Longboarding Guide for Beginners 

 December 24, 2020

By James Mason

complete longboarding guide for beginners

Summer is just near the corner, and for anybody who lives near the shore or is ready to holiday, that means it's time to go to the seashore with a longboard in tow!

One pastime that gets everybody out in the water to chill off is longboard surfing since the small waves of summer are flawless for longboarding. Out of all the surfboards out there, why are longboards so general during June, July, and August?

Since unlike shortboards, longer boards are completed more for the idle waves of summer, since all surfers know that depending on where you are situated, most of the waves in summer are about 1 to 2 feet high at the maximum.

If you don't have a longboard yet and planning to buy one, then you can read my beginners longboard review to find the best one for you.


Before You Start

Longboards are the finest way to start skateboarding. The flat external of the longboard allows you to keep your feet securely over it and begin rolling the wheels. To place yourself on the board, to begin moving the board and receiving it into the channel. Finally ending the motion deprived of the risk of falling need a good amount of rehearsal and training.

Longboards could be used to exercise several actions and techniques as soon as you learn to poise yourself on the boarding and skateboard without deteriorating. There are sufficient videos on the internet on websites like YouTube to inspect and get instructions from. Though it is not essential to link a coaching class to absorb the art of longboarding, it is continually better to accept the management of a skilled for your original lessons.

If you are a novice practicing longboard skateboarding, start to wear some defensive gear like helmet, elbow caps as well as kneecaps. They can seem heavy and troublesome in the beginning, yet it is harmless to have them at least until you acquire to poise yourself on the boards. As soon as you become skillful, perhaps then you could eliminate them. Though, wearing the helmet is continuously better even after you permit the initial lessons.

In housing areas, you might regularly come across youngsters traveling on longboards and further types of skateboards. They frequently use it to go to schools, playgrounds, friends' houses besides so on. In fact, this is one of the aids of skateboarding. But as a novice, it is much better if you exercise it indoors before taking it on the street.

If you are taking lessons to learn skateboarding you'll have amply of indoor space to practice. As soon as you are sure that you can accomplish on your own and that you can make swift actions on the board you can begin using the boards outside.

Skills You Need

For the players who are just beginning with longboarding can try some very basic techniques to start longboarding perfectly. Because they are very beginner, speeding can be a bit dangerous for them.

And in that case, they need to have the proper skills and techniques practiced to be perfectly doing great in the sport. There are a few basic ways you need to practice. Let’s check them out.

Running It Outtr

This technique is kind of self-descriptive since it needs you to jump off the board and then add running along with it so that the board can slow down gradually. Yes, it is kind of risky but it is better than being wiped out due to too much speed.

Foot Decelerating

This way is one of the very basic that would help you slow the speed in the easiest method. You need to know to lower the foot to the street and then rub down your shoe gently and that’s what foot braking counts in. This technique would seem very difficult at the beginning.

But once you have tried and practiced it for a few times you’ll find ease. This technique needs your practice and concern. It could be really damaging if you try to do it rushing.


This is one of the most stress-free ways that would help you to manage and slow down the speed. This way you need to create a wavy shape with your foot just like a descending hill and that’s called creating carve.

This way you would be decelerating the speed and help yourself to grasp stability on the board. You need to carve in its place since going straight down on a hill will increase the speed.

Air Braking

You can control your speed with air braking and it is often used by downhill boarders who need to go down rapidly. would need to use the wind resistance and let slow your rush gradually and that is what air braking includes. You will be using your chest and your arms and give the breeze a lot of ground to let the board slow down.

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This is one of the most advanced ways to control your speed and it is mostly known as a power slide. This way you need to use the board in a more controlled manner. You need to put your hand on the ground while trying this method. And so you need to buy a good slide glove that will help your hands to perform the techniques more proficiently.

You need to have a lot of patience to try all these sliding techniques and succeed. Longboarding is not for people who lose their nerve very often. You need to be brave and also expect a few injuries.

However, anything huge is not probable if you take certain required precautions. One day you’ll learn the method of speeding and increased speed will be no longer a hazard you’ll have to deal with. You just need to keep practicing and believing in yourself.

Why People Like Longboarding

The reason that people enjoy longboarding is the oneness they go through with Mother Nature. There is not anything like sitting on your board when the day ends and sunsets while viewing the dolphins swim by.

Longboards have been an approach of life for so many, and maximum surfers would choose the sport over their partner. Merely put, surfing to a true surfer is a complete love affair, a requirement to life. Longboard surfing is more relaxed than that of short boarders, presenting you with more calmness and fewer wounds. Looking up longboards online can hint you to some great sites that can comfort you with your method, and help you with tricks you may not have or else knew existed.

The internet is also a huge place to find really great deductions and deals on boards that would or else cost a minor fortune.

How to Pick the Best Longboards for You

You need to be careful when choosing a longboard and this can be very tiring. There are so many types of shapes and sizes available for different reasons of use. Here I bring a few considerations that might help you to find the finest longboard that would suit your requirement.

The Truck

The most important part of a longboard is a longboard truck. A perfect longboard truck can avoid wheel bite, can give you comfortable on ride can give you easily control.

The Deck

Picking a longboard level is a significant consideration as soon as you have made the choice to labor, tour or classify by interlacing through certain kinds of road. If that’s the situation, you could want a smaller to medium (thirty-three to thirty-eight inches) longboard because that makes navigating easy across the sidewalks as well as people. The floor significant can be of Bamboo, Carbon Fiber, Maple and Other Hybrid.

You need to have to think through the type of surface you would use your longboard. Voyaging normally occurs on the mainly even surface, so a moderate or a little-upgraded one is best. If you plot when using the tool on the downhill, then you might need to appear below over longer length boards since they can offer improved constancy.

The Size

The size of the board depends on the preference you have. Also, it depends on the tasks you are going to do in it. Typically between thirty-three to fifty-four inches in length boards are good to take to the shore.

The Wheels

There isn't any specific wheel that is better than the alternative because this is a modest matter of personal favorite. Softer wheels would be slower than harder wheels as soon as used on flat surfaces. But while the surface is coarse, softer wheels will get quicker and smoother. Usually, softer wheels have improved grip than harder wheels on most exteriors. You can also read my guide on off road longboard wheels.


The fantastic sport of longboarding is one that can be relished by people of all ages. It is an addicting game to get into since it is something you will be capable to do well into your 50s and even 60s.

It's a lifelong love that can be appreciated up until your final days on this earth. Not only will you tie with your longboard, but you will absorb how to use them as if they were a delay of you.

So if you want to join in the amusement and enjoy life much more, go ahead and seek for longboards on the net, or go check those out at your home surf store. Happy Longboarding!

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James Mason here. Surfing, skateboarding, and longboarding enthusiast currently living in Rio, Brazil. Started boarding since I was old enough to wear a helmet, except I often didn't. Think that explains a lot :)