Best Longboard Brands That You Can Trust 

 April 13, 2020

By James Mason

Best Longboard Brands That You Can Trust

In this article, I am going to introduce you to the top 10 longboard brands to help you find out the best suitable model.

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Top 10 Longboard Brands

1# Sector 9

If you are familiar with the longboard industry, then there is a high chance you already know the name “Sector 9”. In case you don’t, they are one of the best in the business. With constant effort, dedication, and excellent customer service, they are keeping themselves at the top.

They started in California in the year 1993. Later they moved their headquarters to San Diego and it’s still there.

The one thing that is guaranteed with their product is quality. They never compromise on that as their motto is to satisfy the riders.


They took their time to perfect the longboard creating art. They produce various types of boards for different category riders. They are also successful in the longboard accessory market with Slide Gloves, Speed Suits, etc. for advanced riding.

They have a unique way to promote their brand. They sponsor top longboarders and gives them free gears. They are also associated with the Maryhill longboard race.

They have some top-selling products in their name over the years. One of them is “Sector 9 Lookout” which is great for downhill racing and carving. Some other best-selling products are “Sector 9 Fractal” and “Sector 9 Sidewinder”.

2# Landyachtz

The name “Landyachtz” is widely known around the world for its innovative deck and top-quality build. They earned the trust of the riders over the years and they deserve it.


Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand are the founders of this company. They were also dreamy-eyed skateboarders growing up. One of them visited California and saw longboards there. That’s where the idea of creating a longboard struck him.

They are a Canada based company that started their journey in 1997. For their reputation, their brand name is seen at many prestigious events. They also promote the name by sponsoring some of the best riders around the globe.

They were the first to experiment with lowered boards. They tried to put the trucks on the upper side of the deck. Eventually, that led to the idea of the popular drop-down longboard.
Their boards are slightly expensive, but you know what they say, “The better the product, the higher the price”.

One of the best-selling products of this brand is the Landyachtz Switch 40”.

Beside longboards, they also have 2 other companies under their brand: The Bear trucks and the Hawgs wheels.

3# Loaded Longboards

This one is another California based company that started its journey in 2002. They got a huge response with their first-ever product the Loaded Vanguard. It is still a best-seller on the market.

Loaded Logo

Their flexible bamboo decks quickly set them apart from another brand. The carving ability of their board is unparalleled. That’s why their products gained popularity very fast.
They are best known for the use of environment-friendly materials to build the board and also maintaining high performance.

Unlike other brands, Loaded primarily focuses on producing longboard decks. They have an offshoot brand under their name called Orangatang. It produces top-quality wheels to match with Loaded decks.

Beside the Loaded Vanguard, some other top selling products from them are the Loaded Tan Tien and the Loaded Dervish.

4# Atom Longboards

The name Atom is well-known among the riders for their budget-friendly longboards. Atom is relatively a new brand on the longboard industry. They started their journey in 2005. But that didn’t stop them to enter among the top brand list. With their sole purpose of making more affordable boards for starters, they became well-known pretty fast.

Their board has a low price range but that doesn’t mean they compromised with the quality. They perfectly handled the conflict of keeping the high-quality build reputation along with a cheap price tag.

atom logo

They have a wide variety of boards with different designs. Some of their best-seller products are Atom Drop DeckAtom Drop Through and Atom Pintail Longboard.

5# Yocaher Skateboards

As the name suggests, Yocaher was basically a skateboard company. It was founded in 1975 and was based on Chino, California. They realized that the longboard industry will take over in the near future. That brings them to the longboard industry.

Yocaher Skateboards

They entered the longboard market with their flagship product Yocaher Drop Down Longboard. It got a huge response and became one of the highest rated board for starters within a cheap price range.

After that, they didn’t need to look behind. They started producing longboards targeting noob riders.

Their boards are still one of the best options for starter level riders.

6# Arbor Axis Longboard

It is not a widely known longboard brand, but they have some of the finest collection of longboards. Arbor collective controls the production of the Arbor Axis longboards. They are an excellent option for the price.


The kept the name of the company, Arbor because it has a very noble reason behind it. For selling every product, Arbor Axis longboards donate a fair share of it to some groups that work to protect forests and promote sustainability.

The company Arbor Collective was initially found as a snowboard company. They entered into the longboard industry for the popularity of this sport. They used their experience of producing snowboard to create a new line of longboards for riding downhill.

One of their best-seller products is the Arbor Shakedown Koa. Another popular choice is the Arbor Axis Walnut Longboard.

7# Globe Longboards

After starting in the 1980s, Globe Longboards came with some great boards very quickly and took the market by storm. They expanded their wings and entered into the skateboard market and left their mark there too.

Globe Longboards

Credit to

With the good build quality and amazing design, their name spread very fast. They also make an alternative option of the immensely popular Penny boards. It is called the Globe HG Bantam. They are great for commuting. They are also cheap comparing to the Penny boards.

One of their best selling products is the Globe Geminon Drop Down Longboard. It has a perfect combination of stability and speed.

8# Santa Cruz longboards

Santa Cruz is literally the oldest name in the skateboard manufacturer industry. They are building cruisers board since the ’70s. They started their journey by making plastic built cruiser boards. That’s how they started it all and continued their legacy over the years with some awesome boards.

Santa Cruz logo

They always follow industry trends and sometimes lead the way. Companies like Road rider, Independent, and OJ wheels are the sister company of Santa Cruz. All of them are owned by the NHS.

Building trick decks is their main focus and they introduce various shapes from the popsicle, pool, and cruiser decks. Producing a longboard isn’t their main concern. So, you cannot expect high-quality longboard from them. However, they are pretty good for newbies.

Their boards get their parts from their sister companies. Like the trucks and wheels, they use are from road rider. As a starter brand, they are always on top.

Some of the best board from them is Santa Cruz Cobra (premium quality with a premium price tag) and Santa Cruz Lion God (best budget pick).

9# Rayne

It is a premium category longboard brand. Another Canada based longboard brands. They started their journey from Vancouver, British Columbia back in 2004. They produce skateboards with the goal to surpass every customer’s expectation.


Their primary belief is that a quality product needs no intro and it will sell itself. They produce a variety of boards collaborating with some top-level skaters around the world. Their product range goes from cruisers and dancers to smooth downhill machines.

Their product was used in World Cup races and freeride events which proves the quality of their products. Even though their products are in the premium price range, they are totally worth it. Still, I would not recommend going for their product if you are new in skateboarding. That’s just because they mainly target experienced riders and fulfill their comfort.

All of their boards are made out of a laminate and bamboo construction in their small factory. That results in a waterproof skateboard for you.

Some of their popular products in the market are Rayne Reaper Gosha and Rayne Whip Peacock.

10# Omen

I am going to wrap things up with another premium category longboard brand “Omen Longboards”. They are a rather new company as they started their journey in 2012. But that didn’t stop them to challenge other brands and become a superstar in the industry.


The owners and operators of this company are Skaters, so they know what riders need.
They weren’t fully satisfied with traditional maple as the building materials for their decks. That’s because they wanted to make the boards rigid and durable enough to cope up with the wet and cold weather of the Pacific Northwest.

That goal helped them to came up with a construction method which is Tsunami Tech. This method is a unique one from every aspect and they used it in all their boards. It’s what sets “Omen Longboard” apart from all the other brands.

In the Tsunami Tech construction method, they use laminated bamboo, thermoplastic layers on both sides, fiberglass, and epoxy. All of those materials stand for long-lasting performance.

They have some old wood made decks which costs less but it will need some digging to find them though.

Recommended boards from this brand are Omen Mini Cruiser and Omen Boards Sealife.

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