Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard Review 2024 

 February 5, 2020

By James Mason

Krown Rookie

Our Verdict:

Krown Rookie
If you are looking for a cheap skateboard to start your skateboarding career, then KROWN Rookie complete skateboard can be a great pick for you. It has a sturdy and durable deck, unique designs, and a very reasonable price tag that makes this one a real strong candidate.

A little downside is that you might have to make some modifications to get the best performance from this one.


  • Sturdy deck
  • Very stable and smooth to ride
  • Lightweight so easy to carry
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Advanced riders should ignore this one
  • The wheels and bearings are not up to the mark

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard Review At a Glance

KROWN entered the skateboard industry back in 1996. So, they have more than 20 years of experience in making top-class boards for riders. They started their journey with the idea to produce budget boards while keeping the quality at a high level.

With years of experience in the field, they are now providing the best skateboard parts at the best price range. They spread their wings in the longboards, helmets, pads, and tools making business too.

For beginner and intermediate riders, Krown is the place to start.

Today I’m going to review one of the best budget boards from the series KROWN Rookie. The wide deck of this one helps to keep balance and stability.

Though the board itself is lightweight (weighs only 4.7 lbs) yet it can carry a good amount of loads. Plus, the board itself is very easy to handle and carry.

Krown Rookie

The special thing about this rookie series is the magnificent artwork on the board deck. They introduced two animal graphics to kick-off this series. Now it has a huge collection of animal artworks.

As a beginner, you will feel great comfort riding this one.


31″ Long x 7.5″ Wide

Max Capacity

200 lbs


7 ply Canadian maple


52mm, 95A


5 inch Aluminum alloy


Greasy brand

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard: Trucks

The trucks are 5” aluminum trucks and come perfectly assembled. They offer a great deal in case of turning and sliding.

The trucks are metal. The trucks come as tightly attached which offers some side to side flexibility. But you can easily loose it a bit if you want.

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard: Deck

Krown Rookie

A sturdy and flexible deck will handle the riding pressure. The board is made out of 7-ply Canadian maple that ensures quality. It can easily handle up to 200 lbs of load. So, it is an ideal option for kids, teens, and average adults.

It has a 31” long and 7.5” wide deck which is an almost standard size for a skateboard deck. This space will also make sure that you have a stable ride all along.

The manufacturer says that the board is built to do tricks. But during my research, I came to know that users face troubles to perform tricks in it because of wheel bites. So, be cautious about that.

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard: Wheels

It comes with polyurethane made 52mm wheels that are highly rebounded. The size of the wheels is very small so you may face some difficulty in a bumpy road. You can change it though.

The PU rating is 99A of the wheels which is an all-round performer.

Krown Rookie

 It offers a great balance between speed and grip. That makes it the best beginner’s choice.

They spin a little slow compared to other wheels but that is just the effect of the bearings.

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard: Size

This board is a medium-sized one and very lightweight. Its dimensions are very close to a standard skateboard. It’s easy to carry it around with you when not riding. As a fun board to ride with easy portability, this one can be a great option for a beginner.

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard: Grip tape

This board comes with Black grip tape. That grip tape will ensure that you have a non-slippery surface to stand on. It will ensure a better balance and will allow you to control the board at ease.

Some users complained about the grip tape wearing off sooner than expected.

Krown Rookie

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard: Bearings

It comes with greasy brand bearings to handle the speed section. I found out that they don’t perform very well. So, for better riding experience I will suggest you buy a good set of bearings and replace them.

Verdict: Should You Buy Krown Rookie Skateboard?

If we look at all the features of this board, it is hard to say that it’s not a good option in that price range. It has some downside but we can’t really ask for more with that price tag. It is a good board for beginners to start with.

With some modifications, it can become a great board to ride on. Everything is ok, But I personally don’t like the board because of the artwork of animals.

I hope now you have a sound knowledge KROWN Rookie skateboard after reading this.


Q: Are the trucks aluminum or plastic?

A: 5” thick aluminum alloy.

Q: Is Krown Rookie good for beginners?

A: Yes. It’s a good one for beginner and intermediate level riders.

Q: Is Korwn Rookie a heavy board?

A: No, it weighs only 4.7 lbs.

Q: Is Krown Rookie suitable for adults?

A: Yes. It can handle up to 200 lbs of weight.

Well, now it’s time to end things up. If you have any additional queries or opinions regarding Krown Rookie Skateboard, feel free to drop it in the comment section. Keep riding.

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