How To Go Faster On A Longboard 

 September 25, 2020

By James Mason

how to go faster on a longboard

Longboarding is all about speed and tricks. More balance you have, more pro rider you become. You need to practice for a long time to perfect your stability and trick show. On top of that, if you wish to gain more speed then that is another level.

In this article, I am going to discuss some ways to maximize your speed. Every longboarder wants to go faster at one point in his riding career. Now to do that you need to know some basic information.

In today’s case, there are mainly two types of longboarders.

  • Someone who can ride and now wants to speed up
  • Someone who can ride fast and wants to be faster

At first, let’s assume that you can ride a longboard and now you want to speed up.

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How To Go Faster On A Longboard

Riding Improvement

The first thing you need to do is improve your riding. That simply means that you need to work more on your balance. Because when you will go faster you will need a more perfect balance and stand. You can start by stopping at a higher speed than usual.

Now, this is related to the psychological part of riding. If you are afraid of braking at a higher speed then the whole thing is over before start. So this is what you should practice first. Your ability to brake at a high speed will bring so much confidence in your faster riding process.

The next thing you will need to improve is your stand on the longboard. The best position for speed riding is called “Tuck”. This position is mainly related to Aerodynamics (the study of the motion of air). This position ensures that the air doesn’t slow you down. You can learn briefly about it by a simple Google search.

Now for those who can already ride fast but still not happy with their performance. Don’t worry! You can still go faster.

The Axle Nut Dilemma

Having a tighter axle nut than needed can surely slow you down. A tight axle nut can slow down your wheels. This problem has a very simple solution. Just loosen up your axle nuts a little to get more spinning from your wheels.

Caution: Be cautious that the nuts don’t get too loose or they will come off the axle eventually which might lead to an accident.

Bearings to Boost Up Speed

If you feel that the bearings are making squeaking sound or they are not spinning as fast as they should, then you should definitely give them some attention.

To clean the bearings, you will have to detach them from the wheels. Then, detach the rubber shield which will be inside the bearings. Take them out using a flathead screwdriver or a pin. Be extra careful not to damage the shield.

Now dip the bearings in the Mineral spirits or kerosene in a pot. Shake the pot for a couple of minutes. It will ensure that there is no dirt or grease remaining if there was any. It will also ensure that the bearings don’t become rusty.

Completely dry them off after the process. You can use a hairdryer to do it. You can also lubricate them using a good speed cream.

Bearing Upgrade

If you are not gaining your desired speed even after cleaning and lubricating your bearings, then you can always upgrade them to get a boost up.

Keep some features in mind when buying like curvature, rubber seals and plastic cage as they are the most important qualities in a bearing. Try buying a bearing from a renowned brand like Reds, Zealous, Tektons and Spaceballs. It is simply because the best brands use the best quality materials.

Changing the Wheels

The bigger the wheels the more distance they will cover from the same amount of spin compared to the smaller wheels. That means you are going faster using the same energy. Harder wheels (82A or more) will ensure much more speed on smooth surfaces than a soft (75A-78A) one. On the other side, the softer wheels will ensure more grip on a bumpy road.

Besides these factors, more and more practice is a must-do for every rider to be better than before. Always use protection like a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, etc while riding. Protection is a confidence booster that will help your riding speed.

That’s all for today. Have a safe and fun journey ahead.

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