WhiteFang Complete Skateboards Review 2023 

 May 5, 2020

By James Mason

WhiteFang Complete Skateboards

Our Verdict:

WhiteFang Complete Skateboards

If you’re looking for an affordable skateboard that is good for learning/doing tricks, then WhiteFang board is a decent option. It’s an excellent board for beginners and Pros.


  • Durable Canadian maple deck offers proper balance
  • Suitable for starters and skilled
  • Help you learn new tricks faster
  • Different cool design options
  • No Assembly Required


  • Comes with lose trucks but it can be fixed
  • Bearings aren’t the best but good for that price range

WhiteFang Complete Skateboards Review At a Glance

WhiteFang is a good board for starters and pros who’re looking for a board for learning tricks. I’m really impressed with the higher weight holding capacity of this board. The board design is also eye-catchy.


31.75″ Long x 7.88″ Wide

Max Capacity

330 lbs


7 layer Canadian maple


55mm, 95A


5 inch magnesium alloy


ABEC 9 precision

WhiteFang Skateboard: Deck

The board comes with 7 ply canadian maple deck that provides a proper balance between weight and toughness. 

WhiteFang Complete SkateboardsWhiteFang Complete Skateboards

The deck length is 32.75″ and width is 7.88″. It can hold up to 390 lbs weight. The deck is available at different cool design options.

WhiteFang Skateboard: Trucks

The board is equipped with 5″ magnesium alloy trucks that are reliable for starters and Skilled.

Several users complained that the board comes with lose trucks. But don’t worry, you can tighten them.

WhiteFang Skateboard: Wheels

The board comes with 52mm, 95A high rebound PU wheels that run smooth and quiet. The wheel is suitable for commuting, pools, skate parks, ramps and other flat surfaces or even rough ground.

Before riding the board, tight the trucks a bit to not get wheel bite.

WhiteFang Skateboard: Bearings

The board features ABEC-9 precision bearings. Previous users have both positive and negative reviews about bearings quality. Though the bearing quality isn’t best, it’s good for that price range.

WhiteFang Complete Skateboards

WhiteFang Skateboard: Size & Weight

The max weight capacity of the board is 330 lbs which is really impressive. The board dimension is 31.75″ (Length) X 7.88″ (Width). This size is not too small not to big, Good for starters and doing/practicing tricks.

Verdict: Should You Buy WhiteFang Skateboard?

Cool design, durable deck with a load holding capacity of 330 lbs, and affordable price range makes this board a good one to try. Plus, the board fits both beginners and pros allowing them to learn tricks quickly.

I recommend you check previous users reviews on amazon before buying this board. This will help you to find out the positive and negative sides of the board.

After reading this WhiteFang skateboard review, I hope now you’re able to decide if you should buy it or not.


Q: What’s the concave length?
A: 5.9 inch(front) and 5.5 inch.

Q: What’s the max weight capacity?
A: 330 lbs.

Q: What’s the age range?
A: The board is suitable for over 8 years old.

Q: Does it come fully assembled?
A: Yes.

Q: Can this WhiteFang board hold 280 lbs?
A: Of course, the maximum weight capacity is 330 lbs.

Q: Is it waterproof?
A: Yes, waterproof.

Q: Are the truck’s metal or plastic?
A: The trucks are metal.

Q: Is it suitable for adult learners?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it good for starters and learning tricks?
A: Yes.

Q: Does the board come with grip tape?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it suitable for turns and stuff?
A: Yes.

Q: What type of bearing used in this WhiteFang skateboard?
A: ABEC-9 precision bearings are used on this board.

Q: Can I do tricks with this WhiteFang board?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Where are whitefang boards manufactured?
A: Most probably China, not sure.

This is the end of my WhiteFang Skateboard Review. If you have any question then please inform me via the comment section.

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