Best Longboard Helmets to Buy in 2023 

 October 18, 2020

By James Mason

Allows for Inward airflow

Our top pick:

Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Helmet

If you’re looking for longboard helmet and you don’t have the time for intense comparison shopping then get this Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet for overall quality and performance. Best quality, classiest look, very durable.

When it comes to buying the best longboard helmets, you can easily be confused by the loads of choices available in the market.

It is important to take time to research and decide on the best one that promises to keep your head where it belongs.

Of course, the law requires you to use longboard helmets whenever you are riding one. However, we don’t want to scare you with the law. Helmets should come naturally to you and especially when we got a variety of nice-looking options to choose from in the market.

Back in the days, using helmet used to be ‘not cool’. Those days are long gone. People now enjoy wearing helmets and most companies now are around the concept of a safe ride.

We know you might be scared but hold on! You don’t have to hold any fear as we got you covered (literally) today with our list of the 5 best helmets, here you will find best 5 full face longboard helmets.

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Best Full Face Longboard Helmet

1. Triple Eight Gotham Helmet Review (Top Pick)

Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Helmet makes in our list of the coolest longboard helmets. It’s a dual-certified helmet with a sturdy-durable construction and is smartly engineered and tailored to meet all of your safety requirements.

The Triple eight Gotham helmet features an outer shell and a sweat saver liner on the inside so there will be no sweat drips on your face to distract you from your ride or make you uncomfortable. It’s also properly ventilated that aids to evaporate/dry out the sweat and prevent any smell or bacteria.

It’s the design of the helmet that makes it so great and unique from its competitors. The sidecut is very stylish and looks elegant on the head and also features a tailored triple eight logo rivets. It comes in 6 different colors.

You’ll also get a perfect fit on your head because of its 360-degree wrap around design which makes sure there is no liner separation in its interior.

It comes in 3 size: XS/S fits 18.9 – 21.3 in (48– 54 cm), S/M fits 21.7 – 22.8 in (55 – 58 cm) and L/XL fits 23.2 – 24 in (59 – 61 cm).

It assembles with U.S. CPSC Safety aging 5. Moreover, CE EN 1078 for skateboarders, pedal cyclists, and roller skaters compliant and AS/NZS 2063 for bicycle helmets compliant.

Triple eight Gotham helmet comes with 2 sets of fit pads in the package just in case you need a customized fit.

If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks and want the best quality, classiest look, durability all at once then this is the one you should go for.


  • Premium quality, very comfortable
  • Classy look
  • Dual Certified product, one of the safest helmet
  • Multi-purpose (skateboarding, biking, rollerblading etc)
  • Triple eight customized logo rivets


  • A little bit pricier.

2. Triple Eight Gotham Helmet Review (Top Pick)

JBM CPSC ASTM Certified Helmet Review (Best Budget Longboard Helmet)

Our first choice is the popular JBM Helmet. JMB is a great one when it comes to multi-purpose activities starting from longboarding, cycling and even rollerblading.

Basically, anything that involves active sport and you need to save your head, you can go with JMB.

The color, ASTM certification and repeated test almost always ensure that you get a perfect product. These ensure longevity and safety. On top of that, who would even want to replace a helmet after a few years of usage, right?

It comes in three size variations and with adjustable straps. Of course, you can adjust it lose or tight depending on how you want your helmet to be.

It comes in 3 size: Small: 18.1’’-19.3”, Medium: 19.7’’-21.7”, Large: 20.9”-23.2’’. And it has 5 nice color options.

Overall, it has great ventilation as a blessing of safety in your ride. If you are looking for a quality helmet without spending much then this is the one you should go for. The best cheaper longboard helmet option if you don’t want to spend that much on the first helmet.


  • Proper ventilation to keep your head sweats free while riding.
  • Adjustable straps made for the perfect fit
  • Multi-sports gear, ideal for the scooter, skateboarding, roller skating, inline skating, rollerblading, longboards, and two-wheel electronic board
  • Price range is perfect


  • Adjustable straps aren’t durable enough.

3. Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sports Helmet

Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi Sport helmet

Fly bar has a great reputation for a long time and there’s a reason behind that. Everything that you want in a longboard helmet is present in this unit and that’s why this is known to be as one of the most trusted ones in the market.

The fly bar ensures that you don’t have to do that with the premium built quality. When it comes to durability, you can actually trust this one.


  • The headgear is very strong and can protect you even from two storage fall
  • Doesn’t get sweaty even when used for long hours
  • You get to choose from different colors
  • It’s quality is unquestionable


  • The pads are one size, can’t change

4. Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sports Helmet

Protec Classic Skate Helmet

No list of helmets will be completed without Protect classic skate helmet. Pro-Tec Classic Helmet is not a mere mortal you are dealing with. This item is made to protect your head no matter how fast you are skateboarding.

don’t have to worry about this helmet on your head when you got this unit on. The main shell is molded inside with 2-stage foam liner that provides better protection against low as well as high impacts. Plus, it has a wicking liner built-in the helmet that prevents the sweat drops from dripping on your face, thus allowing you to maintain focus while skating.

Additionally, this product consists of 11 large vents for greater heat ventilation to keep your head cool. Moreover, it is lightweight, comfortable and versatile and can be used in other sports as well.

So, no matter how quickly you are moving down the hill or on the streets, you can trust this helmet for the ultimate safety you need.

Protec Helmet size chart


  • Meets all safety standards
  • Offer maximum impact absorption
  • Comes with nylon-webbed straps for greater safety
  • 11 well-placed vents to keep the head area well ventilated


  • When choosing a size, you have to pick a size bigger than the head size.
  • It has a matte finish, so any scratches are clearly visible.

5. Giro Skateboard Helmet

Giro Skateboard Helmet

To wrap up our best skateboard helmet list we introduce you to the GIRO Skateboard helmet High Impact Resistance Safe Helmet. This helmet has a precise adjustment touch from its adjustable nylon straps that will enable you to easily customize the helmet for the perfect fit design around your head easily.

It also has a quick release buckle for an effortless take on and off the design. The design is amped with a dial on at the helmet’s back section so you can achieve a safe fit.

Nonetheless, this helmet also enjoys longevity and high-level impact resistance. Thanks to its strong ABS outer shell cover with an extra 2CM EPS foam lining from the inside that enables you for an even spread of impact energy. It can, therefore, absorb external pressure easily in scenarios of a crash along with your skating activities.

The helmet also enjoys an incredible design because of its special aerodynamic design. Not to mention, it also includes breathable foam that will keep sweating on the lowest levels possible and 11 vents to help you cool your head in the summer’s intense heat activities.


  • Precise adjustment
  • Adjustable nylon straps
  • Snug fit design around your head
  • The dial on the helmet’s back section
  • Strong ABS outer shell cover
  • 2CM EPS foam lining
  • 11 vents to easily help you to cool
  • Certified by the CPSC & ASTM safety


  • Allows for Inward airflow

Factors to consider while buying the best longboard helmets


Helmets main task is to keep you safe. So, first, you have to look for safe and durable construction material. The best materials for dual purpose helmets are the high-impact ABS for the shell.

The EPS liner is also an added benefit in case you require protection from multiple impacts falls and accidents and falls. Look for tested and proven EPS liners that will provide you an even distribution of impact energy to reduce damages.

The Design

This will depend on your opinion, taste and preferences and the amount of money that you are planning to pay for your helmet. Helmets with visors will cost higher, unlike the plain mountain bike helmets.

Typically, visor helmets also require anti-fogging touch for greater clarity and visibility. This is unlike the ordinary helmets that are open and have no viewing window except for your bare facial surface.

The Weight

You don’t want to race downhill on your longboard or take the best chop with tons of weight on your head –- that isn’t cool, really. That’s why we insist on going with a lighter weight helmet.

Moreover, this should be the basic fundamental thought when you purchase online to find your next top rated cool skateboard helmets.

Perfect Fit

A perfect fit helmet is necessary in many ways. It reduces discomfort, wobbling, and aids you to concentrate on enjoying your rides. To get a perfect fit helmet it is important to know the size of your head.

So before you purchase, measure the circumference of your head and that of the helmet to find out if they do match. Additionally, you can also go for snug fit designs and other cool designs that will help you to add in more foam pads.


A breathable design will aid you to keep sweat levels low. To get high style breathability from your longboard helmet, you can always lookout for the additional vents or two-stage foam liners.


Color or hue only adds to the style and finish of the helmet. Well, this is really simple and all you require to do is either find the best color as per your choice or one that blends with your design. We recommend going with your preferable color to make it ultra-favorite.

The Price

Price plays a crucial role when you are buying your helmet. For the best skating helmets, it is crucial that you first determine what you are willing to spend, create a budget for it, and finally shop around for the best full face longboard helmets.

Just remember,

  • Don’t buy on impulse
  • Compare prices while buying
  • Take your time (do research)
  • Pricey doesn’t equate ideal

Tip: The good longboard helmet should address your safety needs. Going with your needs as the focal pointer to what you buy is therefore very important.


How can I measure the circumference of my head?

Answer: To measure the circumference of your head, you will require a string. Strings are flexible and will easily tell you the shape of your head. With the string do the following:

  • Hold one end of the tape-string on the middle of your forehead
  • Hold the extended part of the string all around your head
  • Bring it until it stands in the same place as the end which you started from.
  • Hold that place tightly and then cut the excess off.
  • That should be the exact circumference of your head

You will use this string to stretch along the frame of the helmet to check if it is the perfect fit design for your needs.

What other considerations should I look after while buying?

Answer: When buying the safest longboard helmet for your personal use, apart from what we have already mentioned above, you can also consider the following:

  • Anti-fog coating for greater clarity
  • Anti-scratch treatment for protection against wear, tear, and obsolescence
  • The distortion-free vision for visor helmets
  • Adjustable straps (that has buckle) for snug fit design
  • Carbon reinforced fiber for greater durability
  • Additional accessories, such as non-toxic markers

Does my style of longboarding play any part in deciding which helmet to go for?

Answer: Yes. Let’s say if you are going to choose the best longboard helmets for the downhill riding you will require a design that matches up to the levels of speed that you will make. Remember, downhill riding needs the greatest visibility.

It is, therefore, very important that you go for a design that can reduce the effects of airflow and will leave you with clear visibility.

Here are the Best Longboard Helmet:

  1. Triple Eight Gotham Helmet
  2. JBM CPSC ASTM Certified Helmet
  3. Flybar Dual  Certified CPSC  Multi-Sports Helmet
  4. Protec Classic Skate Helmet
  5. Giro Skateboard Helmet

Final Words

So, what are you waiting for?

Pick your best full face longboard helmet and get down the streets for a fun-filled longboarding day with friends or families. We hope that our top reviews have given you the idea to make the very best pick.

If you still want our final recommendation on which one will be better than most, we suggest you should definitely go for the Triple Eight Gotham Helmet if you are ok with the price. If you want a cheaper but still good option then go for the JBM helmet.

About the author

James Mason here. Surfing, skateboarding, and longboarding enthusiast currently living in Rio, Brazil. Started boarding since I was old enough to wear a helmet, except I often didn't. Think that explains a lot :)