Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Helmet Review 

 May 2, 2020

By James Mason

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Helmet

Our Verdict:

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Helmet
A helmet during a ride in a skateboard or bike can be the divider between life and death. Put on a helmet is recommended everywhere in the world.

It is a great protective gear. That’s why you should get the best one for you and the Retrospec CM-1 helmet can be the one. It is lightweight, sturdy, safe, comfortable, and has an affordable price tag too.

Plus, the best seller tag is there to ensure you how much people trust this product.


  • CPSC, EN, ASTM etc certified for safety
  • The ventilation is great
  • ABS shell and EPS foam makes it very safe
  • Can use it for multiple sports
  • Many color options available


  • No soft padding in the strap, so might be a little uncomfortable

TurboSke Skateboard Helmet Review at a glance

Over the years, the popularity of skateboarding and other ride related sports has gone up exponentially. With more people getting involved in the field, the risk of facing accidents and getting injured has also gone up.

By keeping the safety of the riders in mind, Retrospec entered into the protective gear industry. They introduced some quality products over the years to gain the trust of users. Retrospec CM-1 helmet is one of their best selling products available in the market.

It comes with all the best features to make it a complete package for the riders. Quality build, good materials used, sturdy body, perfect ventilation system all are in it.

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter

It can be used for Cycling, Bike, Skateboarding, Inline Skating, etc.

It comes in multiple sizes and has various color options available too.

This one is recommended for riders who are 14 years of age or more. This one is not a good choice for under-aged kids.

Shell Material:

ABS shell outside and EPS foam inside

Ventilation System:

10 holes for airflow

Safety Standards:

CPSC 16, CFR Part 1203, EN 1077, EN 1078, STM F2040-11 / ASTM F1446


Small, Medium and Large available


10 available color options

Retrospec CM-1 Commuter Helmet: Shell Materials

This one is tested rigorously to have the best performance for you. The outer side has an ABS shell that is stronger and heavier than Polycarbonate but more fragile too. The ABS also makes the price cheaper.

This is scratch-resistant too. Unlike a bike helmet, this will encourage you to use it even after a few bumps.
The inner side has a dense EPS foam liner. The foam ensures greater protection and helps to make the helmet light. It will also be pleasant to wear.

Retrospec CM-1 Commuter Helmet: Ventilation

Ventilation is a key feature to focus on before buying a helmet. Constant airflow will not only keep your head cool but also save you from headaches and an irritating ride.

This one has 10 rectangular shaped air ventilators strategically set all around it for optimal airflow. It will keep the dry air out and let the fresh air in.

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Helmet

Retrospec CM-1 Commuter Helmet: Certifications

The left no option to question about the standard of this helmet. This one is built and approved to use for skate, bike and ski. It has been certified by various safety standards like CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203, EN 1078, ASTM F1446 / STM F2040-11, EN 1077.

Those are the best safety protocols for a multi-purpose helmet. So, you can relax about the safety quality of this one because it is one of the top ones in its field.

Retrospec CM-1 Commuter Helmet: Size

This one has 3 different sizes available: small, medium, and large. Plus, it comes with two sets of additional pads that will offer a more perfect fit. The pads can be interchanged very easily too.

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Helmet

Always give the helmet a try before buying and choose the one that fits you best. Not so loose and not so tight is the perfect one to get. You should give special attention to the size.

A loose one might not be able to save you from any impact and a tight one is just annoying.

You can measure your head size using a soft measure tape. Or the size of your perfect fit hat will also do the trick.

If you don’t use a helmet while riding, you can get yourself into some serious trouble.  The trouble might involve the Cops or the Emergency room. So, make sure you always have your protective gear with you as your partner in the ride.

Verdict: Should You Retrospec CM-1 Helmet?

During my research, I saw that this retrospec helmet got some serious level of positive responses from the users. Those who faced real-life accidents wearing this one praised it wholeheartedly as one of the best protective gear.

Seeing those and looking at all the great features, I also can’t help but strongly recommend this one as a great helmet to buy. It is one of the top-rated one too.


Q: How much does retrospec cm-1 commuter helmet weigh?

A: It weighs 1 pound.

Q: Is this made in China?

A: Yes.

Q: Is retrospec commuter helmet safe?

A: It is tested against many safety protocols and passed. So, it’s very safe.

Young skateboarders are particularly not a fan of wearing helmets. The elders should take this issue seriously and tell them the importance of wearing one. Also, tell them that it literally might be a lifesaver one day.

I tried to give you as much information as possible about Retrospec CM-1 commuter helmet. Yet, if you feel the urge to know some additional info, the comment section is open 24/7 for you.

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