Penny vs Nickel Boards – Dimensions, Length and Detail Comparison 

 March 4, 2021

By James Mason

Penny vs Nickel Boards – Dimensions, Length and Detail Comparison

The Australian-made Penny Boards are proving to be pretty popular in today’s skating community, especially with young riders because of their practical design and the fact that they are extremely lightweight and portable. 

However, not many people are aware that there are actually two versions of this classic board, the Original Penny Board and its sibling, the Nickel Board. While the similarities between the two are stark; you can’t help but notice the differences ! 

In this post, we compare the Penny vs. Nickel Board and we will also provide our opinion on how best you can use each one of them.

Penny Vs Nickel Board

Penny Vs Nickel Board


For the untrained eye, it can be quite tricky to tell the Penny and Nickel apart by merely looking at them. This is mainly because they come with the same design and you can easily think that you’re looking at the same product.

But looks aside, both these skateboards are manufactured using Penny’s signature plastic. The material is impressively strong and has practically no weight limit . As a result, they can effortlessly support a 250-pound rider without giving way. 

Another notable feature on the boards is the grip tape. This seems to be the most distinguishing factor on the Penny Boards and allow riders to cruise safely even in wet conditions. The tape keeps your feet securely on the deck for better handling and control.


Although the two boards appear at fist glance to look the same, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the two boards are different, especially when you line them up side by side. The Original Penny Board comes with a 22-inch long deck, which is 5 inches shorter than that of the Nickel Board. 

The deck is 5 inches wide for the Penny and 6 inches for the Nickel. Furthermore, the Original Penny is designed with 3.125-inch trucks, which are a little bigger on the Nickel at 4 inches. Now, you might think that the 5 inches separating the two are negligible, but they actually make a huge difference when it comes to the riding experience. 

Penny Vs Nickel-Ride Comparison

As mentioned above, there are only 5” inches separating the Penny and the Nickel. However, this small difference makes quite a difference on a board this small. 

Generally, the Nickel is smoother and this is largely because of its bigger deck. The Penny board is also smooth, but you will feel more of the bumps when riding it. Moreover, the larger trucks you find on the Nickel makes it possible to carve whereas, on the Penny, you will notice some slight instability on sharper turns. 

Overall, both Penny boards offer excellent performance, which is why they are so popular today. Enthusiasts like them for the portability, with the 22” frame of the original penny easily fitting inside a backpack. The ride is also fast and smooth for a generally reliable experience.

Penny Vs Nickel Side By Side Comparison Which One Do You Like? Size 8 Vans  - YouTube

Penny Vs Nickel Side By Side Comparison Which One Do You Like? Size 8 Vans - YouTube

Original Penny Board


  • The Penny board is not only lightweight but also conveniently portable thanks to its smaller size. You can easily stow it away inside your backpack and carry it to school if you like. Unlike the Nickel, which only fits in larger backpacks, the Penny can fit inside almost 90% of backpacks available today.
  • The shorter size of the Penny makes it more agile on turns when compared to the Nickel. The short wheelbase means the skateboard is more maneuverable and riders can comfortably weave in and out of crowds.
  • Penny board is also the cheaper option of the two boards. It typically costs around $30 less than the Nickel!


  • The main disadvantage of the Penny board is that its small size deck makes it tough for people with large feet to ride it. It is practically impossible to ride the board with your feet so close together without feeling uncomfortable.
  • With your feet jostling for space on the small deck of the Penny, it becomes more challenging to control the board. 
  • Your balance is affected by the reduced surface area of your feet. This is why most people ride the Penny with one foot off the deck; which needs getting used to!

Penny Nickel


  • The 5 extra inches on the Nickel’s deck length and extra inch of width provide riders with more space for their feet. This makes it better suited for people with bigger feet when compared to the Penny board.
  • The longer and wider deck is a beginner-friendly feature that makes it easy for amateurs to control the board. Normally, newcomers have trouble standing on the smaller Penny and find it hard to handle.
  • Although not as fast as the original Penny, the Nickel board maintains stability even at high speeds because of its length. It can handle bumps better and it is the better option to have on a hilly terrain.


  • The longer size of the Nickel makes it hard to maneuver in and out of a crowd without stepping on a couple of toes or bumping into people’s heels.
  • The Nickel is more costly than the Penny! For people with short feet, there is no point in spending an extra $30 for just five inches of board when the ride experience is almost the same.
  • It is not as fast as the Penny board. 


Should I get a penny board or nickel?

The choice between these two boards will boil down to your preferences as a rider, although a few factors will inform your decision. If you are looking for a portable board that can effortlessly fit inside your backpack and is kinder to your pocket, then the Penny board is the choice for you!

However, if you want a more stable board that offers a lighter test for a beginner to learn skateboarding, then you might want to pick the long Penny Nickel! All in all, they are both wonderful acquisitions.

 Are Penny Nickel Boards good?

Penny Nickel boards are very good for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are extremely lightweight and portable, which makes them the perfect choice if skateboards are your primary mode of transportation. You can practically take them wherever you’re going. 

Generally, Penny Nickel boards are smaller than the average skateboard. With their lightweight design, these boards allow you to perform tricks effortlessly and more naturally.

Often, skateboarding tricks entail lifting the board off the ground, and the Penny boards have the profile to facilitate exactly that! Not to mention that the waffle grip on the deck does a great job of keeping you stable when you perform these tricks.

Finally, these boards are customization-friendly. It is quite common to find Penny Nickel board owners switching out trucks, wheels, and even decks on their boards. This allows you to keep your board looking new!

Is a 22 or 27 Penny board better?

The 22” Penny board is better suited for skaters with smaller feet who generally have great control on a skateboard. It will also come in handy if you want to cruise fast and through crowds. 

On the other hand, the 27” Penny will be the right choice if you want a more stable board that is easy to control. It is the ideal option for those who want to ride on hilly and bumpy courses.

Are Penny boards good for beginners?

I wouldn’t term Penny boards as ideal when it comes to beginners! Nevertheless, they tend to be very popular among amateurs because of their cheap price. For someone searching for their first skateboard online, the sub-$50 price tag can be very attractive and even seem like a knock off. 

While the price is a welcome factor, the problem comes once the skateboard is delivered and it’s time to use it. The compact size of the Penny makes it tougher to control compared to full-sized skateboards. Its main appeal lies in the fact that it is lightweight and probably the only skateboard that fits inside most backpacks.

This enhances the portability of the board, which is something you don’t find on a standard skateboard. But if portability is the motive for buying the Penny, then I suggest you settle for the Nickel. It is only 5” longer and it can also fit inside a large backpack.

However, what makes it the ideal choice for beginners is that it is easier to balance on and the larger deck space allows riders to be more stable at high speeds. It is just the happy medium that a rookie skateboarder should have!


If you were ever torn between buying a Penny or the Nickel, now you know what you can expect from each Penny version. While they are both magnificent skateboards, the final choice is up to you!

Happy Penny boarding!

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