DINBIN 41″ Drop Through Longboard Review 

 March 15, 2020

By James Mason


Our Verdict:

DINBIN 41” drop through longboard is a good budget option. It can be a good gift option to give to someone who wants to learn longboarding. Plus, drop through deck is always the favorite among the downhill lovers.

All of the parts may not be the best performing one but given the price range, it seems reasonable. If you can afford to replace some parts of it, then it can become a super performing board.


  • The deck has plenty of space on it
  • Controlling it is very easy
  • The materials are of excellent quality
  • Good value for your money
  • High speed wheels and bearings installed


  • Some parts may need to be replaced after a few months

DINBIN 41 Inch Drop Through Longboard Review at a glance

Drop through longboards is hugely admired among the riders because of their reliable high speed performance. This type of deck ensures a low center of gravity to boost your stability which is important for downhill riding. The unique construction makes it a great option for easy pushing, effectively controlling and sliding too.

Dinbin 41 “drop through longboard is a good downhill board option. It was designed by the manufacturers to satisfy the needs of those who love to storm downhill at high speed. It is also a decent board for beginners and for freestyling, cruising or downhill riding.

It has a moderate size deck with plenty amount of space on it. 


The stand will be very comfy on it. Also, the board materials used in this one are of excellent quality.

There are high speed bearings and wheels installed to the deck to maintain maximum speed. It will be great fun to produce speed on this board.

The artwork on top of the deck is quite catchy. They give you the flexibility to choose from 6 different color options.

To withstand the load, they used aluminum trucks and it does a very good job. And last but not least, it comes within a reasonable price range.


41″ Long x 9″ Wide

Max Capacity

220 lbs


8 ply hardwood maple


70mm x 51mm, 85A


7″ Aluminum


Precision ABEC 7

Dinbin Longboard: Trucks

The use of rugged 7” aluminum longboard trucks will perform heavy duty though the trucks are lightweight. They used high rebound bushings to allow you to have great control over the board when riding.

The trucks can perform a stable ride even at a high speed. As I said earlier, they can carry some serious loads.

The maximum weight capacity for this one is 220 lbs.

Dinbin Longboard: Deck

This one comes with a standard longboard sized deck. The size of this one will be of great comfort for the beginners. They will be able to have a great balance and control over the board.


Because of its long and wide deck, they’ll find it easy to push and break at ease. The length of the board is 41” when the width is 9”. It will be fun for longboarders of any age group to just hop on it and storm away.

8 layers of sturdy hardwood maple keep the deck robust and durable. All of the materials used to make this board are environment friendly.

The concave shape of this one ensures great maneuverability. On top of the deck, there is non slip sand paper to make the surface non slippery. That is a must have feature for any board.

Even the artwork at the top of the deck is very fun. It comes in six color choices.

Dinbin Longboard: Wheels

The wheels are 70 x 51 mm in dimensions. It has a hardness rating of 85A. The hardness of this one is on the all-round performing side. It is not so hard to spin slow and not so soft to be less durable.

These PU wheels spin smoothly and tackle every bumpy road obstacle. Those 85A wheels will put on a stable ride and will also spin freely.


Dinbin Longboard: Size

It is not really the largest size available, as a longboard. It comes in a regular size bracket someplace. You should find it both easy to manage and easy to bring. They tried to keep it as light as possible so you could easily carry it with you.

Plus, the standard size will allow you to have a comfortable ride no matter if you are a beginner or a pro.

Dinbin Longboard: Bearings

The high precision ABEC 7 bearings will allow you to have a smooth ride with moderate speed. It is a good choice for downhill, freestyle, cruising or carving riding style.

Verdict: Should You Buy Dinbin longboard?

This one is a great option as a gift or birthday present. All the available features suggest that if you want a reliable and long lasting longboard option, then this surely deserves to be on your list.

It also comes in a nice price bracket. Some parts may not perform as good as you will expect but it won’t be fair to ask for more within that price range.


Q: Is this Dinbin board good for tricks?

A: No. It’s a good option for cruising or downhill riding.

Q: What is the max weight capacity of Dinbin?

Ans: 220 lbs.

Q: Is the Dinbin board heavy?

A: It weighs 6.5 lbs only.

That’s everything for this Dinbin longboard review. I hope now you have enough information about the Dinbin longboard to go forward. Drop any additional comment or query in the comment section below.

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