How to Do Longboarding – Must Read For Beginners 

 September 25, 2020

By James Mason

how to do longboarding

You came here to read this article that means you are interested in doing longboarding. Well, welcome to the world of longboarding. You know what! The longboarding or skateboarding becomes like a culture that is for everyone, and there is no terms and condition. It’s for all people.

You are going to start longboarding, so then you are now thinking about it that how will you do it! How difficult it! How to do longboarding! and How much it will be beneficial to me etc, right! Just feel relax, don't worry so much about it. We have prepared this guide to help you learn longboarding.

What We Are Going To Talk About!

Here we have talked about only basic things about how to do longboarding. If you want to do more about it then read this article here we have talked about basic and tricky tips about it. But if you are a beginner who just started or want to start doing longboarding so then first read this article. It will be good for you. We have also reviewed some top rated longboard for beginner and cheap skateboards. Read these reviews if you ever plan to buy one.

It’s true that in the beginning, it may become a little more difficult but not for so long. You have to keep patience and have to do practice regularly. If you did this someday, then you will naturally create a process yourself that how to ride. You will be getting comfortable doing longboarding.

In the beginning, it will make you a little more uncomfortable, but don’t disagree about that. The first time of riding doesn’t go to the road, find an open place, playing ground. It might be more good if you do this on the grass or carpet. This place is a little less slippery than other places.

When it’s about beginners, then it should take seriously. A beginner has to go through as much uncomfortable situation; nobody has to do that. Whatever, it’s true that the first time doing anything becomes hard, memorable and of course so much enjoyable.

Put your longboard on the grass or carpet and find a place on your board where are you feel more comfortable. Lean forward and back to sense the trucks move. Do practice for getting the sense on and off your longboard. Examine what foot will be your dominant pushing foot and your plate foot. When you feel comfortable about that you are able to try footway, be sure that you are in a safe area, where there is not much traffic as any other place. Playground or calm community streets are good for start riding.

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Balance and Pushing

Now let’s talk about balance, it’s a significant factor of any sport with the wheel. Before starts riding, make sure that you curve your core, and you have to keep your knees in curve. Besides it, you have to place your feet about your shoulder-width apart.

Be sure that you have straight posing, your shoulders are open, and you have been kept your weight on your affixed foot. Because that foot has registered on board, this foot will control your balance when you are pushing on it.

Now you have to place your foot as for it that your toes will face the nose of the board, after setting like this use your another foot for pushing the footway. You are a beginner longboarder on it, so now try to do only one push after that put your back foot toward the deck and fix your front foot about 90 Degree.

Basic of Carving

When you are going to do carving make sure you have placed your weight on your heels to turn left and toes to steer right. Besides it, you have to keep your keens curved for controlling balance and point your shoulder on the way of direction where you are going to. For this time is the important thing is that you should not look down on your wheel. It will be good if you keep your chin up and you keep your eyes ahead of you.

Basic of Barking

Braking on board is very similar to pushing. We said that you have to keep your weight on your affixed foot, here also you have to do like that. Here is a little different that besides affixed foot you have to drug on the ground until you come to a complete stop. It will help you so much to stay stable and keep your balance perfectly if your knees are bending.


So what do you think about it! Did you get the basic idea about how to do longboarding? First some days it will make you uncomfortable, it will be difficult for you to ride. Don’t be upset about that.

When you ignore it and going to do regular practice it then it will be very easy for you. Even you will be able to gain some idea that is not describable. That is come only for doing practice. Only a rider can feel this. Happy riding!

And don't forget to share your memorable longboarding experience with us.

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