Fastest Electric Skateboards: Speedy Motorized Longboards [2021] 

 April 16, 2020

By James Mason

Best (and WORST) Electric Skateboards under $300 [Top Picks for 2020]

The world around us is going faster with each passing day. In order to keep to the pace we need to raise the game. In everyday life that means moving faster and passing greater distances. That brings us to our favorite topic – electric skateboards.

Over the last couple of years, these small feats of engineering have undergone the transformation from the expensive gadgets that have mostly been considered a novelty to serious commuters able of flying at some pretty sweet speeds.

Even better, if you want to buy one, you don't even to spend too much money. Quality and nimble units can be found even in the higher-mid range price segments. So, fasten your seatbelts, because we will take a look at some of the most popular high-speed units and try to find out which is the fastest electric skateboard currently sitting on the market.

High-speed electric skateboard comparison table

Before we proceed to important considerations and product reviews here is the short comparison table of the best products we covered for all of you who feel impatient.



Top Pick


  • Top Speed: 34 inches/ 55 kph
  • Board Weight: 23 lbs / 10.6kg
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs/ 150 kgs
  • Range: 15 Miles / 24.2 km
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Exway X1 Pro Riot


Exway X1 Pro Riot

  • Max Speed: 29 MPH / 45 KPH
  • Board Weight: 16 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 260 lbs
  • Range: Up to 16 miles
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Meepo V3

Meepo V3

  • Top Speed: 28 mph / 45 kph
  • Board Weight: 16 lbs/ 7.2 kg
  • Load Capacity: 300lbs/150kgs
  • Range: 11 miles/ 18 km
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These were the entries we’ve had no problem recommending to our friends and family. And now, let’s dive deeper into the topic.

Important considerations

Of course, like always, we’ll take some time to consider what actually makes a good high-speed electric skateboard. Such kind of classification is pretty broad, so we’ll have a pretty interesting discussion. So, without further ado, let’s jump to the important considerations you’ll need to make when making a purchase.


Obviously, when buying a fast unit you’ll want to squeeze as much speed out of it as possible. Still, you have to ask yourself just how much of it do you need on a regular basis. Regular cross-town commuting will not require more than 40-50 kilometers per hour.

Paying above this speed won't make too much sense, especially taking into consideration most of the local traffic regulations won't allow you to use these speeds to the fullest extent.

So, save money for big purchases only if you want to participate in competitive racing.

Battery capacity/Range

Of course, being able to ride at great speeds would mean very little if you weren’t able to cover great distances. This is the point where battery capacity and range kick into the story.


Essentially, these two features are concerned with the same thing – how much juice you have on disposal.

Out of them, the range is much more comprehensible and easier to understand because it describes the unit’s capacity in the number of kilometers it can pass in a single charge rather than using the much more abstract number of ampere-hours that are used to describe the battery’s sheer power.

Motor power and type

Motor power has a very strong impact on battery life. The more powerful the motor is, the faster you are going to drain the battery. Much like when we talked about the speed, you have to ask yourself just how much power you need to use the skateboard in the most optimal manner.

If you are not living in a hilly area where you’ll be forced to climb steep slopes, you will be able to get away with dual 480W hub motors.

However, this only counts if you are a lighter rider. If you want to pass greater distances, load the board with reasonable weight, climb small inclines and still retain a decent speed you'll need to go way more powerful.

As for the type, skateboard motors can be divided into two larger groups:

  • Hub motors – More affordable and easier to maintain, hub motors are built directly into the wheels so they produce less torque.
  • Belt drives – Noisier, more mechanically complex and more expensive than hub motors belt drives produce more torque which also makes them more energy-efficient.

The deck

Given the fact that you plan to fly at some pretty high speeds, it is in your best interest to buy the unit that will provide the optimal stability. The stability, in turn, is determined by a couple of key deck features:

  • Length – Achieving high speed almost always implies that you’ll need to use a longboard. The longer the deck is, the more stable the skateboard will perform.
  • Wheelbase – The term wheelbase describes the length between a parallel pair of wheels. As you would expect wider wheelbases results in better weight distribution, similar to what you'd find in a stunt scooter.
  • Flexibility – Essentially, flexibility is the deck's ability to absorb shocks and, unfortunately, has a negative impact on the unit's stability. If you plan on racing down the hill on the board, you will need a stiffer deck. Casual commuters will find the most luck somewhere in between.

Materials and build quality

This consideration deals with the quality of the skateboard parts and how well they are put together. Since you are going to push the unit to its speed limits, it is in your best interest to spare no money in this area.

A solid, high-performing combination should include durable deck core made out of maple, soft bamboo overlay, shock absorption systems, and durable polyurethane wheels.

In higher price ranges we can expect to see carbon as a replacement to maple. As a material, carbon is far lighter than the wood but doesn’t feature the same durability.

Special features

By special features, we could round up all the small details that are built into the board or added to the package to improve the rider’s experience. Some of the things you should look out for when buying a high-speed skateboard are:

  • Grip tape – A sandpaper-like top overlay that helps to keep the riders’ feet in place.
  • Speed settings – High-speed skateboards need to have extensive settings that will allow the owner efficient power management and the ability to shift the gears according to current needs and terrain type.
  • Shock absorption – Shock absorption is usually implemented through the system of under-deck springs that operate on the same logic as the systems we can find in cars.

Safety equipment

The final thing before we proceed to the actual products – The mentions we are going to cover are capable of flying at some pretty high speeds. Riding them without any kind of safety equipment would be irresponsible.

So, we’ll use this space to recommend Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Helmet. It’s sleek, features a strong and durable shell, has an adjustable spin dial and comes in a variety of cool colors (the matte black looks dope).

What’s most important, the helmet earns CPSC & ASTM certification which means it will be able to keep you safe even if you fly off the board to a rough landing.

Electric Skateboard Builders

Image Credit: Electric Skateboard Builders

Special features

By special features, we could round up all the small details that are built into the board or added to the package to improve the rider’s experience. Some of the things you should look out for when buying a high-speed skateboard are:

  • Grip tape – A sandpaper-like top overlay that helps to keep the riders’ feet in place.

  • Speed settings – High-speed skateboards need to have extensive settings that will allow the owner efficient power management and the ability to shift the gears according to current needs and terrain type.

  • Shock absorption – Shock absorption is usually implemented through the system of under-deck springs that operate on the same logic as the systems we can find in cars.

Safety equipment

The final thing before we proceed to the actual products – The mentions we are going to cover are capable of flying at some pretty high speeds. Riding them without any kind of safety equipment would be irresponsible.

So, we’ll use this space to recommend Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Helmet. It’s sleek, features a strong and durable shell, has an adjustable spin dial and comes in a variety of cool colors (the matte black looks dope).

What’s most important, the helmet earns CPSC & ASTM certification which means it will be able to keep you safe even if you fly off the board to a rough landing.

The 5 Fastest Electric Skateboards On The Market 

1.  Bioboards Plutonium- Upgrade Pick

Bioboards Plutonium- Upgrade Pick


The fastest electric skateboards just got faster!! This Plutonium board was designed for those who have no expense to spare; if you are willing to spend $3,000+ on a skateboard, you can’t go wrong with the Plutonium! The Swiss manufacturer made no compromises when piecing up this electric longboard. In short, you get a combination of premium specifications on a professional board that brings new meaning to living life on the fast lane!

Building on the success of the Thorium, Bioboards decided to push the limits with the release of the Plutonium! This electric board was engineered for speed, quality and durability; it looks just as amazing as it feels. The sleek-looking deck is made from a mixture of Canadian maple and fiberglass, resulting in a hard-wearing build. 

Its 45” length ensures that you get plenty of real estate to stand on and keep you on your twos even at extreme speeds. The board also features a drop-down design that dips in the middle to guarantee your stability during both acceleration and braking. It rolls on huge 110mm wheels that make it easy for you on rugged off-road trails. 

The wide wheels not only offer enhanced traction and grip but also reduce vibrations on bumpy rides to make for smooth and seamless riding experience. The aluminum-made trucks are 270mm extra-wide, which helps to offer stability at high speeds.

Propelling the Plutonium is a pair of powerful motors that will push you to jaw-dropping top speeds and offer a punchy acceleration to knock the socks off your feet. The torque is just crazy; and with this sheer power under your feet, you’ll be able to flatten hills and slopes you come across without breaking a sweat. 

The Plutonium is equipped with a high-capacity battery that will get rid of any fear you have about the range of a longboard. With approximately 30% extra range on the predecessor the Thorium, you can look forward to unlimited adventures on this electric skateboard. 

However, you should note that the actual range will be dependent on factors such as the nature of the terrain, weight of the rider, riding mode, slope, etc. Luckily, the board comes with a superfast charger, so you won’t have to wait too long to get back on it when you run out of juice. 

Bioboards Plutonium

Finally, the Plutonium electric skateboard delivers above and beyond when it comes to special features, and this is what puts it head and shoulders above its competition. On the downside, the premium price of the board is what makes many potential buyers look the other way. But if you can get over this huddle, the possibilities are endless when riding on the board!


  • Extremely fast
  • Extended riding range
  • Stable performance
  • Cool and durable design
  • Great extra features


  • Too expensive

The Plutonium was built for professional boarders looking for the highest quality in a board and looking at the specs this is just what they achieved. As an example, it is powered by two 4500W sensored motors that delivers a maximum speed of 50mph. The acceleration is also better than any other electric skateboard in the market.
Backing the motor is an insanely high-powered Samsung 40T battery that offers up to 50 miles of range, which is a 30% leap from the range of its predecessor, the Thorium. The 1034Wh 180A battery also comes with a superfast 10A charger that will recharge your board 2.5 times faster than a normal charger.

This board provides a slew of special features to enhance the experience of your ride. It comes with a compact and ergonomic remote control with a battery indicator for both the board and the remote. It will also vibrate to inform you that the battery is low to prevent running out of power.
An onboard display has also been integrated over the front truck, offering you a cool way to access telemetry data such as speed, battery power, range, speed, etc. The board is also Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled, allowing you to sync it with your smartphone to access three different apps.

2. Meepo AWD PRO


If the price of the Plutonium stopped you in your tracks, you’ll be relieved to know there are alternative quality options that you can get for a fraction of the cost. There’s no better manufacturer to turn to than Meepo when it comes to cost-friendly and high-performance boards. The AWD Pro is a great example that you don’t always have to settle for less when your budget is restricted! 

The Meepo AWD Pro is one of the fastest electric skateboards in its price range. But speed is not the only thing you get from this professional board; it is just as impressive when it comes to riding uphill as it is riding downhill. This is attributed to a combination of high-performance features that allow the board to outshine its peers.

This board comes with a charming design that will attract the modern rider. This is highlighted by a distinct “Meepo” logo at the center that gives the board a unique look…it even glows in the dark! 

The board features a 40” deck made out of a blend of 2-ply bamboo and 7-ply Canadian maple, resulting in a sturdy construction that will comfortably bear the weight of heavier riders. This long deck helps to spread your weight out for better stability while the deck delivers just enough flex to keep your feet planted during high-speed rides. 

2. Meepo AWD PRO

Large 100mm wheels help to keep you stable at high speeds, especially on turns, and also smoothen bumpy rides. Furthermore, its shredder trucks do a great job of absorbing shock on rough and rugged trails to make for an effortless ride. The AWD Pro uses the seamless Meepo AWD ESC, which offers smooth acceleration, as well as excellent braking at top speeds.

The manufacturer designed this board with 4 hub motors, delivering a performance-oriented configuration that allows the AWD Pro to accelerate faster and achieve incredible speeds. This also means that the electric board comes with impressive uphill capabilities, making light work of climbing trails. 

Meepo AWD PRO 2

The battery offers a decent range, but it’s not something you can compare with the Plutonium. Another aspect  that may not impress you about the AWD Pro is that it’s on the heavier side of e-boards, and this is due to the extra motors it features. The extra features on this board is also limited, but then again you expect some compromises on a board this affordable. 


  • Great value for money
  • Powerful 4x hub motors
  • Fast and stable ride
  • Sturdy deck
  • Regenerative braking


  • Heavy
  • Shorter range


The Meepo AWD Pro is the fastest hub-driven electric skateboard out there. You can credit this to the 4 540W motors powering it, which also allows you achieve a maximum speed of 34mph. Its powerful acceleration will see you climb up to 35% gradients with relative ease, making the AWD the perfect board for hilly rides.

Its 100Wh 10S1P battery will offer just around 15 miles of range, although it recharges relatively quickly. It only takes 2 hours to get it back to full capacity, so it won’t be long before you continue with the ride. Finally, this board weighs around 23 pounds and can comfortably support a maximum load of 300 pounds.


Overall, there aren’t many extra features on this board. However, the M4 remote comes with a flashlight and LED indicators to allow for night riding. Perhaps the highlight here is the incorporation of regenerative braking, which allows you to recoup up to 22% of lost energy. This means more riding time for you. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that the board is waterproof and splash resistant, enabling you to keep on riding no matter the conditions. 

3. Exway X1 Pro Riot

 Exway X1 Pro Riot

The Exway X1 Pro is another affordable option if speed is what you’re after in an electric board; although it will cost you slightly more than the Meepo AWD Pro. This board comes packed with a wealth of features and delivers a great performance to easily rival that of more expensive brands. Alongside its sibling, the Exway X1 Pro Riot, the board is just what you need to inject some fun into your everyday commute!


  • Grip tape for stability
  • Waterproof and shock-resistant
  • Powerful belt-driven motors
  • Impressive top speed
  • Regenerative braking


  • The range could be more

Both the X1 Pro and Pro Riot come with basically the same design; an agile electric skateboard built for the urban roads. The boards feature linear and aggressive lines with a deck made out of a mix of Canadian maple and fiberglass. This results in a rugged and super-durable construction that will easily support heavier riders.

The board uses a concave build to result in a 10mm dip at the center with raised edges. This results in a “locked-in” feel when you step on to the platform creating stability. It is also covered in a military-grade coating that serves to make it scratch-resistant.

On both boards, you get large 85mm 80A wheels with a 56mm contact area. These are pretty hard and make great sliding wheels. When you pair this with the stiff maple deck, you’d be hard-pressed finding a better sliding e-board in the market. The boards are powered by dual hub motors allowing  you to achieve impressive top speeds.

exway x 1
exway x1

However, the manufacturer used slightly more powerful motors on the Pro Riot, which is an upgrade of the Pro. The powerful motors give the boards a punchy acceleration that will see you clear slopes without much effort.
You’ll also like the range offered by the huge battery, which sits inside the board's deck alongside other electronics. Generally, the X1 Pro is a portable board at 16lbs, that offers a stable performance on the trail. Other than the usual features, there aren’t many extras to look forward to!

Exway X1 Pro Riot

The X1 Pro electric board is equipped with a pair of powerful hub motors, each rated at 600W to result in a total power output of 1200W. This allows you to ride the board to a maximum speed of 29mph, which is the same top speed you’ll achieve on the Pro Riot! The belt-driven motors also offer a powerful torque of 4.6Nm individually, resulting in a 30% inclination ability.
This should see you thrive on sloppy and rugged terrain! Backing the motor is a new generation smart battery rated at 259Wh 50V on the X1 Pro and 193Wh on the Riot. These can both provide a maximum range of 16 miles, although the actual range slightly drops when you test the boards in real-world conditions.
To recharge the board, you will require just under 3 hours to get both the Pro and Pro Riot to full capacity.

The extra features you find on these boards may not be the best in the industry, but there are a few noteworthy to mention. For one, the grip tape design on the deck offers a shock-absorbing performance of up to 2mm, which should make for smoother rides on off-road trails.
Additionally, the manufacturer ensured that you’re getting a modern e-board with EBS regenerative braking. This useful feature works to recoup energy during braking, especially when riding downhill, helping to extend your time in the field.
Finally, both boards boast an IP55 waterproof rating and are shock-resistant, resulting in long-lasting performance down the line!

4.Meepo V3

4.Meepo V3
Meepo V3

If you want to squeeze your budget even further without compromising the performance you get from your board; it doesn’t get cheaper than the Meepo V3! The manufacturer focuses on addressing the needs of the budget buyer while still managing to maintain high standards of quality. The V3, offers a nice range of impressive specs.
Design-wise, the Meepo V3 features an attractive black deck that blends in well with the shiny black wheels. The “MEEPO” logo in the middle of the board is the final touch in a generally underappreciated but charming design. The 96cm long Canadian maple deck delivers a smooth feel. This deck is also just flexible enough to improve your stability when riding.
The electronics of the Meepo V3 comes sealed that makes the board dust and water-resistant. To enhance the practicality of this lightweight 16lbs board, the manufacturer included a practical cutout handle to carry it around.
Overall, you will be surprised by what you get from the cheapest option on our list! The Meepo V3 was designed to leave its competition in the dust, and this is due to the strong hub-driven motors it is fitted with. It offers a powerful acceleration that will propel you to neck- break speeds yet the LingYi ESC ensures that the entire performance is almost seamless.

Meepo V3 board

Meanwhile, the braking is gradual enough not to knock you off balance but responsive enough to stop slow down the ride whenever needed. Overall, the riding experience is all you expect from a quality e-board, which makes the V3 suitable for both experienced and rookie skateboard riders. This is even more convenient considering that you get to choose from four different speed modes.
When it comes to the battery, you won’t get the kind of range you were hoping for. But you can dwell on the fact that it is shock-resistant, which means more durable performance for your skateboard. On the downside, the Meepo V3 can be a little bit noisy, although waxing the pivot cups can quickly fix this small issue. 


  • Seamless braking and acceleration
  • Good top speed
  • Stable performance 
  • Flexible deck
  • Great value for money board


  • Slightly noisy
  • Limited extra features

The V3 boasts an array of high-performance features for an affordable electric skateboard. For instance, included are two powerful 540-watt hub motors to push you to a top speed of 28mph when riding on Pro mode. This can rival many pricier options in the market and is a 30% upgrade on earlier versions of the Meepo boards.
A punchy acceleration will see you go from 0 to 18mph in just 4.5 seconds and provide you with a 15% climbing ability. With a maximum load capacity of 330lbs, even the heavier riders will feel comfortable on this electric longboard.
Finally, the V3 is fitted with a standard ER battery that, underwhelmingly, delivers a range of 11 miles. Fortunately, it only needs 2.5 hours to charge, so the wait before you get back on the board is bearable.

There is very little to talk about as far as extra features are concerned! The Meepo V3 utilizes a relatively basic remote control, although it has a soft-touch plastic finishing for an ergonomic feel. Also, the LingYing ESC allows for responsive acceleration and braking performance. 

5.Backfire Zealot Belt Drive E- Skateboard

Backfire Zealot Belt Drive Electric Skateboard
Backfire Zealot Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

This is another electric longboard that will cost you under $1000. It is manufactured by a big-name brand, Backfire, so you can expect some top-quality features. The Backfire Zealot is an absolute beast on the trail and shines on so many fronts. Overall, it provides a great balance between performance and price.

The Backfire Zealot was designed for the urban e-skateboarder. It boasts a charming look, highlighted by a black deck blended with a purple “BACKFIRE” logo in the middle. The construction quality is as good as any other board in the market. First, you get a flexible board built out of fiberglass and bamboo, making it playful and fun on the trail.
At 96mm, the wheels are just the right size for an electric skateboard. They are not too small to fail on unfavorable road conditions and neither are they too large to raise your center of gravity. This means you get an ideal all-around choice for your handling and comfort. When paired with the flexible bamboo deck, you can look forward to a comfortable ride on any trail.

Backfire Zealot

The front Caliber truck and back truck are pitched at 50 degrees, which is optimal for improved performance on the road. One negative aspect is the loose grub screw that tends to create a rattling noise when you’re riding; which can be a slight turn off for some riders. 

You’ll have a fun time whizzing down the street on the swift electric skateboard. This is guaranteed by a pair of belt-driven motors that allow you to reach adrenaline-filled top speeds. The acceleration is smooth and hard-hitting, especially on Turbo mode, and allows you to scale hilly roads without breaking a sweat. 

The braking is also pretty responsive, but you need to take care not to fly off the board as it can bring you to a heavy stop. A super large battery has been included to provide the juice you need to make the most of your ride. But this will depend on the mode you're riding in!

On the downside, the time needed to recharge this battery is just too long; you might have to suspend your playtime for the day. But on the up-sidey there are useful extra features that the manufacturer added to this longboard.

Backfire Zealot


The Backfire Zealot is one powerful piece of machinery! It is propelled by dual 750W belt-drive motors that propel you to speeds as high as 28.5mph. With so much power under your feet, the motors deliver a torque that gives the board a 30% uphill ability to take you up hilly terrains in an instant.

It uses a super large 311Wh 50.4V battery that will last between 17 and 22 miles. The actual range you get will, however, depend on factors such as the speed mode you’re riding in, weight of the rider, nature of the terrain, etc. 

The biggest backdraw that this battery requires 6 hours to recharge, which is almost double the time needed for the other boards we reviewed. 


For the extra features, you get an ambient LED light under the deck of the board to ensure that your path is adequately lit when riding in dark conditions. Meanwhile, the board is controlled using a wireless R3 remote with an OLED display to provide you with various telemetry information.

The remote also features speed mode controls that let you switch between E mode, Turbo Mode, and Fixed Speed Cruise mode for more customized riding experience.


  • Powerful dual motors
  • Smooth acceleration and braking
  • Decent range
  • Good value for money


  • Long charging time
  • A little bit noisy

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