Seething Longboard Review (Newly Released) 

 August 7, 2020

By James Mason

Seething Longboard

Our Verdict:

Seething Longboard

I just can’t express how good of an option this newly released Seething Longboard is. It took the longboard market by storm and gained the bestseller tag. People are loving it for all the cool features it is providing and that even in a very affordable price range.

You can buy this board without any confusion and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed at all.


  • Sturdy and wider deck
  • Some amazing artwork options
  • High speed bearings and wheels
  • Easier to keep balance and control
  • Best value for your money
  • The trucks ensure top performance
  • Can carry serious loads


  • None found yet!

Seething Longboard Review at a glance

With so many available options in the longboard market, it is easier to get all tired out looking for the perfect one. Some have great decks but not good trucks, some have great trucks but not good wheels. It is just too much work to find a complete package.

To help those confused souls, Seething is here with a game changer. Seething 42” longboard is that all-round performer that will make your decision process faster and stress free.

The manufacturers managed to merge together all the best features into this one. It is a true beauty from top to bottom.

Seething Longboard

The deck is perfect for any group of riders, big or small. Beginners can start with it and Advanced riders can use it for freestyle, dancing, carving or cruising. It has emery paper on top to save you from a slippery surface.

The trucks are also of top quality with support pad available for more control and stability. The wheels are soft to provide balance and also can go fast with high precision bearings.

It can also withstand some serious loads, so heavy weight won’t be a matter of concern for the riders.

Overall, this is a worthy candidate to be the board you will fall in love with and deserves to be on your shopping list.


42″ Long x 10″ Wide

Max Capacity

330 lbs


9 ply hard rock Canadian maple


70mm, 99A


7″ Aluminum alloy


Precision ABEC 11

Seething Longboard: Trucks

The reverse kingpin truck of this one is made of 7” genuine aluminum alloy. It adds extra comfortness to your ride. The extra thick trucks will make sure that your board doesn’t creak or squeak on the way.

The use of a highly elastic support pad makes it even effortless to control thus providing more stability.

It is built to handle immense pressure. The maximum load capacity for this one is 330 lbs, which is huge for a longboard. The trucks pull this amazing job along with the giant deck.

Seething Longboard: Deck

The deck is a monstrous one. It is made to become sturdy and stable. They used 9 layers of hard rock Canadian maple which is durable as you can easily guess.

The dimensions of the deck are 42’’ x 10”. That there is plenty of space for any rider from any age and height group. The wide area makes it easy to have a stable stand on the deck and then it becomes easier to balance yourself.

On top of the deck, there is Emery paper to provide an anti-slippery surface. It is also waterproof. That is a crucial feature because you don’t want to stand on a slippery board for a long ride.

Seething Longboard

Seething Longboard: Wheels

It comes with 70 mm high rebound polyurethane wheels. The size is standard for a longboard of this size.

The hardness rating of the wheels is 80A which is a good option for speed racing. It offers a great balance between speed and grip.

Seething Longboard

These types of wheels are easier to slow down faster. Though it makes them less durable than other wheels, it enables you to control even at faster speeds.

These wheels are suitable for rugged surfaces and street skating. It will soak all the bumps and cracks on the road, and bound to pull out a comfy riding experience for you.

Seething Longboard: Size

This board offers a balance between size and weight. It is an ideal board for cruising and freestyle. You can also practice your dance moves on this one.

The weight is not that much compared to its length. It weighs only 6.8 lbs, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem to carry it sometime.

Seething Longboard: Bearings

The use of high speed bearings makes it an even more attractive option. It is equipped with precision ABEC 11 bearings to provide a speed show. Those durable bearings have a lot of traction so you’ll feel like flying when riding with this one.

Those bearings offer you so much speed that you are definitely going to love this if you are a fan of high speed riding.

Verdict: Should You Buy Seething Longboard?

This board is an all-round superstar. You just can’t ignore this one if you want a genuinely good longboard for yourself. I want to recommend it but looking at the product I must say,” It sells itself”. It doesn’t need any more good words to describe it as it doesn’t have any downside or I didn’t find any during my research.

The look, the performance, the price, everything is just too good. It surely will make your longboarding experience awesome.


Q: What are the trucks made of this seething longboard?

A: Aluminum.

Q: Is this seething board good for beginners?

A: Yes.

Q: How much the seething board weighs?

A: 6.8 lbs.

Q: Are the seething board wheels hard or soft?

A: Soft with 80A hardness rating.

That’s all about this Seething Longboard. I hope you got everything you needed to know about this one to make a decision. Still, if you are confused about something or want to know more, let us know in the comment section below. We are always here to help.

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