Merkapa 22 inch Complete Skateboard Review 

 September 26, 2020

By James Mason

Merkapa 41

Our Verdict:

Our Verdict:

Our Verdict:

Merkapa 22

When buying a skateboard, look always matter to the kids, and quality matters to the parents. Well, Merkapa 22’’ complete skateboard is the combo of both look and quality. It is a good beginners board with some really cool features.

It is a great gift option for your kids. The users love it and you will too.


  • Robust and durable deck
  • LED attached wheels
  • Easy to carry
  • Low price tag


  • It’s only good for the kids

Merkapa 22 inch Complete Skateboard Review at a glance

MERKAPA is basically a China based brand. They manufacture various outdoor sports gears and they have a quite good reputation. The skateboards they built are gaining popularity fast and that’s because the users love it.

The one I am going to talk about in this review article is Merkapa 22’’ complete skateboard. This one is one of the best skateboards available for kids and teenagers in the market right now. This unique looking mini skateboard is getting all the attention that it rightfully deserves.

The deck is built with Polypropylene (PP) plastic which is the safest of all plastics available. It is robust in nature and also heat resistant.

The wheels are the main attraction of this board. The wheels has pre-set LED in them and they light up when you start rotating them.

Merkapa 22

They also used good quality trucks and bearings to make your ride smooth and comfortable.

That’s enough with the intro. Let’s dive right in the main (review) section.


22″ Long x 6″ Wide

Max Capacity

180 lbs


Polypropylene Plastic


60mm x 45mm, 78A


3.2″ Aluminum Alloy



Merkapa Complete Skateboard: Trucks

The trucks of this one is heavy duty 3.2” high quality Aluminum. Turning and sliding will be quite fun in this one. It can handle a good amount of pressure too. The max capacity for this one is 180 lbs.

They used V-truck and base. You will get some side to side flexibility as the trucks come as tightly attached. But you can change the tightness easily according to your comfortness.

Merkapa Complete Skateboard: Deck

It comes with a PP plastic made deck. Some might feel a little hesitation about a plastic deck on whether it will be durable or not. Let me assure you that the Polypropylene plastic is the safest plastic available. It is robust in nature and is recyclable.

The PP plastic can tolerate high heat too. The deck will prove to be a sturdy one so don’t worry about that.

Merkapa 22

This one is a single kick board. The dimensions of the deck are 22” x 6”. The size of the deck tells you the targeted audience for this board. Grown-ups will have to avoid this one. But for kids and teens, the size is enough.

Merkapa Complete Skateboard: Wheels

The wheels are the centre of the attraction of this board. That’s because it has LED in them which is a cool addition. They didn’t use any battery to power the lights instead it generates electricity from the rotation of the wheels. Cool, right?

Merkapa 22

The LED lights will also help you ride at night and think about the glow it will make when all the LED will light at the same time. It will be magnificent to watch.

The dimensions of the wheels are 60 x 45mm. Small wheels for a small board, that’s understandable. The hardness rating of the wheels is 78A, so they are on the soft side.

Merkapa Complete Skateboard: Size

This board is a mini version of skateboards. The kids love it because of that. They can easily control it and carry it around. The size of this board is perfect for little boys and girls to start with and step in the world of skateboarding.

Merkapa Complete Skateboard: Grip tape

They didn’t actually use any grip tape on this board but still it has a great grip. That’s because the top of the deck has a rubber like layer. It works like grip tape for this board.

Merkapa Complete Skateboard: Bearings

Merkapa 22

The use of ABEC 7 bearings makes it a good mini skateboard option that can go fast too. The bearings will make the ride smooth too.

Verdict: Should You Buy Merkapa Complete Skateboard?

If you are looking for the perfect board for your kids, then look no further. The Merkapa complete skateboard is the best one from every angle.

It is one of the best gift option to give to your daughter / son. This skateboard has the capability to make them like it at first glance. Plus, it is a sturdy and durable skateboard option and it comes within a cheap price range too.

This board is a great one for the beginners. It got high praises from the users and they all love it. I would recommend it for anyone aged between 5 to 18 years of age. If the size suits, then grown ups can try it too.


Q: Would Merkappa board be good for small kids?

A: Yes and I think they will love it.

Q: Is Merkappa for beginners?

A: Yes. It is good for young beginners.

Q: Is Merkapa skateboard a heavy one?

A: It weighs only 3.8 pounds so, No.

Q: Is Merkapa skateboard suitable for adults?

A: If the deck size and weight limit suits them, then Yes.

I think that’s enough info about this Merkappa board. It’s time to wrap things up. If you have any additional question, feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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