Skateboard Size Chart 

 August 27, 2020

By James Mason

skateboard size chart

Are you in a dilemma about choosing the size of the skateboard? No worries. It's a common question that is asked by the skateboarder, especially the newbies. This is the thing you need to pay heed.

In this article, I will be talking about the size of skateboards. If you are still confused about this issue, then feel free to spend a few minutes reading this article. So, let's dive into the core section.

In general, the most important thing that you need to consider while choosing a skateboard is the size of the deck. You need to find out the perfect size skateboard that is compatible with your style of riding. Below are the common deck sizes:


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Whatever, while choosing the skateboard, here is some crucial factor mentioned to be considered.

  • Size of the shoe.
  • Height and body weight.
  • Style of riding.

Size of the Shoe

Let's start with the size of the shoe first. In general, the skateboard should not be wider or narrower than the length of your feet. The ollieing, technical tricks and turning asks a good understanding between the foot and the board. The recommended board sizes are-

  • For the person with height 5ft 6” or high, the preferred size of the board is 8.00" to 8.50".
  • For the person with height 4ft 6” to 5ft 6”, the recommended size of the board is 7.75" to 8.00".
  • For the person with height 4ft 6” or less, the recommended size of the board is 7.25" to 7.75".
  • For having a better skateboarding performance, hold the chart that will suit your body size.

However, another most important issue that you need to consider while purchasing a skateboard is the riding style and terrain. If you are looking for more space as well as the stability while riding, then you must choose the skateboard that is slightly wider. On the other hand, you should go for a narrow one if you are wishing to street skating. If you're a new skater, then a cheap skateboard is enough.

However, the skateboard that is light-weight will be the best setup if you wish to have flip tricks.


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In general, the skateboard having decks between 7.00" to 7.50" is considered the suitable one for the youth riders. For the teen and adult riders, the recommended deck size is between 7.50" to 8.00". These are only for street skating and performing technical tricks. However, if you wish to cruise, then you will be needing a skateboard having deck size 8.00" or higher.

Size of the truck

Trucks are responsible for connecting and making the bridge between the skateboard and the wheels. Obviously, the quality of trucks always matter. That's why you should choose a high-quality truck. Apart from the quality, the size of trucks matters much. Generally, there are three sizes of trucks. They are- Low, Mid High.


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The lower trucks are the best ones for providing flip tricks and extra stability. The height of a smaller truck suits well with smaller wheels to reduce the chances of "wheel bite". For the lower gravity center, lower trucks is a good choice for the beginners.


The mid trucks are best for skateboarding at a park or in the streets. However, the medium truck size is common for skateboarding all-around.


The higher size trucks are utilized by the skaters who are mainly interested in carving or cruising and also look for less flip tricks.

Size of the Wheels

The wheel is the thing that influences your riding. Again, you should go for high-quality wheels. Generally, the wheels that are made with ceramics are supposed to be more stable and durable. Whatever we were talking about the wheel size. Usually, the size of the wheel is calculated in millimeters. You are supposed to find the size of a wheel printed on its body.


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Usually, a common skateboard wheel size ranges between 50mm to 60mm. These are used in a good number for park and street skating. The larger wheel that is 60mm or higher is used on cruisers and longboards. Lastly, the wheels that are less than 54mm is the preferred one by the technical skaters.

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