Bamboo longboard is preferable to lots of people for environmental reasons and reasons of efficiency.

Bamboo Cruiser Longboard


Bamboo Carver Longboard

Bamboo longboards are very inexpensive. The mentionable drawback of the Bamboo longboard is changing its wheels.

Pintail Longboards

The longboard that that offers deep carving with a lower risk of wheel bite is the Pintail longboard. This one comes with a teardrop shape. Pintail longboard is good for carving and cruising on flat surfaces and hilltops.



Pintail longboards are designed focusing balance of the longboarder weight and stability. This longboard is one of the best options for riding directional as it assists in improving the balance. Making sharp turns is possible because of the sharper taper which improves the turning radius.

This type of longboard is best for drifting and directional riding.

Fishtail Longboards

The Fishtail longboard is easily recognizable having the trademark cleft in the tail, as the name is fishtail. The fishtail longboard has lots of similarities with the Pintail longboard. The simple thing with what both of the longboards are distinguishable is the tail of Fishtail longboards.

Fishtail Longboards

Fishtail Longboards

The tail does not only give impressive looks but also allows you to enjoy the classic surf style. Apart from this, the split tail of the Fishtail longboard allows us to make a sharp turn with ease.

Blunt Longboards

The longboard which is supposed to be the best one for the starters is Blunt longboard. The Blunt longboards come with a wider round nose and a tail which allows them to have better stability. This one can be the best choice for mastering skills.

Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt Garden 28.5 Cruiser Skateboard

Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt Cruiser Skateboard

However, Blunt longboard may not be the best option for a professional as it offers poor turning ability.

Mini Cruiser Short Longboards

The Mini Cruiser short longboard is the smallest version of a longboard. Lots of the rider prefer this one for a compact cruising board. The major drawback of Mini Cruiser Short longboard is its less stability. That's why it can be used only by the experienced one, not by the starter.

Loaded Boards Poke Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Loaded Boards

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser

Magneto Mini Cruiser

Mini Cruising short longboard offers an adventurous ride. The most attractive feature of this longboard is its portability for being light-weight.

Cut Out Longboards

Cut Out longboard is a smart pick for those who are willing to go freestyle, downhill and freeriding because the large wheels of this board have the ability to make deep turning without skidding.

Cut Out Longboards

Credit to tactics.com

The wheel of this longboard is bi-directional so that the rider can easily change the directions. The Cut Out longboards often used to come with a drop-through truck that makes the board lower in order to provide a better stability at high speeds.

Twin Longboards

Twin Longboard is the longboard with traditional design, especially for multi-directional street skating. This longboard is designed like a curved nose and tail structure.

Twin Longboards

Credit: slipstreamlongboards.com

Twin Longboards

Twin longboards offer better stability. Without it, This one can be one of the best options for downhill riding it allows sharp turns and sharps cuts.

Drop Down Longboards

Well, from the name you can guess about the board, boards that dropped down. For the ease of ride, this longboard is widely accepted to beginners and intermediate riders.

Drop Down Longboards

The Dropdown longboard offers a stable ride allowing the riding low to the ground as the foot platform is dropped down. On a Dropdown longboard, the trucks are top-mounted and there is no flex.

Speed Board Longboards

As you can guess about the board from its name. The Speed board is famous for its incredible speed. The most attractive feature of this board that it does not only offer an incredible speed, it also offers better stability while riding. The tail part of this board is sharp including a blunt nose.

Top mount Longboards

The Topmount longboards are basically used for freeride style and downhill style riding. On a top mount longboard, the trucks are directly mounted to the bottom of the deck. The trucks are not dropped through. By top mounting the trucks, it offers more leverage as well as the ability to put your feet directly over the wheels and trucks.

Top mount Longboards

The top mount longboard comes with different shapes of top mounts such as the Landyachtz Osteon Longboard, Loaded Tesseract longboard and the Moonshine Outlaw Longboard.

Double Drop Longboards

The Double drop longboard is basically used by the hill riders. The Double drop longboards are designed advanced from drop deck longboards and drop through longboard.

Double Drop Longboards
Double Drop Longboards

The special feature of this longboard is an easy speed controlling system. The speed can easily be controlled as the gravity center of the board is very low.

Dancer Longboards

The Dancer longboards are pretty long, longer than downhill with sufficient space for the rider to dance on the board. The amount of flex is low in this longboard and are also made for freestyle.

Dancer Longboards

On a longboard, there is a double kicktail to pop the board easily. Riders need to use their feet and body for making creative moves while staying well balanced on the longboard.

Freeride Longboards

Freeride Longboards

The Freeride longboards are specially made to conquer steep roads and paths on the time of sliding from slide to slide such as a snowboard. Freeride longboards are not supposed to be responsive enough. This longboard comes in all possible designs, shapes with smaller wheels. You will be needing smaller wheels to slide which may lead to provide insufficient gripping.

Commuter/Push Longboards

The Commuter or Push longboards are the stable ones offering comfortable riding. This one is best for long-distance riding. The boards are not so long and easy to carry. The push or commuter longboards are a good choice for all skill levels of riding providing ease and comfort.

Commuter Push Longboards

Usually, the board features a drop-down, drop-through or double drop design. The size of wheels is mid with narrow trucks.

Electric Longboards

The Electric longboards are basically longboards having a battery in it so that you can move and control them electronically. Riding an electric longboard is pretty much easy as it does not ask any kind of pushing. The electric longboards are made with a bamboo having a Bluetooth remote control.

While purchasing an electric longboard, you need to take some key factors into consideration like the motor, battery, good trucks and strong decks. In general, it takes 2-5 hours to charge fully depending on the battery and can ride about 12-20 depending on some factors like average speed, riders weight, wind, motor power, uphill, downhill and wheel size.

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