Short Longboard – The Best Mini Longboard Money Can Buy in 2024 

 April 9, 2020

By Pro Longboarders

Short Longboard – The Best Mini Longboard Money Can Buy in 2020

Our Verdict:

Landyachtz Dinghy

Landyachtz Dinghy

  • High-quality wheels and wheelbase
  • Comfortable for your feet
  • Short length and reasonable width
  • Suitable for many purposes
  • Tall trucks
  • Moderate flex
  • Stylish design
  • Does being able to carry around your board everywhere with you without any fuss whatsoever sound appealing?

    If so, you should consider getting a short longboard.

    Their compactness makes these mini cruisers excellent when you want a smooth ride around town and will quickly get you from point A to B, but they can also be good for tricks (think: various ollies and flips). Thus, without hogging the ability to commute, you can get stylish and lightweight options for your ride.

    It might be just what you need for your collection of boards or to get you started with a new hobby!

    There is a slew of products on the market, and not every cruiser board is worth it just for its compactness.

    To aid you, I've created a round-up of the best short longboards based on my gauntlet of tests and thorough investigation.

    Best Cheap Longboards Comparison Table


    Short Longboard – The Best Mini Longboard Money Can Buy in 2024 1

    Landyachtz Dinghy
    • Length:  28,5 inches
    • Width: 8 inches
    • Deck: maple
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    FlyBee&SKOCHO - Budget-Friendly Mini Cruiser

    • Length: 28 inches
    • Width: 8 inches
    • Deck: maple
    • Trucks: 5-inch aluminu

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    Landyachtz Drop Cat
    • Length: 33 inches
    • Width: 9 inches
    • Deck: maple
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    WHOME Pro Small - Budget-Friendly Drop Through Short Longboard 
    • Length: 31 inches
    • Width: 8 inches
    • Deck:  Maple
    • Trucks: 8″ 
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    First and Foremost: What are Short Longboards?

    Short Longboard

    A "short" longboard - does it sound like a paradox?

    Maybe it does, but it certainly isn't one. It refers to the mini longboard, a small-size version of longboards.

    In order for boards to be considered short longboards, they need to fulfill some criteria:

    • The length. Short longboards are usually classified under the 25-33'' category.
    • The shape of the deck. The mini version of longboards usually has the so-called "cruiser" shape, which is why they are also known as mini cruisers. However, some variations are possible. If you're interested in them, stick around, as I will address types of longboards a bit later on.
    • Trucks. The reverse trucks are usually more popular with short longboards because they are taller and ensure the right balance.
    • Wheels. As a rule of thumb, short longboards are equipped with softer and somewhat larger wheels than those of the traditional skateboard. The reason is that these wheels ensure safety and minimize the wheel bite that can more easily occur with mini cruisers.

    Short Longboard Vs. Classic Longboard - Pros & Cons

    Short Longboard

    Now that you are familiar with what exactly is a short longboard skateboard, another question arises: How does it compare to the traditional, full-sized longboards, or even skateboards?

    The truth is that - just like pretty much anything - short longboards have certain benefits and shortcomings compared to their larger siblings.

    Pros of Short Longboards

    Here are the features that work in favor of short longboards:

    • Portability? Yes, please!

    OK, this one is obvious. Their small size (not more than 33-34'') and lightweight makes them much easier to transport and carry with you. It is so relieving to carry such a compact board, especially if you've dealt with bulky and heavy skateboards before.

    You can also stash them wherever and whenever is needed - in your backpack, in a locker, on the bus or the train; I mean, I've even seen someone carry a short longboard in a laptop sleeve.

    • Lively ride.

    If your skateboarding style is swift and nimble, you'll be happy to learn that short longboards are one of the most maneuverable types of boards.

    Owing to their short wheelbase and responsive trucks, you can easily dodge any obstacles and make quick and precise turns while riding.

    • Bonus: Cruising.

    Not only are short longboards better for dynamic rides, but they are also better for cruising. Namely, their big trucks and large wheels absorb any terrain you may want to conquer. Arriving from A to B quickly and comfortably will never be more attainable than with a longboard cruiser.

    • Great for tricks.

    The degree of responsiveness also accounts for the ability to perform street tricks (such as kickflips, ollies, etc.), as the rider is able to control short longboards much more easily than larger counterparts.

    • Lower price tag.

    Now, this definitely shouldn't be a decisive factor, but it's a fact that short longboards are much more affordable than mid-sized and large ones. It's more like a cherry on the top that might win you over with these charming options.

    Cons of Short Longboards

    • Less beginner-friendly.

    The swiftness of a short longboard may not be an advantage for a newbie in this hobby. It is not a problem per se, but beginners usually find it more difficult to get adjusted to this fast-paced design. Also, short longboards can be more unstable at high speed.

    • Less comfortable.

    While short longboards do absorb terrain due to their larger wheels and trucks, for long rides, they are less comfortable simply because you have less space to accommodate your feet.

    Bigger and taller riders may also face trouble to find a comfortable stance and feet position with short longboards.

    That said, the design of boards like these can be a great choice for kids and smaller riders.

    In-Depth Reviews of the Best Short Longboards

    1. Landyachtz Dinghy - The Best Mini Cruiser Short Longboard

    Short Longboard – The Best Mini Longboard Money Can Buy in 2020

    Landyachtz sits firmly at the throne of longboards, and it's no wonder that two of their models found the way to my list - one being the very best mini longboard.

    If you're looking for a cruiser to use every day for a regular commute route or simply a relaxing ride, this high-quality board by Landyachtz is it.

    The Dinghy does nothing but honors the legacy of exquisite Landyachtz boards. It offers too many good things to count, but I'll do my best to give you a brief overview of them.


    Let's first discuss the primary aspect that makes the Dinghy dominate in the category of minuscule boards: the size.

    At 28.5'', this mini cruiser is easy to store anywhere that you want, but - make no mistake - it doesn't come at the expense of its functionality.

    The deck is made from a 7-ply maple, which is a gold standard in the industry.

    When it comes to the Fatty Hawgs wheels, the size is 63 mm, and they have slight flares.

    And did I mention how stylish this board is?

    Its cheeky, pronounced tail and the smooth, slightly rounded nose will make everyone notice it and envy the rider!


    All skaters will definitely enjoy the wooden board that enables excellent stability without the too strong flex of a regular penny board.

    I also want to mention that the super-soft wheels can absorb the shock from any kind of terrain. Bumpy streets with lots of cracks? No problem! A narrow passage off the beaten path? Yep, the Dinghy can handle it!

    Another thing that adds comfort to your ride with this mini cruiser is the foam grip, which makes it slightly raised.

    Hungry for more info on this high-quality short longboard? Check out the complete Landyachtz Dinghy review!


    • Wheels provide stability
    • A great variety of deck design options
    • Suitable for rough terrain
    • High-quality maple wood
    • Compact size


    • Not the best choice for beginners

    2. FlyBee&SKOCHO - Budget-Friendly Mini Cruiser

    FlyBee&SKOCHO - Budget-Friendly Mini Cruiser

    If you are looking for a freeride longboard and a cruiser that is extremely light on your wallet, the FlyBee&SKOCHO board packs a lot of features.

    Right off the start: it won't offer the same level of comfort and grip as my top choice in this category, but it's a good board to get you started.

    It's also more beginner-friendly. In an ideal case scenario, you can use this mini cruiser to get acquainted with the basics and then switch to the Dinghy once you hone your skills.


    The deck of this board is one of the shortest on the market when it comes to the length: with only 27'', it can also be used for teens or even kids who want to become skaters.

    That said, the width of 7.5'' might not be comfortable enough for those of you who wear a bigger shoe size.

    What surprised me is the quality of materials for this price point. Namely, the manufacturers used seven layers of Canadian maple wood (2 of which are dyed for a stylish design). Combined with the alloy trucks, the firmness of this mini cruiser is maximized.


    The features of this cruiser can be summed up in the phrase "excellent money-to-value ratio."

    You get a 5-inch die-casting truck with a grippy black sliding finish and SHR90A bushing for a steady ride.

    The only downside is that wheels were not made for all kinds of terrain, but it is forgivable, considering that they are imbued with the PU.

    This board comes assembled right off the box, so you won't have to waste any time putting it together.


    • Budget-friendly price
    • High-quality trucks
    • One of the shortest cruiser boards on the market
    • Durable materials
    • Easy assembly


    • The wheels don't absorb the shock that well compared to some other picks
    • After some time, the trucks can get a bit squeaky (though this is easy to fix)

    3. Landyachtz Drop Cat - Best Drop Through Short Longboard


    Another board by Landyachtz that made it to my list? Absolutely!

    Landyachtz is one of the most renowned names in the industry, and this reputation is there for a good reason.

    If the Dinghy is too unstable and difficult to adjust to as a beginner, you might want to consider the Drop Cat.

    With this model, Landyachtz has managed to hit the home run between stability and the ability to pull off tricks with it, similar to that of a cruiser board.


    The Drop Cat does not fall in the category of the shortest longboards. With 33'' in length, it's just at the upper limit - but that's also what makes it easy to ride.

    Its smaller size gives it the necessary ability to speed up, but the long wheels are there for stability. They also manage to smooth out the impact of any rough terrain you decide to take this board on.

    In conjunction with the 50-degree 180 mm Gen 6 trucks, this mini cruiser will provide a perfect grip and boost your confidence.


    If you are someone who has never stepped on a penny board before, try this one - with its concave and sturdy deck, you'll have no trouble standing on it.

    It rolls around the town very well, and even teens and kids can use it.

    One thing deserves a heads-up: This board needs to be properly maintained all the time, especially if you use it in the rain. The wheels and the trucks have to be regularly tightened and cleaned. As a regular Landyachtz customer, I don't see this with their models quite often, but it's only a minor nuisance compared to what it offers.


    • 7-layer wood construction
    • Attractive design
    • Large and soft wheels
    • The new and improved version of trucks
    • Easy to control


    • A bit pricey
    • Requires a lot of maintenance

    4. WHOME Pro Small - Budget-Friendly Drop Through Short Longboard

    WHOME Pro Small - Budget-Friendly Drop Through Short Longboard

    If you like the idea of drop-trough short longboards, but the Cat is above your budget, this pick by WHOME can be an adequate substitution.

    It's one of those boards that is preferred by beginners, but professionals can find some fun in it, too. Considering its size, it can be suitable for both kids and adults (though the former won't find it small).

    You can pick amongst the three designs of the deck and the wheels, and there are some indeed cool color schemes going on there.


    The length of 31'' puts this USA-made board in the category of average short longboards. When it comes to the width, it's more than satisfactory - 8.25'' will cater to most riders' needs.

    The deck is made from 8-layer alpine hard rock maple wood, which is synonymous with durability.

    Beneath the deck is the wheelbase imbued with 63 mm wheels and high-precision Chrome Steel ABEC-9 Bearings for a nice grip.

    Plus, you get a free all-in-one T-Tool you can later on use to adjust the wheels and tracks. This is not a must, but I'm always glad to see that the manufacturers included some extras!


    The characteristic drop-through shape has properly been executed with the Special Pro, providing enough traction and steadiness.

    If you're just getting started, I don't think that the Pro Small will be difficult to handle. Quite the contrary!

    I want to mention here one thing that may be helpful if you buy this board. Namely, when I tested it out, it felt a bit wobbly - sort of like a penny board. But all you have to do is tighten the trucks, and you'll be good.


    • Excellent width of the wheelbase
    • Sleek design
    • Large wheels & stable wheelbase
    • You get a free skate tool
    • Tall trucks


    • Harder to push than some other boards
    • On the heavier side

    5. Magneto Mini - Best Hybrid Short Longboard

    Magneto Mini - Best Hybrid Short Longboard

    Does the exotic blend of a skateboard and a longboard sound like something you want to get?

    Then you are looking for the best hybrid short longboard that looks - and feels - like a minuscule version of a skateboard.

    Meet the Magneto Mini, a carefully designed model that will surely amaze you with what it has to offer.

    Without further ado, we can delve deeper into the specs & features of this board.


    The Magneto Mini stands up to its name with a deck length of only 27.5'', which puts it neck to neck with some of the shortest longboards on the market. The wheelbase is standard for this size, around 18.5''.

    However, the width is mini, too. This is kinda expected, but know that 7.5'' won't be enough for a comfortable stance if your shoe size is big.

    That said, the super-reliable aluminum trucks are sturdy and have a 5-inch hanger along with a kingpin angle of 55 degrees. This translates to a nice grip.

    Finally, it sports 60 mm wheels, which is somewhat below average when it comes to short longboards.


    The 6-ply board gives out a sturdy and solid feel, which, in turn, provides safety.

    Surprisingly, even though it is one of the smallest in range, the Magneto Mini is not difficult to control at all. Especially in turns, you will notice how it allows you to nicely dose any move that you wish and execute it properly.

    Although it is fit for all ages and styles, I still suggest that you have a bit of practice before you start performing tricks with this one because the wheels are not as big and soft as with some other longboard.


    • Steady
    • Ready to ride out-of-the-box
    • Nice grip
    • Artsy highlights
    • Good turning angle


    • If you prefer large wheels, you might want to search elsewhere or substitute the fabric ones
    • It may not be comfortable for taller people

    6. SANVIEW - Budget-Friendly Hybrid Short Longboard


    The SANVIEW is just at the upper limit when it comes to the length of short longboards, with 34''. Therefore, if compactness is what you primarily seek, you should probably consider some other picks.

    But if an inch or two in the size department don't bother you, keep reading about this hybrid longboard because it won't disappoint you.

    Not to mention that its 9-inch width more than compensates for being slightly longer than some other models.


    OK, since we already covered the dimensions of my budget-friendly hybrid pick, I can tell you more about its build now.

    The reverse aluminum trucks certainly rise to the challenge and will serve you for a long time.

    While most of the boards on today's list have been made from the same material, this one does not stop there: 6 layers of maple wood have been enhanced with the bamboo layer on the deck.

    To be honest, the difference is not that noticeable, but hey - at least they tried - and at least it has a good grip.

    Beneath are the ABEC-9 trucks and PU 70 mm wheels. Impressive diameter, huh?


    The abovementioned wheels are amongst the largest out there, at least when it comes to short longboards.

    As such, they equal shock absorption and a comfortable ride.

    But seriously, even though this one is maybe an inch longer than your typical short longboard, the reliability that it brings is unparalleled for the money.

    Lastly, I have to admit it's noticeable that SANVIEW didn't aspire too high when it comes to the design. I mean, sure - the minimalistic wood-with-subtle-details aesthetics can work out great, but here it just felt too simplistic.


    • Excellent value for the money
    • Packed with unique features
    • Large and soft wheels
    • Suitable for both kids and adults
    • Comfortable stance


    • Not that maneuverable
    • Some other picks are more compact

    Features You Should Consider to Get the Best Short Longboard

    Features You Should Consider to Get the Best Short Longboard

    Before you make your decision, you should consider some paramount factors. I'll briefly cover them for you here.

    Types of Short Longboards

    The first question you should ask yourself is: What I value the most in a longboard?

    Then, you can make up your mind on which of the three types to get:

    • A mini-cruiser. These boards are prototypical longboards, only shorter. They have the same style as your regular longboard - a wide nose and pointy tail. You should pick a mini-cruiser over other types if you value swiftness and a comfortable ride all around the city.
    • A drop-through. These boards provide the most stability out of the three because their trucks are mounted on the cutout wingtips at the nose and tail. This means that you are standing between the wheels and not on top of them. In most cases, drop-through boards have kingpin trucks.
    • Hybrid. Finally, the hybrid boards look like a mixture of a skateboard and a longboard. Their shape often reminds of a cruiser, though they are generally longer and have a bigger kick.


    Short longboards are characterized by bigger and softer wheels, usually within the range of 65 to 70 mm.

    And here's the simple formula:

    The bigger and softer the wheels, the grip is better, and there is more shock absorption.

    Sounds good, doesn't it?

    There is a tradeoff - smaller wheels might be better for tricks - but that is not to say that these boards cannot be used for that purpose. Just make sure to pick the ones with smaller wheels.

    Another issue I want to tackle is the so-called wheel bite. This dreaded motion occurs when your wheels come into contact with the deck while you're turning, thus causing you to lose stability. Well, the wheelbase and the wheels of short longboards are positioned so that wheel bite is avoided.


    There are two main kinds of trucks:

    • Traditional kingpin trucks (tkp), and
    • Reverse kingpin trucks (rkp)

    The former trucks are generally taller and thus more popular for short longboards because they create a better center of gravity. They are excellent for cruising, freeride, and even cross-country terrain.

    Regular trucks are not something you will often see with a short longboard because these items are better for skateboarding and tricks.


    Short Longboards

    While on the topic of the best small longboards, I wanted to address some of the most frequently asked questions.

    What is the shortest longboard?

    The best shortest longboard as of now is the FlyBee&SKOCHO mini cruiser board. It measures only 27'', which arguably makes it the shortest.

    Also, my top pick - Landyachtz Dinghy - is only an inch longer than this board, with a length of 28''.

    So, if you're looking for something that you can store and carry around wherever you go, I would recommend getting one of these two models.

    Are mini longboards good for beginners?

    A mini longboard is not the most recommended choice for a beginner because it might be more difficult to control it.

    The thing is that they are twitchier due to their small-scale design, and consequently, less stable. Of course, stability is something that should be of paramount importance for a novice.

    On the other hand, short longboards are incredibly maneuverable and can pose a fun challenge to new skaters.

    Btw, drop-through longboards are more stable for their trucks are across the deck, lower, and thus more beginner-friendly.

    Is it easier to ride a skateboard or longboard?

    The answer is: It depends.

    On what? Well, on your style and the purpose of the ride.

    There's a common misconception that skateboards are much easier to ride, but the truth is that longboards can be just as easy.

    If you make sure that the size of your board is something you are comfortable with, then it's pretty much deuce.

    On the one hand, the longboards have more flex in the truck, which gives you a smoother ride. The soft and large wheels help, too. If you will be using your board to get around places on an every-day basis, go for a longboard.

    On the other hand, skateboards may be easier to perform tricks with (such as slide, grind rails, ramps, ollies, etc.).

    What's the difference between a skateboard and a short longboard?

    In broad strokes, these are the main differences between a skateboard and a short longboard:

    • A mini longboard is much smaller in size and usually in width, too
    • It's easier to store a short longboard
    • A small longboard is more budget-friendly
    • Usually, a skateboard is more stable than a cruiser
    • It's more comfortable to ride a mini longboard than a skateboard
    • The deck and trucks of a short longboard are higher
    • Skateboards have smaller and harder wheels

    After it's all said and done, we recommend:

    Landyachtz Dinghy

    Landyachtz Dinghy

    • High-quality wheels and wheelbase
    • Comfortable for your feet
    • Short length and reasonable width
    • Suitable for many purposes
    • Tall trucks
    • Moderate flex
    • Stylish design


    Finally, I've decided to crown the Landyachtz Dinghy cruiser longboard as the winner in this category.

    It exceeded my expectations by far and is unrivaled when it comes to high-quality features that account for a smooth ride. The attractive design cannot go unmentioned, either.


    If you're aiming for something else, you won't be wrong with any pick from this list of the best longboards in the small-size category.

    Fellow boarders, which one is your favorite? I'll be happy to hear your opinion in the comments below!

    See you next time!

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