Longboard Truck Guide – Must Read Before Buying! 

 September 25, 2020

By James Mason

Complete Longboard Truck guide

The trucks are a vital part of your longboard. A longboard doesn't have that many parts, but the trucks typically define your riding. Up to a particular point, it's a matter of preference, but there are apparent differences that would make your life and your financial plan a whole lot better. I will detail them in the article" complete longboard truck guide" beneath.

Choosing the Right One

There are some factors you need to know before you jump into spending your money on a specific truck. Here is a little information regarding your purchase. Have a good look and only then go for the buying.

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Cast Trucks vs. Precision Trucks

Cast trucks are an inexpensive option, and there is a lot of manufacturers and models to pick. Precision trucks are fewer are they are more suggested for mechanical ridings, like downhill or technical descending. They also charge about seven times the cost of cast trucks, so if you don't want and think your wallet is bushy enough, trust me as soon as I say that they don't make that huge a difference, particularly to the novice longboarder.

Deciding the width

Select the width of your truck, rendering to the width of your board. Typically the longboards are calculated in inches and the trucks in mm, nevertheless you'll get the hang of it. What not to do is pick small trucks for large boards and vice versa.

A slender truck on an open board will eat away all firmness, and you will get yourself prostrate on the blacktop more times than you want for it to happen. While large trucks on narrow boards would have only solidity and nothing else, you won't be capable of turning a corner if your life depends on it. Also, with longboarding, it over and over again does.

Checking the Angles

Test the angle of the trucks. All enterprises list their models together with the disposition and keep in mind that a forty-two-degree truck would offer better stability with a settlement to lean and turn, so it's perfectly suitable for downhill and swiftness, where firmness is much more key than lean.

On the other hand, fifty-degree trucks or fifty-two-degree trucks are fewer firms for downhill, but they make available an exceptional cruising longboarding experience as they let the rider to tend and turn out of barriers or curves. There are more than a few other angles between these from above, but you get the fact.


Also, the structure: an old-style kingpin truck, the typical skateboard truck has a discrete feel than a backward kingpin truck, the routine longboard truck. It is more arduous, next to impossible to downhill on a conventional kingpin truck, but you can do almost anything with a backward kingpin truck, that's why they are a lot trendier with longboarders.


Think about your budget and have a decent amount to spend. If you only think about having a too cheap model to save a few bucks, then it’s you who would suffer later if the quality isn’t up to the mark. So don’t compromise your needs or requirements and get a reasonable longboard truck. Longboarding isn’t zero dangerous task. Also, you won’t want to have a cheap model making accidents and hazards more exposing to you.


Also, it is vital to buy from a reliable brand. If you want to get the utmost quality, it would be smart to read a few customers comments and reviews regarding the truck you wish to obtain. Know more about the brand and see if they offer a good warranty. Also, check whether they responses complaints and requests on time. Having an excellent retailer to get the tool is vital since you would be spending your precious time and money.

The Geometry of a Longboard Truck

The longboard truck has three significant parts. These are known as hanger, base-plate, and bushings. A hanger is a place where all your bearings are going to sit and stay. The base-plate is an important changing part that reasons variety in your riding. Also, the bushings are more like a res-ponder to your variable durability urethane.

Other vital parts usually include Kingpin and Pivot. The hangers fit into the base-plates, and that spot is typically known to be Pivot. On the other hand, the Kingpin is the part that holds all the bushing or hanger, and also it offers the pivot point.

The hanger needs to be durable enough; otherwise, it can cause bending or hanger bents that would not let you have a straight ride. So always spend a bit extra to get the best quality axles and ensure there’s no stripping while switching the wheels.

You can have various customization for bushings. With so many shapes and durometers option, you’ll always find a better way to get the different feelings you need. However, if you want more stability and durability, it is best to tend to go with everyday shapes and styles. However, if you find more interest in trying new things, then change the bushings to get your free ride setup.

To get a more stable setup for downhill, carving board, or free ride you should go for changing the base-plates. You can try replacing them once in a while. It is those types of hardware that you would be able to change whenever you want to if you wish to have a variety in your riding style.


When it comes to longboards, the trucks are the most vital part. They don't at all times come cheap, but it's a good idea always to pay a buck than later feeling sorry for not doing it before. These are a few things that could aid you when you have to pick the trucks for your longboard.

To have the most variety full riding and enjoy the adventure of longboarding to the total, get yourself a good longboarder truck. Don’t spend the Sunday just laying down and get your longboarding tools to surf in the waves and feel alive to the fullest.

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Reading this longboard truck guide did you get the answer to your question? If you didn't, please tell me what I have missed! Good Luck!

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