Best Longboard Grip Tape for 2023 – Buyer’s Guide 

 June 8, 2022

By Pro Longboarders

Best Longboard Grip Tape for 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Our Verdict:


ZUEXT Black Longboard Grip tape

Much like BooTaa, ZUEXT aren't technically in the skating industry. They’re a wholesale company. Yet despite that, ZUEXT provides some of the most widely used grip tapes for skateboards, longboards, and scooters. Not only that, but their grip tapes are among the most affordable on the market.

Some members of the longboarding community will tell you that grip tape doesn’t matter. People even make videos discussing the topic.

That’s pretty silly, considering that grip tape is what helps to -  you know - stay on the board.

And even if we agree that grip tapes do matter, the next question is: what’s the best longboard grip tape? Short answer - there is no single best tape. It all comes down to how you ride and what kind of feeling you’re striving for. 

We’ve covered several options in this article to determine the answer. Whether you’re a motivated beginner or an experienced rider with skid marks to show for it, read on and enjoy!








Larger than avg. sheet size

3rd-party import (generic)

Shake Junt

Shake Junt

Excellent for beginners

Pricier than some alternatives

Jessup Grip Tape

Jessup Grip Tape

10” x 60 ft

One of the best brands on the market

Hard to find online

Mob Grip

Mob Grip Tapes

9” x 33” 

The “grippiest” tapes on the market

Tough on shoes

Grizzly Griptape

Grizzly Grip Tapes

9” x 33” 

Popular and trusted manufacturer

Not suitable for longer boards

Best Longboard Grip Tape - Our Recommendations

1. ZUEXT Black Longboard Grip tape



  • A large 11” x 50” sheet, capable of fitting the majority of longboards out there, even scooters and rollerboards
  • OS780 - A strong adhesive that’s easy to trim around the edges and sticks firmly
  • Easy and bubble-free application
  • Durable in extreme temperatures

Much like BooTaa, ZUEXT aren't technically in the skating industry. They’re a wholesale company. Yet despite that, ZUEXT provides some of the most widely used grip tapes for skateboards, longboards, and scooters. Not only that, but their grip tapes are among the most affordable on the market.

The reason for that is simple:

Being a wholesale company, ZUEXT buys everything in bulk, which lands them lower prices when reselling. That’s why their products are so affordable.

ZUEXT not being a skating company might draw some readers away, but they’re on this list for a reason. Tens of thousands of skaters trust the company to provide quality grip tapes. And ZUEXT keeps on delivering.

Do note that these grip tapes are industry-grade. They’re super-strong and sticky, so be extra careful when applying the tape. The tape itself is on the thicker side, reaching up to 1.78mm in thickness. Whereas the average grip tape thickness is around 1.5mm.

The grip adhesion is at 80 grit. 80 grit lies in the upper range friction, and it’s the go-to for fans of freestyle, cruising, or tech freerides fans.

The only downside is that these grip tapes aren’t branded, so you don’t get any bragging rights for using them. But hey, it’s just grip tape. It’s the function that counts.

2.Shake Junt

Shake Junt


  • Very well balanced, low-to-medium traction that fans swear by
  • It won’t ruin your shoes, and it’s great for beginners
  • Consistent feel and performance

Shake Junt is, in a word, “special.” It gets a lot of hate from members of the community that are die-hard Jessup or Mob fans. But the folks that give Shake Junt a chance for a while usually like it.

Ask the average Shake Junt supporter why they love it so much, and they’ll probably tell you that it has a perfect grip. “Not too grippy, but still enough” - it’s like a sweet spot.

One characteristic thing about this brand is that the grip tapes feel “broken-in” or used right out of the box. You’d expect that to be a drawback. But many fans love how that feels, much more than a crisp, new Jessup or Grizzly package.

With Shake Junt, you always get a sense of familiarity. There’s a lot to love about these grip tapes if you value consistency. Because of that, we recommend this brand to beginners, as it’s quite forgiving and won’t destroy your shoes after a few hours. You’ll have time to learn new movements and practice without getting punished. That’s not the case with high granulation grip tapes.

Let’s look at the wear and tear.

Before buying Shake Junt grip tapes, keep in mind that they’re on the thicker side. This makes them prone to getting worn out along the edges, especially the sides. However, the tail and the nose often go much longer without wearing out.

The tape itself has a fundamental design and no features to mitigate air bubbles - like Mob has, for example. This means that you need to be careful when applying it since you won’t be able to push the air out if you .end up with a bubble underneath the tape.

Finally, consider the pricing. That’s probably Shake Junt’s biggest downside - most of the time, you’ll find Mob or Jessup at a lower cost. Whether the extra few bucks are worth it is up to you.

Fans of Shake Junt don’t mind the price difference. Many prefer its “perfect” granulation and don’t give it a second thought.

3. Jessup Grip Tape

Jessup Grip Tape


  • A 9” x 33” high traction sheet, excellent for technical freeriding and carving
  • Moderate granulation that doesn’t damage your shoes
  • Exceptional handling in extreme temperatures
  • Excellent durability

Jessup is one of the longest-standing companies in the industry. It started way back in 1975 and has garnered a massive following.

We’re talking millions upon millions of skaters worldwide. That should give you an idea of the quality of Jessup’s work. These guys are a mandatory contender on any grip tape list. Anyone who doesn’t feel the same way is lying to you.

Since there’s always a high demand for Jessup grip tapes, it’s hard to find them fresh in stock online.

We have here a tried and true brand known throughout the entire skating community. Their grip tapes offer good quality, especially given the price. While we’re on price, Jessup often falls in the same bracket as Black Diamond.

However, unlike Black Diamond, it doesn’t come with the same drawbacks in quality. Jessup is all about balanced performance, durability, and stability. Their grip tapes provide enough traction to make longboard tricks and carving more manageable. But the fact that these grip tapes are easy on the shoes is a welcome bonus. And that’s difficult to find.

More importantly, Jessup’s silicon-carbide grip formula gives semi-permanent bonding to your board. Combine that durable adhesive with strong material, and you’ve got a grip tape to last.

The tape package listed here is a calculated investment. It doesn’t include a single sheet like the other products we’ve talked about. Instead, this is a 9” x 60-foot roll of grip tape, made to last you a long time.

While Jessup is decent for beginners, this specific product isn’t. This grip tape roll is for experienced riders who have already spent a long time on the board and are looking for a professional setup. Also, you might not be a fan of its grit. Jessup falls somewhere in the middle of the friction spectrum. More experienced skaters may prefer something with more “bite.”

The next brand we’ll be talking about - Mob -  has a very devoted fanbase. Arguably, even more so than Jessup. Let’s see why.

4. Mob Grip

Mob Grip


  • A brand famous for their powerful grips
  • Thin and durable 9” x 33” grip tape, suitable for shorter boards
  • High preference of skaters with flatter boards rather than concave ones.

We’ve arrived at the king of strong grips - Mob.

Mob is known for having the “grippiest” grip tapes on the market. They’re unforgiving to your mistakes and your shoes. This unforgiving nature of Mob grip tapes makes them exceptionally durable - they can certainly take a beating.

But having such coarse granulation becomes even more impressive when you discover how thin these grip tapes are! Despite being so firm, Mob grip tapes are surprisingly thin. And because they’re thin, the edges of your board won’t wear out easily. That’s an issue with thick grip tapes like Grizzly makes.

Like other leading brands, Mob aims for the “bubble-less” application, meaning that their tapes are also perforated.

Apart from the durability and branding, are there reasons you should get these tough and unforgiving grips? Yes, we’d like to mention two more points.

First - Mob’s rugged feel makes their grip tapes excellent for transitions. If you’ve gotten used to doing transitions with Mob, it’s hard to go back to lower friction tapes.

But because high friction tapes make your board responsive to each little movement, we don’t recommend Mob to beginners. You want to know your board and skill level before switching to this brand.

The second point is this: You want high granulation if you’re using a very flat board. By their very design, high concave boards make it harder for your feet to slip off the board. You want to compensate for that with flat boards by using a higher friction grip.

While your shoes won’t last long, the Mob grip tape certainly will. Mob outperforms Grizzly and Jessup in durability and longevity. In other words, even after a few months, you’ll still get noticeably high friction on your board.

5.Grizzly Griptape

Grizzly Griptape


  • Durable and thick 9” x 33” grip tape that’ll last up to four months of active use
  • One of the most trusted brands in the industry
  • Medium-low grit, offering flexible performance and an easier experience when learning new tricks
  • Due to the lower grit intensity, your shoes will last longer

Grizzly Griptape initially started in 2002. It was founded by Torey “T-Puds” Jamieson Pudwill, who was only 12 at the time. It would take about ten years for the brand to reach industrial production and sales levels. Many new skaters want to be a part of the Grizzly Gang, which adds to the brand’s publicity.

Grizzly often gets compared to Jessup. This is mainly due to their similar granulation levels, though Grizzly has a slightly lighter grit than Jessup.

The neat thing about having less grit is that it’s better for beginners or anyone trying to nail a trick for the first time. Higher grit makes boards very sensitive to movement, and you might find your skateboard or longboard flying from under your feet.

Another benefit of a lower grip is that your shoes will last longer. Consider that an unspoken investment!

Lower grits also give you more breathing room and allow for those initial mistakes we all make. It takes time to adopt new movements and flix, and even more time to polish them. Grizzly is a good option here since it doesn’t flick too quickly.

If you prefer full control and like to have your board react to the slightest movements, you should consider something with more friction. Something like the following contender on this list.

But before we get to that, let’s talk more about the durability and quality of Grizzly grip tapes.

Grizzly products apply effortlessly to almost any board. Their tapes come with perforations - small openings within the tape that allows air to pass through better. These perforations help eliminate those infuriating air bubbles we sometimes get when applying a new tape.

As for durability and longevity, the brand offers decent results. You can expect Grizzly grip tapes to last you around three to four months on active use. Though you can expect edges to wear quickly, that’s expected from thicker grip tapes such as this.

Our Verdict:


When choosing a grip tape for your longboard, consider the following:

1. Do you handle high or low traction better?

2. How often can you afford to buy new shoes?

It comes down to these two simple questions. Even if you’re unsure about aggressive or easy granulation, there’s always room for experimentation.

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