Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard Review – An Amazing Budget-Friendly Board 

 August 18, 2020

By James Mason

Backfire G2 Electric 3

This is an all-around satisfactory performer, with no perceptible flaws & shortcomings. A hearty recommend!

Backfire G2 Electric
  • DRIVE : Rear
  • BATTERY: 36V, 6.0Ah, 187Wh 
  • RANGE: 11-12.5miles / 18-20km 
  • DECK: Canadian Maple/Birch, 38*9 inch 
  • WHEELS: PU Tire Hardness 83A SHRAA 83mm Diameter
  • MAXIMUM SPEED: 23.5mph / 38kph 
  • Digit screen remote controller 
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Independently replaceable tires and motors, 2 riding modes, 2 speed modes  
  • WEIGHT: 16.2 LBS

If the table is not enough, read on to find out about all bells and whistles of this electric skateboard. We’ll examine every aspect of the table presented above, and share our honest opinion on this model.

Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard Review + Buying Guide

The electric skateboard market is blooming during the last couple of years. We as consumers can only be happy about it, because it brings more brands in the space, provides us with more options to choose, and lowers the price of goods we enjoy. 

Good news for us doesn’t stop there; compared to the early adopter models, electric skateboards are now better, faster, more durable, and have prolonged battery life. Not to mention additional features & small improvements which all come with time and technological advancement. 

Today we’re examining one of the popular cheap electric skateboards on the market, the Backfire G2. Its reputation among the influencers in the community sprouted a lot of attention and many have expressed growing interest in this model. 

We’re quite positive our Backfire G2 electric skateboard review will bring you everything you wanted to know about it, and help you gain insights which could determine is it worthy of your money. 

Let’s dive in! 

For the tech-savvy geeks out there who look for specs and specs only, here’s a neat table for you.


Truck Drive

Image Source: Backfire Indiegogo Page

The truck configuration on this model is the standard one utilized in their product lineup, the CRASH truck system. The back truck is a bit more advanced and sturdier (both are made of steel), and its core ability - handling is smooth and well-distributed. The skateboard can be turned up to a certain degree - we couldn’t maintain it to measure it accurately. Roughly, it’s around 25 degrees in both left and right.  

The G2 comes with a rear-wheel drive, directly connected with the back wheels for a stable performance. It propels you forward decently, but at this price point, you can’t expect something really awesome. We can say that it gets the job done, but it’s not very strong on accelerating. 

Sometimes vibration occurs on lower speeds, depending on the road surface & the wheels. We couldn’t determine if this was due to the drive or the wheels. Update October 15, 2020 - in the time we’re writing this, the vibration issue has been dealt with (the manufacturer issued a statement on it), so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

The manufacturer advertises the board as capable of handling the inclination up to 25%, which is quite good, especially with this price tag. When we tested G2, it was able to climb up on a 28% incline hill (the steepest we could find at the location) and achieve a speed of 8 miles per hour while doing so.  

Backfire G2 Black Maximum Speed

Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard Review – An Amazing Budget-Friendly Board 1

Image Source: Backfire Indiegogo Page

We all know that manufacturers fiddle with the numbers in spec sheets to advertise some better (often unrealistic) results. So we tested this electric skateboard with caution. 

Luckily, G2 can go as fast as advertised, but there are a lot of factors involved in the process, such as your weight, the terrain surface, and terrain ups and downs. Somewhere around 23 miles per hour is its real max speed, and the board doesn’t struggle to reach it.


The battery pack that comes with this electric skateboard uses 10s2p 25r cells, which is a standard in this price range in the industry. The capacity of 42v 1.5A isn’t very big, and you can’t expect anything extraordinary out of it. It takes roughly 3 hours to charge with the included 3-pin wall charger. (More on this later, in Range section)

Backfire G2 BLACK

When talking about battery, it’s important to mention that Backfire G2 comes with the abnormal electricity action technology. Basically, when it “senses” abnormal electricity action, the board has a function to shut itself off to protect the components from damage. 

It can fire the emergency shutdown when you go through a puddle for example, which might get you in a bad situation. Also, when the G2 skateboard is dead, you lose the braking function on remote, so always have that in mind. The skateboard is advertised as waterproof, but we wouldn't feel safe submerging it, especially after the puddle incident.


This electric skateboard is advertised to reach 11-12.5miles / 18-20km on normal use, and around 30 km max in the eco mode which will limit the speed to 24mph / 38kph. Our tests have shown that Backfire doesn’t use false advertising, but the board performs in the lower area of results. 

It all depends on the user’s weight, and our testing personnel isn’t really adequate. Someone below 190 pounds could reach better results for sure. The riding speed also determines the coverage - the faster you go, the more energy is consumed, which translated into fewer miles. 

Overall, the range was quite a surprise - we were very pleased with the results! 

Wheels & Brakes

Backfire G2 BLACK

Image Source: Backfire Indiegogo Page

The G2 electric skateboard comes with standard polyurethane wheels with 83 mm diameter, available in red or black color (more colors are available for separate purchases and on other models). Those are not ideal but not bad either. (could’ve been 90mm, that would smoothen the ride even more) The regenerative brake system is quite good and can stop you even on the downhill, but it goes weaker as the battery depletes. The whole concept of “regenerative” includes the engine as a driving/braking force and no actual physical breaks. 

Yes, you thought it well - you’ll use battery power to brake. Still, it doesn’t consume a lot of energy and it’s efficient. () If you’re a seasoned skateboarder, you won’t find this as a problem - everybody brakes with their feet anyway.
A bit more on that in the remote section below.

Backfire G2 Deck

Backfire G2 Deck

Image Source: Backfire Indiegogo Page

This board features a solid, decently-flexible deck made from maple/birch wood combination layers. G2 can be purchased in standard black and light blue grip tape which looks pretty nice. The flexibility of the board is good - decent rebound & smoothness over the bumps and small holes. The designated weight that the board can handle without problems is around 220 lbs - expect some deteriorated performance if you’re on the heavy side.  

Speaking of flexibility, the batteries & motor below are quite bulky, so they don’t allow a lot of movement. An overall impression of the deck is quite good - the deck seems durable and comfy to ride.  

One more thing to mention regarding the deck - the grip tape is quite harsh and might leave your hands sore while carrying the board. Always carry it by the front wheels. The light blue variation leaves some marks on white sneakers as well. 

Additional features

This electric skateboard comes with the standard equipment (a wrench, T-tool, wall charger, micro USB cable, and a bag of small replacing parts for DIY repairs), and has a straightforward function span. You can drive in Eco mode, and Sport mode, which are both self-explanatory, and we’ve showcased how the skateboard performs in these. 

Backfire G2 Electric 3

The remote that comes with this electric skateboard is, nothing to write home about. It is made of cheap plastic, and it’s quite larger than the ones coming from competitors in this price range. Using it is straightforward, and the battery indicators are set like big backlit bars. The overall feeling in hand is definitely cheap. 

The development team in Backfire used some new tech to keep it connected all the time and advertised it as a disconnect-proof when it comes to interference by radio or electromagnetic waves. Some users around the web reported connectivity issues though, while we didn’t experience any of those.

Speaking of the remote, there’s one weird thing that we’d like to mention - braking is not really smooth in Sport mode, but quite snappy. You can’t really start breaking gently as some would like to. Still, it’s not like the board will stop in one place, launching you forward to meet the ground with your face. Not a big deal, but still worth mentioning.

Finally, there’s the possibility to change the urethane on the wheels (a spare set comes in the package), which is quite amazing, and we honestly think this is a feature every electric skateboard should have. 

What Do We Like?

When speaking about Backfire G2, we really have to emphasize that this is an affordable electric skateboard. With that being said, we really have nothing but honest praise for it.

It is sturdy & durable while still being flexible, fast (enough), has a great range and decent battery. Its blue & pink galaxy design is also well worth the mention if you’re into that kind of aesthetic. 

The top speed is around 24mph / 38kph (if you’re not as heavy as our tester Jake), the upward capabilities are great too, and in the eco mode, you can cover huge mileage without worrying. 

The removable urethane wheels, the flexible board, and the reliable, straightforward remote are the things that will make you enjoy endless days of riding with G2.  

What Don’t We Like?

Aside from the praise from above, the Backfire G2 skateboard is not perfect - far from it. Its acceleration and braking (lack of) with a dead battery can be quite the nuisance. Furthermore, the initial series from the company sprouted problems in both connectivity, random shutting down. Finally, the subpar acceleration performance for demanding users could be the problem that might drive you away. 

What we liked

  • Range
  • Truck
  • Replaceable urethane wheels
  • Value for the money
  • Remote Controller with digit screen

What we didn't like

  • No braking with a dead battery
  • Subpar acceleration

Advice to Buyers 

Here’s the thing - Backfire is not a big brand that you can rely on for forever and be a raving fan of. It is one of the many Chinese-based “no-name” brands out there who compete for your attention. Still, this doesn’t mean it is a low-quality brand that you shouldn’t trust.

Their competitive advantage is low price, and their products are standing toe-to-toe with reputable brands.

Overall, this is an electric skateboard which will be more than great for most beginners and people on a budget. We’re happy to recommend the brand, especially after a pleasant experience with the customer support, and a quality package the skateboard arrived in. Don’t be afraid - if you like it, go and buy it! 


The market growth and overall state of abundance brought many changes to the electric skateboard scene, with many brands popping off and competing hard for customers’ attention and trust. There are many different (read: flimsy, not worthy) “noname” brands out there, but Backfire is leaving a different impression. 

Their G2 electric skateboard is a perfect choice for beginners and budget-oriented people who want to enjoy the experience and don’t break the bank. We can wholeheartedly recommend it for the people mentioned above.If you’re on the market to find something with amazing performance, premium feel and a high-quality, reputable brand, this product isn’t for you. Everybody else - go for it!

We wish you countless hours of pure enjoyment riding your new G2 electric skateboard!

About the author

James Mason here. Surfing, skateboarding, and longboarding enthusiast currently living in Rio, Brazil. Started boarding since I was old enough to wear a helmet, except I often didn't. Think that explains a lot :)